Episode 342: How to Deal with Food Pushers

  • “I brought in donuts this morning. Have one!”
  • “I know you said not to, but I got you ice cream.”
  • “You love my chocolate chip cookies, so I made some just for you!”

Got anyone in your life like this?

We all do. They're called food pushers.

Today on the podcast, I'm bringing in a special guest who's known many a food pusher in her life: No BS's very own Coach MJ.

MJ has been a No BS woman since 2018, lost over 80 pounds, and is now the Director of the Member Journey within the No BS Weightloss Program.

She's also sassy and southern, like someone else you know. 😉

In this episode, MJ teaches you the 3 types of food pushers and why they do what they do. (Hint: most of them aren't trying to be assholes.)

With the holidays coming up, you might be dealing with more food pushers than normal. But you don't have to let them jack up your weightloss.

To hear MJ give it to you straight on the 3 types of food pushers, check out Episode 342: How to Deal with Food Pushers. 

And, to help you deal with food pushers without giving in or hurting anyone's feelings, Coach MJ is also hosting a FREE Live Webinar called Tackling Food Pushers.

Click here to get the details and register so MJ can help you tackling those food pushers and ensuring your holidays are filled with joy AND weightloss!


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