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Episode 352: 6 Reasons You Eat Past Enough

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Episode 352 6 Reasons You Eat Past Enough

How often do you find yourself eating past full?

In today’s podcast, 6 Reasons You Eat Past Enough, I explore why stopping is hard, even when you’re full.

Trust me, it’s not just about willpower. There’s more to the story.

Did you know that one of the reasons we eat past enough is that we are using food to reward ourselves? 

Or that sometimes, our body is still wired to overeat because of old diet rules we’re clinging to? 

Listen now and discover the 6 common reasons for overeating and advice to overcome them in
Episode 252: 6 Reasons You Eat Past Enough.  


Speaker 1 (00:01):
Hi, I’m Corinne. After a lifetime of obesity being bullied for being the fattest kid in the class and losing and gaining weight like it was my job, I finally got my shit together and I lost 100 pounds each week. I’ll teach you no bullshit weight loss advice you can use to overcome your battle with weight. I keep it simple. You’ll learn how to quit eating and thinking like an asshole. You stop that and weight loss becomes easy. My goal is to help you lose weight the way you want to live your life. If you are ready to figure out weight loss, then let’s go. Hello everybody. Welcome back. So today I want to talk about a topic that I talk about very much inside the No BSS Weight loss program, and that is if you know how my program works, you join and you become a member and then you take the NO BSS course and inside of that I teach you the four basics of weight loss.
And I’ve talked about them in the podcast. They are nothing new. I will go ahead and tell them to you right now. You’ve got a drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. You need to be getting seven to nine hours of sleep because if you’re not drinking enough water and you’re not getting enough sleep, you are lacking two of your basic human needs. And when we are lacking two basic human needs, our body will want to get us to eat to overcome them. They are so important. Our body will say, eat when you don’t need to because I’ve got to have extra food and I’ve got to have extra energy to compensate for you not meeting essential basic needs. The next one is doable planning. This is where I teach all of my members how to create a 24 hour plan first thing in the morning for the foods they’re going to eat for the day.
And we do this simply because it’s not restriction, it’s not depriving you. This is not a list of you can only eat these good foods, none of that. It is we want to think about what we’re going to eat for the day with our best brain, the brain that gives a fuck about ourselves, the brain that gives us shit if we lose weight or not the brain that is motivated to take care of us. We do not want to be deciding with our brain that’s tired, been bitched at all day, is strung out, stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed, running late, too busy. That brain should not be making the food decisions. You know what? That person needs you to have her back. She needs you to spend two to three moments every single morning deciding these are the foods that I know will be best for us so that you don’t have to think about it later.
I’m writing it down right now. The last one is doable hunger. And that is where we eat when we’re hungry and we’re stopping when we’ve had enough food physically, we’re not stopping at our emotional, our emotional stopping point, we’re stopping at our physical stopping point and very often in weight loss, this is the hardest one. This is where the rubber meets the road on if you’re going to lose weight or not. Your emotional stopping point is not where we always want to stop when we’re eating every now and then. If you want to do a throw down, let’s say it’s the holidays, your birthday, an anniversary and you want to kick it, go for it. But we cannot stop at our emotional stopping point every day of our life, especially if we are using food to cope emotionally with our life. So people always ask me, well, what are the reasons why it’s so hard to stop at eating?
I mean, that makes sense, Corinne, when my body has had enough food, I need to stop eating and that will help me lose all the weight I want and more. Well, there are six reasons why people find it hard to stop, and that’s what this podcast is going to be about. This month inside of No bss, I am doing a deep dive into why it’s hard to stop it enough and I am teaching my members not only these are the things that get in our way, but this is how we overcome them. I am coaching on it all month. All of our weight loss coaches are answering questions on it because to me, stopping at enough is the one basic that when you get it nailed, I swear to God it makes all the rest of ’em easier and it makes all of your weight loss easier.
So let me give you the six reasons why it’s hard because what I don’t want is for any person who’s just listening to the podcast, let’s say you have not joined no bss, you don’t get the benefit of knowing how normal some of this stuff is. You’re on the outside feeling bad about yourself because this all makes sense and yet it’s still hard for you. On the inside of my program, this is where we make sense of why all of it’s happening. We figure out what is your most common patterns and we help you overcome them so that you can feel normal, you can feel like you’re making progress. You can finally unwind all these things that have held you back forever in your weight loss. So let me tell you the six number one, the number one reason why it could be hard for you to stop eating once you start is because you may still be hungry, you may not be satisfied yet a lot of people when they are trying to lose weight, they bring a lot of old diet rules on board with them and in their mind they have some hidden rules around how much that I should be eating.
