Episode 92: You Want to Lose Weight? Listen Up.

Do you feel like all you do is think about weightloss?

This is so common and it’s why I wanted to do a podcast on ending the thinking cycle of weightloss and getting into the important part. The DOING part.

Think about this.

How much time are you searching for the next diet, asking your friends what’s working for them, and surfing Pinterest pinning like crazy every recipe promising a smaller ass?

These things feel so productive. They take up your mental energy. It’s a lot of work that does nothing until you actually…

Eat a salad you planned instead of pizza because it’s hot and fresh.

Stop grabbing Cheetos when your boss acts like an ass.

The problem is you are thinking about losing weight. Thinking requires nothing, feels hard, and results in jack shit.

Today I teach you to quit thinking so much and how to shift into what you are doing.

I tell you what. It’s a lot less taxing to lose weight when you see that scale going down. And the only way to see that happen is to stop thinking about what you want and start becoming the person who is doing it.

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