December 15, 2023

Episode 349: Why Do We Snack Unconsciously?

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Episode 349 Why Do We Snack Unconsciously

Ever grab a snack and mow it down before you realize you weren’t even hungry? 

Every damn hand should be raised.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear me help a No BS member with her fear of snacking during a recent weightloss weekly call.

And y’all, I don’t just give her some formula for “how not to snack”… because there isn’t one.

We snack when we’re not hungry for different reasons — hell, I did it just the other day! Listen to the episode for the aha moment I had when I sat down and started eating a snack when I wasn’t hungry. 

My aha was WHY I did it. That’s the difference between No BS and other diets. We help you understand WHY you do things like snack when you’re not hungry, so you don’t have to struggle with it again. 

If you’re tired of other diets with their bullshit promises that always end up failing you, head to

It’s a great time to join — this month, we’re throwing out all the old rules like counting points, restriction, fasting, etc. etc. We’re resetting our diet mindset BEFORE the new year so we can start 2024 with a new perspective!

And for a new perspective on mindless snacking, listen to Episode 349: Why Do We Snack Unconsciously? 


Hi, I’m Corinne. After a lifetime of obesity, being bullied for being the fattest kid in the class, and losing and gaining weight like it wasn’t my job, I finally got my shit together and I lost 100 pounds. Each week, I’ll teach you no bullshit weight loss advice you can use to overcome your battle with weight.

I keep it simple. You’ll learn how to quit eating and thinking like an asshole. You stop that and weight loss becomes easy. My goal is to help you lose weight the way you want to live your life. If you are ready to figure out weight loss, then let’s go. Hello, everybody. Welcome back. So we are going to talk about snacking.

Snacking is a big topic that comes up and the way that we’re going to do it today is I’m going to give you a recent call that I did inside the Nobius weight loss program. We do weekly coaching sessions where I bring up members and they ask questions and they talk about something that they’re struggling with in weight loss.

So what you’re going to hear today is one of my clients who had this big, scary thing happen where she was on the road, traveling, super busy, doing, like, big time work, all the things, and she realized she didn’t snack while she was away. She was like, huh. I don’t really need snacks when I’m out of town and was terrified of going back home because she was so worried that when she got home, guess what was going to happen?

Now I’m going to want a snack. All of it’s going to come back knowing like, this is what’s so important. Once she had the experience with her body that says, bitch, you is not as hungry as you think you are. Then when she goes home, she’s gonna be like, Oh shit, I’m probably gonna want a snack. And now I know I’m not hungry like I thought I was.

I’ve just been snacking kinda unconsciously by thinking things like, I might be hungry. It’s time. I put it on my plan. Well look, if you, I don’t care. If it’s time, I don’t care if it’s on your plan. If you ain’t hungry, guess what? We won’t be snacking. So she was really worried about going home and having to face this.

And so in this call, you’re going to hear how we talk about not a strategy to not snack, which is what most of you keep asking for. It’s like you go from diet to diet to diet. Basically saying, teach me how not to do this. Instead of asking the question, teach me why I’m doing it so that I can remove the reason why and never have to struggle with this ever again.

Because what we don’t want to do is teach you how to not snack and every afternoon you’re sitting there feeling punished, deprived, like it’s unfair, like you should be able to eat, obsessing over whether or not you should or shouldn’t eat. We don’t want that for you. So we have to get to that root cause, and that is what we do inside the No BS Weight Loss Program that’s different from the podcast.

People bring these problems, and instead of telling them what to do, we help them remove. the reason why they’re doing it in the first place. You remove those reasons why, and I promise you, not only does your weight get much easier to lose, but it stays off because you have now removed the reasons why weight has always come back on when the diets have ended.

All right. So I want you to listen up. I want you to take notes. I want you to think about this. And then if you think, This sounds just like me. I could really use more help to dive into some of these root causal problems. I want you to go to join no and join us. There’s no reason to keep listening to the podcast, consuming the podcast, and wondering if you’re ever gonna lose your weight.

Don’t just nod in agreement with me and be entertained by my ass every single weekend anymore if you’ve been sitting there listening in, agreeing, but not doing a lot of doing. It is time to get off the fence and join, join NoBS. com. Now enjoy this coaching call on snacking. The last couple of weeks I was traveling from work and it just so happened that I wasn’t snacking very much.