There is a difference between what your body tells you is enough and what you think you should be eating. And one of the things that you need to guard against is learning how to distinguish between the two. And that’s really simple. You’re really probably very often the reason why you’re eating way past enough is because what you think should be enough is what diets have told you. And very often you have done diets that chronically and severely underfed you. They were restrictive. You felt like you had to chew your arm off at night just to go to bed. You’re so hungry. So one of the reasons why it could be hard to stop eating is once, if your body knows it’s still hungry and it’s not satisfied yet because of some fake ass rule you’re harboring from 1992, then your body is going to put it into overdrive.
It is going to scream for you to eat more food and very often it would rather you eat too much than to starve itself. So that’s the number one reason. Number two, this one’s very common. It’s difficulty transitioning. So for a lot of my clients, what ends up happening when we are working together on calls and I’m in the Facebook group helping them, they’re posting and asking me questions, eating for them is an escape. It is a time where you finally relax, you tune out, you get away from it all. And when you are starting to eat in what we call transition mode, you are going to want to keep eating because the moment you stop eating, guess what? You are pulled away from relaxation. You’re pulled away from the only time that you get for yourself, the only way that you’ve ever structured, having true moments of peace and relaxation.
So that transition back to home life and chores and work to-do lists could feel overwhelming. So what we do is once we start eating, we keep eating to avoid what’s coming next. This was mine for a long time. I overate very often at dinner because I knew that once dinner was over, it’s time to give the baby a bath. It’s time to wash the dishes. It’s time for boom boom. It’s like it’s time for Corinne’s second job to start. And so if that’s you, you need to pay attention to it because the reason why you’re having trouble stopping at enough is because you probably have a lack of knowing how to have any time for yourself unless you’re eating. Now the third reason is very common, which is it’s called lack. Whether that’s a real lack of food or an imagined lack of food. So most of us have restrictive thinking around food even if we are giving ourselves permission to eat foods we love.
So when you join my program, this is one of the things that I teach. We should be able to eat the foods we love and lose weight. The problem becomes that when we are first starting to eat foods that we love, we run into a lot of our old food rules. And so our brain is telling us, I know Corinne says you can have it, but honestly this is you being bad. This is really off limits. You can only have this much. You shouldn’t really be eating this. And so we have guilt while we’re eating and it’s usually not super apparent. It’s underlying guilt. It may be guilt that’s felt deep inside. And then what ends up happening is your body senses that you’re going to take this food away because you’ve done that before in the past you are feeling guilty and you are removing the pleasure you thought you would get from the food and you are feeling guilty and your body is also going, oh my gosh, this is one of those foods she always takes away.
So it just starts panicking. So that’s when your body will just be like, go, go, go. This is a physiological and a psychological response to current and past really tough diets you’ve done. It’s basically your basic human need instinct is kicking in our basic human need. Instinct is when we feel like there won’t be enough of something, our body convinces us to hoard it. Get all you can while you can, and this is as primal as it gets. So for all of you pay attention that if you’re having a hard time stopping at enough, do you have guilty feelings about eating certain foods? If that’s the case, you have to learn how to make a new relationship with food. You have to learn how to free yourself from the guilt and to start including them more often in ways that make sense. If you pay attention and you notice that your brain is saying things like, oh my God, we shouldn’t really be eating this.
I’m just going to get it out of my system tomorrow. There won’t be any more, so I won’t be tempted. That is your brain thinking, this is going away. She’s about to take it away again. So let’s get all we can when we can. The fourth is called taste hunger. This one is really common because I teach people to eat what they love in order to lose weight. Because the more you eat foods that you love, the more you enjoy your food life and the more you enjoy your food life, the less you have to feel like you have to overeat all the time. And there’s lots of other things that go into it, but that’s the general gist of it. That is why I teach people we are not going to bastardize food. We are not going to guilt trip ourselves over food. We’re going to learn to have an amazing relationship with all foods because the funner foods, the things that you love more of your comfort foods and stuff, they have a place in life just like soda, salads, soda, fruits and vegetables.
