February 12, 2024

Episode 357: The Best Time to Stop Overeating

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Episode 357_ The Best Time to Stop Overeating

Is it hard for you to stop at enough with food that tastes good?

My hand is raised — I bet yours is too — because it’s normal to want to keep eating food you love, even when you know you’ve had enough.

But what if I told you that’s not why you’re struggling with weightloss?  

The urge to overeat is not the problem. The problem is what you make it mean about you. That there’s something wrong with you. That you’re “bad.” That food controls you.


What if there’s nothing wrong with you? What if there’s a damn good explanation for why you want to overeat? 

There is, and I’m sharing it on today’s podcast: The Best Time to Stop Overeating.

Listen in for a fresh perspective on overeating — one you probably haven’t heard — and real-life techniques to curb it without overhauling your pantry or restricting foods you love. (We don’t do that in No BS.)

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
All right. The number one thing, let’s talk about stopping at enough and do a real deep dive into what goes on for us. It is normal to want to keep eating something that tastes really good for one simple fact, you’ve got momentum. I just want you to think about if you were on a swing and you needed to dead stop. Isn’t it really hard? You’re probably going to blow your knees out if you have to dead stop if you’re in a full swing. Once you have momentum with food, it just can be harder to stop because you’re already eating. It doesn’t always mean that something’s wrong with you that you’re bad. It doesn’t always mean this food is controlling you. I just want all of you to just take a breath and ask yourself this. What if nothing is wrong with me? What if there’s a plausible explanation as to why when something tastes really good, it could be hard for me to stop eating it?
So as you’re listening, I want y’all to really be thinking about this, knowing that once you start eating something and you get momentum, it’s not as easy to stop than it is to. I want you to think about there’s two. If you start eating a food that tastes really good and it wasn’t on your plan, one thing you can tell yourself before you eat it is just to say, it could be hard for me to stop if I break my plan, not because the food tastes good, but because momentum has kicked in. It’s going to be harder to stop something once it gets in motion. So do I want to stop it now or do I want to try to stop once I get in motion? And this is really helpful for a lot of you who you don’t have a lot of shit going on emotionally with food.
It’s just like it does taste good. You have habits, you mindlessly eat and stuff, but giving yourself, you know how we all have that little excuse that pops up in our head that says things like, well, I’ll just eat a little, and a little is never what happens. This is that moment where you want to tell yourself, Corinne, let’s not lie. If we get started, it’s just going to be hard to stop. Actually, you’ve never once shown me that you were the person who started eating and it was just easy to lay it down once you got started. I would tell myself the truth. I would just narrate it in my head. I love those memes where they’ll say, Corinne sat there. It’s like a narrator. Think of your best narrator voice.
Speaker 2 (02:59):
She was looking at her milk duds thinking, I’ll just have a couple and then I’ll put it back, and she imagines herself floating to the pantry, putting it back like a peaceful angel, and then it’s like the dunk dunk. Don music comes in. It’s like, but that didn’t happen. She did like she always does. Grabbed the milk duds, hit the couch, woke up three hours later with chocolate all over her face. We just want to be honest with ourselves. You do not have to be demeaning. You do not have to be mean. You do not have to be abusive. You do not have to be demanding or whatever, but we could tell ourselves the truth in a way that gives us a fighting chance. You’re probably not going to do that, so let’s just be honest. If you start eating your milk duds, it’s just going to be really hard to stop because they do taste good.
Once something’s in motion, it’s a lot harder, and in the past you haven’t stopped. So do you want to stop? Do you want to stop now or do you want to try to stop knowing it could be difficult sometimes. Giving ourselves those compassionate, truthful things helps us make a decision before we get started. Now, that doesn’t help us though with planning food that we love, because guess what? We want to be planting milk duds hell, I got a Carmelo sitting in the pantry right now. I literally bought a Carmelo. I like Carmelo’s too. When Carmelo is a good substitute for a milk dud, just in case anybody’s wondering when you can’t get the duds, and so Christmas, Logan loves gas stations. He’s fascinated by gas stations. Every time he goes out someplace to drive by himself, he stops at a gas station just to walk around and see what goes on in there.
He just thinks gas stations are crazy, and so on Christmas, you ain’t got shit to do. We went to the curry house for lunch and on the way home I was like, I have an idea. You want to stop at a gas station? And he was like, yeah, I do. So we all go in and Chris and I bought candy. Logan bought some candy, and I think I got a diet. Sprite came home. Well, I wasn’t hungry. I was like, all right, well, I’ll eat whenever I get hungry. I’ll have it. That thing is still sitting in there. Now let me tell you why it’s still in there, not because it’s bad, not for any reason other than I just haven’t thought about it that much. But when I have it, I do want it to be planned because here’s the thing, I don’t eat candy that often anymore, and it’s not because candy’s bad. It’s just because I got other goals in my life. I’ve got other pleasure in my life. I’ve got