Most of it because it wasn’t available. I wasn’t hungry. I was focused on being present, all that good stuff. And I learned a lot from that experience. That you can do it. I can do it. And I always thought I needed snacks to sustain me. Yeah, and you’re wrong. And what do you want to do about that? Well, I, I’m anxious.

That I’m going to fall back into some of my old thoughts and I’m, you know, I’m, you’re for sure going to fall back into your old thoughts. We don’t need to be anxious about that. That’s just normal. It doesn’t matter that your old thought, like when, when you’re on the road, you definitely have different thoughts because you have a different stimulus.

When you’re at home, your brain is like, okay, I’m back home. I should think the same things I thought before. Like, that’s just how the brain works. I don’t know. Like we don’t have to fix that part. Right. And I think maybe that’s me telling myself. That of course I would think that, think that I need a snack when I’m back here at home.

Yeah, I learned on the road that I don’t, so I’m going to try that at home and see what happens. And that, that may be what I need to do because I’m, I think this whole snacking thing is just also like when I do see success that I don’t fall back into old habits. But again, for all of you, I just coach Maddie on this.

Y’all keep thinking that like, I don’t know what happens. I just fall backward. Calgon take me away from the 80s. There’s no Calgon moments. We don’t fall into things. We, I, and all of you really need to hear this. Every single time there’s a decision. You’re always in control. You may not like the choice that you need to make.

It may be uncomfortable, like that’s true, but it ain’t because you ain’t got like, we don’t just like I’m just wafting through my house and oh my God, Oreos just floated across and they landed in my mouth. This magic house of mine, it’s like, no, you’re, you already, this is the, once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

I just noticed when I’m on the road, I actually can go hours. Without eating and no snacks and be just fine. The same thing can happen at home, except when I’m at home. My brain wants to eat because I’ve been eating and thinking I needed them. So it’s going to offer those same thoughts up. Now it’s like, okay, good to know.

It’s going to be a little uncomfortable to say like, hey, on the road, we didn’t need them. I bet we don’t need them here either. And because I’m at home, I’m not as distracted and busy is when I’m on the road. So I’ll think about snacks on the road. I don’t have to think about them as much. They’re not even available.

So my brain’s like, no snacks available. Well, I probably shouldn’t ask you to eat.

Yeah. I think you just hit them. What you said about being at choice is what I need to remind myself of. Yeah. Cause that’s all that’s going to happen. And then when you, or if you catch yourself, like. Well, I made the choice to eat. It was a little uncomfortable. I’m so used to doing it when I’m at home or whatever.

Is there a stopping point in the snack where you can say, you know what, I didn’t eat on the road. I just got started eating or I’m halfway through. Let’s just stop. Let’s just get on track with teaching our brain. We don’t need it. Even if we’ve started, let’s just get on the bandwagon of stopping it the moment we catch it.

And that’s, that’s something that’s very doable. I see that from the analytical side of my brain, too, which is great because we need that rational part of your brain aware, because if your rational part of your brain is aware of it, it means it’s trying to store it in the irrational part. It’s trying to make note doesn’t mean it’ll be the loudest voice in the room.

And it doesn’t mean it’ll be the first thing it accesses, but once it puts it back there, it doesn’t forget it anymore. Your brain is a incredible memory machine. This is why so often y’all will say, I don’t know what happened. I just got triggered. Like, I haven’t felt this way in a long time. Somebody said this one thing, like all of a sudden it reminded me of when I was a child because your brain remembers everything.

So even when we have these moments, you need to always remember, like. My brain is storing these little ahas. They may not always be the loudest, but they’re in there. And the reason why I wanted you to know that, um, we’re just going to make choices. But the reason why I wanted you to know that if you catch yourself eating is because snacking at home, and the reason why it’s going to like, your brain, like you were like so worried, like my brain’s going to go back there.

It’s like, it’s for sure going to go back there. It is just a grooved habit pattern. It’s not a bad thing that you’re snacking. It’s not like, now that I know that I don’t need it, I should never need one ever again. That’s all your story around it. And I want you to see the story is, it’s a well grooved habit.

for my brain to probably be triggered at home to ask for a snack because for a long time I did snack and I didn’t even question if I needed it. Now I know different so my brain’s for sure going to offer it up and it’s probably sometimes going to do it so fast where I just think that’s what I’m supposed to do and I just go do it and it’s where I can’t say this isn’t working, this is going to be too hard, uh, I shouldn’t have done it.