Everything has its place. And when you are really operating from I want to do what’s best for me and I really want to take care of all my needs, I need pleasure, I need comfort, I need joy, I also need health. I need energy. I need all these things. I need nutrients. When you are operating from trying to give yourself all of it, you don’t overeat near as much. We tend to overeat when we’re suffering with this shit. So the other one is called taste hunger, and this is what happens sometimes The food is wonderful, it tastes awesome and it’s supposed to fucking taste good. But the problem is, is we think it’s wrong because in past diets there was this subtle message that was sent that unless it’s hard and tasteless and miserable, you must be doing it wrong. For any moment you are enjoying yourself or you’re liking it, guess what?
You must be doing it wrong. So taste hunger is one of those things where it can trigger you to overeat when something tastes good, not because you’re out of control, but because when you finally have it. When we have after years and years of demonizing food, then when you’re eating it, you may feel bad because it tastes good, and then when you feel bad and you finally allow the food you are, it’s hard to stop not because you’re out of control and not because the food tastes so good, but because you think what you’re doing is wrong. And so again, our mind starts thinking, we got to get this out of our system. We should eat as much as we can right now. And so going into those meals and knowing that might happen allows you to practice some patience and to calm yourself down.
Now the fifth reason is because of pleasure, lack, pleasure, lack is when food is the only way that you get any sense of pleasure in your life. It’s the only way that you relax. It’s the only break you get. It’s the only ease and it’s the only time that you actually feel connected to someone or the only time that you have a good time. Then what happens is is it will be really hard to stop eating because you want the good times to continue. It’s not the food, it’s the experience you’re having and you’ve tied it to the food. So one of the things that I work with my clients on is making sure that we are meeting all of our basic human needs. Basic human needs are not just water and sleep, they are comfort, rest, recovery, connection. There are lots of basic human needs that have to be met.
And if you’re not getting enough downtime breaks, and I don’t mean y’all got to be taking weekends off and doing girls trips and mannies and peddies and stuff, but if you’re not able to go to bed without worrying the shit out of yourself, we have to learn how to go to bed without worrying the shit out of ourselves that will give you more pleasure in life, that will allow you to feel more rest. Some of us have a hard time stopping at enough when the meal is the only way we’re feeling connected. Guilt-free pleasure or relaxed. The last one is emotional reward or what Also we like to call some calming of your nerves. So when you are stressed out or you’re emotionally running hot, very often it’s hard to stop it enough because food has become grounding and soothing. It allows you to calm down.
It’s the only way you know how to not blow up at people. It’s the only way you know how to get yourself to settle down when you’re anxious. So some of us are using food as a way to soothe our nervous system, and this is we all come by, but as honest, when we are born, one of the first ways that we are taught to be soothed is to nurse or to be fed. Babies come into this world crying, scared, cold, discombobulated, and our first lesson that we ever learn is that when all else fails, eat it will make you feel better. It can soothe your nervous system. So don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been doing this because every human that got fed from the get we’ll run into this at times and we also use it as an emotional reward. It’s like if we get through the day, if we don’t blow up at people, if we succeed in something and we eat and then that’s the only time we get to feel good about ourselves, it makes sense that it will be hard to stop it enough in those moments because in those moments we’re eating because we’re feeling proud, we’re feeling deserving and not about the food.
I hope you realize all of this is not about the food. We’re lacking the emotions. We’re lacking those things. We’ve tied so much of it to food that it becomes hard to stop because we haven’t learned how to do any of this in any other way away. So as a review, if you are having a hard time stopping it enough, first it could be because you may not be satisfied yet you may be under eating just a little because in your mind you have a rule around how much your body should eat, how much a meal should look like. Number two, difficulty transitioning. The only way that you eat dinner between getting off work and then starting mommy duties, wifey duties. Some of you go back to work at night, you have a hard time stopping it enough because you know work is on the other side, the break’s about to be over.
