Episode 91: Defining Failure So You Can Lose Weight

Ep. 91: Defining Failure So You Can Lose Weight

There are two types of failure and NEITHER are bad.

I know something in your head just exploded especially if you are a perfectionist.

I hear from so many women that they are afraid of failing. So, let’s look at it on a deeper level.

There are two types of failure: worthy fails and escape fails.

The short of it.

Worthy fails are where you do all the things you said you would. You make your food plans, eat only when hungry, stop when satisfied and the scale doesn’t budge a lick for two weeks.

Why do you need to NOT freak out? Because you did your shit. You did everything you said you would. The scale just didn’t move…yet.

A worthy fail simply means, “Check the process and keep going.”

I had so many worthy fails losing weight. There were weeks I would be KILLING it and not lose a single ounce. When I would see that number go up or stay the same, I immediately would think, “Stay on plan. Next week will be better.”

I knew in my GUT quitting was STUPID. If I ate because I was pissed there was no way in hell that stuffing my face would help the scale. I refused to think things like, “This won’t work. I’m never going to lose my weight.”

An escape fail means you have a thought problem. Escape fails are where you make a food plan, it gets hard, and then you eat what you want instead of what you planned.

I had loads of those escape fails, too. Immediately I would want to beat myself up but I knew that never worked in the past. Each time I was hard on myself I ended up buckling with food under my own damn pressure. I’d just keep eating instead of starting to learn from what happened.

I had to remind myself each overeat was simply something to figure out. What could I do differently next time? What did I really need in the moment?

Escape fails show you that there’s something going on in your head that needs your attention.

Notice how both failures don’t mean something is WRONG WITH YOU. They just mean get to work.

This podcast talks deeply about understanding failure so you can use it to your advantage and stop using it as an excuse to quit your diet.

2019 is going to be your year. I’m determined to teach and inspire you to get out of your way so you can lose your weight for good.

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  1. Marine on January 5, 2019 at 1:13 PM

    Corinne, I wanna say you thank you and I want you to let you know that you don’t only help overweight people who want to get thinner. I’m not overweight I’m rather underweight but I have a ton of mental weight to lose. I used to be an emotional eater then I became an emotional eater with habits of bulimia.. your podcast helped me a lot when I had darker days even though I’m not your typical client. Thank you so much for being real and keeping simple and down to earth. Thank you for keeping helping me building momentum and staying motivated.


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