Episode 334: Losing Weight with a Medical Condition

Are you convinced that weightloss just isn't in the cards because…

  • You're struggling with menopause, diabetes, PCOS, Hashimotos or another diagnosis?
  • Your doctor said you won't be able to lose weight because of your medical condition?
  • Sticking to your doctor’s ‘recommended diet' means you'll have to change your entire life to avoid certain ingredients or entire food groups?
  • You've tried dieting by restricting calories and exercising more and it Just. Won't. Work?

When you think your diagnosis keeps you from losing weight, you feel helpless, mad, put-upon, and you dramatically increase fuck it eating.

If you're nodding along, today’s podcast is for you.

I shared the steps that've helped hundreds of No BS Women lose weight even when they've been told a medical condition would make it hard for them.

Don't wait – listen to Episode 334: Losing Weight with a Medical Condition now.


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