It’s like, it’s a well grooved habit. I just got to get better at catching it. And so even if that means like the other day, I have not ate an afternoon snack. Remember when, and I was just the least bit hungry. I mean, not even super hungry. There wasn’t even like, I was just like, like I am the first. that if I need a snack, I would get one.

But most of the time, I just don’t need one. The other day, like, I knew we had these protein bars in the house for Logan. He loves Quest bars. In fact, my team makes fun of me because when they come, they always do, like, a smorgasbord of samples because he’s got, like, five kinds and Aunt JJ keeps At least 20 of each in there.

Like we look like literally, um, doomsday preppers or something here. Like we’re waiting for the apocalypse. And so I was like, Oh, there’s protein bars in there. I literally walked into the kitchen, grabbed a protein bar, was just eating it on the couch forever. It was like, literally not even like, I feel an urge.

Like it was not dramatic, just something about the way. I was working on the couch, which it could be back in the day. I always ate a protein bar in the afternoons on the couch when I worked before I had an office. Well, the last week, guess what I’ve been doing. working in the living room because I wanted to change the scenery.

And it could have just been that. So anyway, I’m just sitting there eating my protein bar. And at some point I was like, Oh my God, I’m eating a protein bar. I’m not even hungry. Like I think I’m done. And I like left this much and I went and threw it away because I was like, I don’t even snack anymore. But I also didn’t over work it and overthink it.

I just stopped it, not made it a big deal. Just like, Oh yeah, like that happened fast. And I just put it away and I was like, it’s probably because I’m sitting in the living room, but do you notice how much like I haven’t had one since when I didn’t make it a big fucking deal and I didn’t like do all the things like my brain was like, oh, we don’t do that anymore.

Sorry. I forgot.

So give it a whirl of not making it a big deal, be aware that it’s definitely going to ask for snacks. I would just say like, it’s probably going to ask for snacks because it has, but it might not. Like, we can always hope that it’s like, you learned your lesson, the, you know, the light bulb was shot off in your head and your brain is like, I never have to ask for one ever again.

That could happen. It’s just unlikely. Right, right. Are you loving the podcast and trying all the things I say? Maybe you’re trying to only eat when you’re hungry. You’ve been playing with stopping at enough while eating food you love, or you’re all in on planning ahead for the day, what you’re going to eat.

But as you try all these things, you’re finding that doing all this is a little bit harder than it sounds. Maybe you aren’t consistent. Sometimes you remember, but when you don’t, you immediately think, why isn’t this. And the next thing you know, you’re feeling like shit instead of learning from your experiences.

If that sounds like you, then you are probably ready to become a No B. S. woman. In No B. S., you will join thousands of women who are losing weight and figuring out their weight loss shit once and for all. No B. S. Weight Loss is the breath of fresh fuckin air for women who want to lose weight for the last damn time.

And over 13, 000 are losing weight each and every week with me. You will not have to spend hours each week shopping, cooking, and prepping foods just to lose your weight. You won’t even have to follow restrictive food rules keeping you from eating out with friends and family. Limiting you only to approved foods.

No BS Weight Loss actually helps you lose weight in minutes each day. Not hours at the gym, not hours in the kitchen, and for sure not hours spent counting calories as if it was your job. NoBS Weight Loss is the easy approach to weight loss that blends brain science, behavioral techniques, and common sense.

You’ll learn how to finally lose weight with a busy schedule, on your stressful days, and when unexpected emergencies pop up. You’ll be able to go on vacation and come home feeling like you had an amazing time, eating some of the foods you love, and feeling like you had control and didn’t have to go all stuff my face mode the second you ate something you love.

You will also get help from real people. We give you an amazing community to use. And real life. weight coaches who are ready to answer your questions and help you bust through the excuses that keep you from losing your weight. No B. S. makes weight loss simple with amazing support and easy steps. So join us right now and lose weight this week.

Just go to www. joinnobs. com. That’s www. joinnobis. com. The moment you join, you’ll get directions from us on exactly what to do to start losing weight right now. You’ll be welcomed by me and my team. Because we want every woman to lose her weight for good and feel as amazing as she deserves. We will do all we can to help you reach your weight loss goals.


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