Speaker 3 (05:56):
Other joys in my life. It used to be candy was really important to me. I needed my candy fixes. I needed my ice cream fixes. I needed those things because when I looked at the landscape of my life, guess what was missing? Joy, pleasure. I didn’t have things I really looked forward to. I just went to work every day. I didn’t take stock of my family. I just sat around and just, it was just like I just tried to survive each day. Instead of trying to figure out what life do I want to be living, how do I want to make my life a little bit easier?
I talked to Chris all the time. We do marriage tuneups constantly. I tell him constantly about little things that he could say or do that would just go a long way. He doesn’t do all of them, but I have these open conversations. I never feel like I’m just sitting around waiting for someone to meet my expectations. I at least lay them out, and if he doesn’t choose to meet them, then I can decide what I want to do. I have just cleaned so much stuff up, so that’s why I don’t have that pull. That’s why for one of the other things that happens when it’s comes to stopping at enough with food that tastes good, for some of you, it’s hard to stop because that may represent the only joy and pleasure you’re really getting in your life. It may be the only time in your life that you relax. It’s the only time in your life that you allow yourself to take a break, and I want you to think about this. If that’s the only time is with food, you really enjoy that. You get to feel peace, connected, joy, pleasure, comfort, anything like that, it makes it so hard to stop eating it because your brain is not fixated on the food. A lot of you, the worst thing that you tell yourself is it’s hard to stop because it tastes so good. It’s hard to stop because of what it represents.
So for some of you, this is going to be some of the journaling that you can do. These foods that you keep saying are hard to stop. Ask yourself, what does this food really represent in my life? If it’s my only joy, then I know why it’s actually hard to stop, because when I stop eating it, I’m pulling the plug on. The only joy I get. I’m pulling the plug on. The only time I get to rest. If you have a hard time stopping it enough at dinner, and
Speaker 4 (08:55):
The only time you really get time for you or time with your family stuff is when you eat, then now you’re pulling the plug on all of that. What is the solve for that one? One would be asking yourself, where am I going to get joy in life? Why am I afraid to create more? What do I keep telling myself? What things would I love to be doing and why am I telling myself I can’t have it? What prevents me? Where do I need to be more courageous, brave, scared, fearful to go after some of this stuff that I’d really like? What kind of rules and expectations in my life do I need to let go of? So many of you actually, I want to applaud one of the no bsst women. I don’t remember who you were, but I was reading the other day that you really wanted to eat, and you were really seeing that the only reason why you wanted to eat was because the house needed to be cleaned and you didn’t want to clean the house, but you also felt like it had to be done and that you stopped for a moment and just said, I’m not eating.
I’m either going to clean the house because it actually has to be done, or I’m going to let it go as it is, and I’m going to do what I really wanted to do, which is go watch some tv. I did not feel like cleaning, and when I really looked at it, I realized nothing bad was going to happen if I didn’t clean house today. The worst thing that was going to happen was I was going to judge myself for being lazy, feeling guilty as if I should do it, or thinking something about me. I am bad. I am lazy, or I am whatever, simply because I’m going to watch TV versus cleaning my house tonight, and she made the choice to watch the damn TV, and I want to tell all of you, there are going to be times we have to clean our house and stuff, but what most of us are doing is we are eating away our life to avoid making decisions that might be even better for us. All right? So once momentum kicks in with food that tastes good, it could be hard to stop. So we want to, when we have an urge to eat something off plan, we want to tell ourselves, Hey, if you’re making promises that you’re just going to have a little, that’s never worked, rarely ever worked. It’s worked so few times that it’s not even worth trying. It’s a lot of energy to stop
Speaker 5 (11:52):
It. You gather momentum. It will be hard if it’s something that you’ve planned and it’s momentum. Just knowing as you’re going in saying like, okay, I’m fixing to eat something that tastes really good. I really enjoy it. In the past, it’s been hard to stop. I want to just remind myself of different things. I can try to slow momentum down. I want you to think about it like the swing. You’re probably going to have to scoot your feet a few times in order to slow it down. That could be taking the food that you really like. If you really like chips, for God’s sakes, don’t eat ’em out of the bag, portion ’em out. Go sit somewhere far away from them because you have less momentum. I want you to think about it. Once you start eating, you may eat the small bag, but if you want more, you’re actually going to have to physically restart yourself. That’s why a lot of times, portioning things that we have a harder time stopping at is a really good technique. It’s not about the calorie counting and stuff. It’s more about giving yourself the opportunity to have lots and lots of little points where you stop eating and have to, your reasoning brain has to come back online and you have to think about doing it again. All right, y’all have a good one. Bye, y’all.


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