The third is lack. You’re worried it’s going to be taken away inside. You really feel like when you are finally reintroducing food you love in order to lose weight, that this is going to be taken away. Again, this is really just off limits. You really shouldn’t be having this and so you have a lack of pleasure that you thought you would be getting or you’re scared that it’s going away so your body kicks in hoarding mode, taste, hunger, the food just tastes good, and we have been taught that that’s wrong. We have been taught that makes us feel guilty, that makes us feel like we are doing something wrong, and that kicks in that hoarding mode again because when you finally allow the food and it tastes so good, you don’t want to stop eating it simply because in the past you’ve made it an off limit food pleasure and lack.
This is where I don’t get enough relaxation. I don’t get enough comfort, connection, joy and happiness in my life unless I’m eating. And since that’s the only source of pleasure I get the moment I feel pleasure, I can understand why my body is not going to want to stop eating because it thinks pleasure is ending. And then last is soothing. That nervous system, when you’re stressed out and running hot food is grounding you, it is calming you. And if it’s the only way you know how, then of course that when you turn to food in those moments when you are so stressed out and so overwhelmed and such, it makes sense that it would be hard to stop because now you’re taking away the one way you know how to calm yourself down. So the answer is simple. You join no behe. If you learn how to have other ways to give yourself pleasure, if you want to learn how to bust up all those diet rules around what you should and shouldn’t be eating, how much is enough and all that kind of shit.
If you’re sick and tired of eating food you love and then overeating them because for some reason inside of you, you’re just like, oh my God, I can’t control myself because you think you have that subtle self-sabotage of it’s going away. These are the things we address in No BS. This is what we’re doing in the program every single day and week, helping our members get to the root cause of what’s going on. We’re not sitting around handing out boring ass lame, tasteless diets that don’t give you enough calories and do not equip you to handle your life. We are teaching you how to get rid of all of this shit so that weight loss becomes really simple. Eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’ve had enough. I drink my water, I get my sleep, and I decide with my best brain each day what will be great for me.
All right everybody. That’s it for today. Hope you love this episode. Do me a favor, drop me a review and a five star rating. You do not know how much it helps when y’all are rating and reviewing the podcast. And if you really want to share this, I would be so thrilled if you forwarded this podcast on to your mom, a friend, a coworker that you know is struggling with overeating. All right, y’all talk to you soon. Are you loving the podcast and trying all the things I say? Maybe you’re trying to only eat when you’re hungry. You’ve been playing with stopping at nub while eating food you love, or you’re all in on planning ahead for the day, what you’re going to eat. But as you try all these things, you’re finding that doing all this is a little bit harder than it sounds.
Maybe you aren’t consistent. Sometimes you remember. But when you don’t, you immediately think, why isn’t this working for me? And the next thing you know, you’re feeling like shit instead of learning from your experiences. If that sounds like you, then you are probably ready to become a No BS woman in No BS You will join thousands of women who are losing weight and figuring out their weight loss shit once and for all. No BSS weight loss is the breath of fresh fucking air for women who want to lose weight for the last damn time, and over 13,000 are losing weight each and every week. With me, you will not have to spend hours each week shopping, cooking, and prepping foods just to lose your weight. You won’t even have to follow restrictive food rules, keeping you from eating out with friends and family limiting you only to approved foods.
No BS weightloss actually helps you lose weight in minutes each day, not hours at the gym, not hours in the kitchen, and for sure not hours spent pounding calories as if it was your job. No BS weightloss is the easy approach to weight loss that blends brain science, behavioral techniques, and common sense steps. You’ll learn how to finally lose weight with a busy schedule on your stressful days. And when unexpected emergencies pop up, you’ll be able to go on vacation and come home feeling like you had amazing time eating some of the foods you love and feeling like you had control and didn’t have to go i’ll stuff my face mode the second you ate something you love. You’ll also get help from real people. We give you an amazing community to use and real life weight coaches who are ready to answer your questions and help you bust through the excuses that keep you from losing your weight. No BS makes weightloss simple with amazing support and easy steps. So join us right now and lose weight this week. Just go to www.joinnobs.com. That’s www.joinnobs.com. The moment you join, you’ll get directions from us on exactly what to do to start losing weight right now. You’ll be welcomed by me and my team because we want every woman to lose her weight for good and feel as amazing as she deserves. We will do all we can help you reach your weightloss goals.


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