Episode 84: What do you do when you feel terrible?

Somedays I just feel terrible. I wake up and can tell it’s “going to be one of those days.”

I start thinking about how hard the day will be, how I’ll never get everything done, and if I’m really pissy, I toss in some good ole fat girl thinking.

I mean let’s face it. When you feel terrible you might as well just go all in and bash your body!

It’s a snowball effect. One poison thought just leads to another.

I used to shut down and eat. “I need energy. Let’s have a doughnut.”

Like you, I always thought food was going to be the answer.

But, what I’ve learned over the years is that it just set me up to have more terrible days. The weight gain, the refusing to do something about my problems, or the lack of compassion that some days I just need a break all exacerbated my bad days.

Today’s podcast I talk about noticing your habits when you don’t feel emotionally well.

You’ll learn how to take a pause, ask really good questions that allow you to see what you truly need, and how to just feel like shit LIKE A BOSS!

As a bonus for blog readers, here’s some things you can do on your bad days.

Take a shower and put on decent clothes. I do not allow myself to sit in my own stank. It’s super tempting to mirror my emotions with my physical appearance.

Eat something healthy. I’m so tempted to throw down nachos or comfort food. I make sure to start the day HEALTHY. Just making one good decision helps me overcome the mountain of mental shit going on.

Get outside for a hot second. The fresh air, a change of scenery, and a moment of clarity is enough to change my state. I just get outside for 2-3 minutes to get my head out of my ass.

Listen to a positive podcast. There’s lots of good ones out there but one I love is Brendon Burchard. My brain is obviously not generating the thoughts I want so I let someone else do it for me.

Show up anyway. Some days I just have to keep going. A bad mood is not an excuse to quit on important things. So, sometimes I just get set aside my mood and show up.

Additional Resources:

The Four Tendencies, by Gretchen Rubin

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