June 9, 2023

Episode 323: Does exercise help or hurt weightloss?

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If you’ve…

  • Felt guilty for not hitting the gym
  • Gone from busting your ass in the gym to letting your workout clothes collect dust
  • Struggled to find a workout routine that doesn’t cause pain

Exercise could be making weightloss tougher than it needs to be (whether you’re working out or not).

When you listen to today’s episode, you’ll find out if it’s helping or hurting your weightloss. Don’t wait – listen to this one today.



00:00:03.420 –> 00:00:14.400
Corinne (she/her): Hello, everybody! Welcome, Y’all come on in. I’m Karen Crabtree. I want to give everybody a minute to get here, so i’m gonna say hello to a few people. I’m also going to bring. Hello, Amanda

00:00:14.450 –> 00:00:15.700
Corinne (she/her): Brenda

00:00:15.930 –> 00:00:28.030
Corinne (she/her): Cindy Colleen, and then i’m also gonna bring up Sarah, who is going to be here to work the Q. A. So the way that calls work here around here is you have a question.

00:00:28.330 –> 00:00:41.490
Corinne (she/her): You can always pop it to the Q. A. What I do invite you to do, though, is wait until, like I’ve taught some stuff before you ask a question. Otherwise i’m probably going to answer it because i’m really good that way. All right.

00:00:41.870 –> 00:00:49.900
Corinne (she/her): So Sarah is going to come on stage. and then we are going to the chat is also here, and Sarah will also be in the chat, which means

00:00:50.230 –> 00:01:06.950
Corinne (she/her): she’s gonna talk. She’s gonna type in all caps for you, so that you know that that is somebody from the Nobias team who’s offering you advice? It was answering your questions. And here’s the other cool thing that Sarah will do when I say things that are really important.

00:01:06.950 –> 00:01:16.980
Corinne (she/her): She’s gonna highlight it and stick it into the chat for us, so that we’re not worried at all about missing an important point or anything along those lines. So

00:01:17.280 –> 00:01:25.050
Corinne (she/her): if you were newer to me, and you do not know who I am, let me talk to you for just a moment. I’m Krine Crabtree. I lost a £100

00:01:25.090 –> 00:01:41.090
Corinne (she/her): 16 years ago. and I’ve been able to keep it off for 16 years. I did not do a bullshit diet. I did some easy things in order to lose weight. And today we’re going to talk about how exercise impacts that

00:01:41.120 –> 00:02:00.760
Corinne (she/her): because it’s real, it’s like notorious in the weight loss industry. You gotta work out. You gotta be miserable and you gotta kick your ass. No pay, no gain. All of those kinds of things. That is not what I preach so today, what I want to do is I want to go over 5 major myths that we have when it comes to exercise

00:02:00.760 –> 00:02:10.030
Corinne (she/her): and weight loss. And I think that’s really important for all of you, because the last thing that anyone needs is we trying to lose weight again.

00:02:10.199 –> 00:02:12.640
Corinne (she/her): doing some things

00:02:12.820 –> 00:02:13.660
Corinne (she/her): that

00:02:13.720 –> 00:02:26.140
Corinne (she/her): like legit you don’t like or that are based on a big, you know. Fat smoking set of lies. So we’re gonna have fun today. We’re gonna get it done. You’re gonna have a chance to ask some questions.

00:02:26.160 –> 00:02:30.980
Corinne (she/her): We’re gonna do it all all right. Myth Number one is.

00:02:31.170 –> 00:02:48.770
Corinne (she/her): I have to exercise in order to lose weight. This is probably one of the most common myths that are out there when it comes to losing weight. So the myth, One more time is I have to exercise in order to lose weight.

00:02:49.660 –> 00:02:50.670
Corinne (she/her): You don’t

00:02:51.890 –> 00:03:06.040
Corinne (she/her): You know what you have to do in order to lose weight. and here’s the better truth. You have to stop overeating. It is not about the exercise. If exercise literally was the thing that caused weight, loss.

00:03:06.250 –> 00:03:13.490
Corinne (she/her): We would all be out there running marathons. You would never see anyone showing up for years and years at the gym

00:03:13.840 –> 00:03:15.120
Corinne (she/her): with extra weight.

00:03:16.950 –> 00:03:30.980
Corinne (she/her): So we have to break this idea that exercise is what causes weight, loss. It does not your ability to learn how to quit putting your hand with a fork

00:03:31.020 –> 00:03:40.730
Corinne (she/her): into your mouth over and over again every single day, because you’re bored because it tastes so good because you hate wasting food

00:03:40.980 –> 00:03:49.670
Corinne (she/her): because you had a bad day you had a bad week. Your boss was an asshole. Like all those reasons why we eat

00:03:50.010 –> 00:03:52.510
Corinne (she/her): You’re never going to burn that Shit off in the gym

00:03:53.870 –> 00:03:54.850
Corinne (she/her): never

00:03:55.130 –> 00:04:06.890
Corinne (she/her): to lose weight. We have to address the real problem in the room, which is when I am like, let’s say at night it’s 80’clock. I’ve had a long day.

00:04:07.090 –> 00:04:12.720
Corinne (she/her): and I have been so good all day long. The moment my brain says I deserve a treat

00:04:12.820 –> 00:04:16.760
Corinne (she/her): we’re putting up with. You know Bob’s bullshit today. Again.

00:04:17.209 –> 00:04:23.040
Corinne (she/her): I like the best thing I can do is to learn how not to eat because of Bob’s bullshit

00:04:23.230 –> 00:04:26.830
Corinne (she/her): is to realize Bob is not worth me not losing weight.

00:04:27.230 –> 00:04:35.400
Corinne (she/her): I don’t need to eat because I showed up like a boss today. What I need to do is reward myself with thinking.

00:04:36.110 –> 00:04:41.680
Corinne (she/her): I have the kind of person who can do this. I do not need to eat over, Bob.

00:04:41.890 –> 00:04:46.360
Corinne (she/her): That’s what we have to learn to lose weight you going to the gym is not going to do it.

00:04:46.910 –> 00:04:50.010
Corinne (she/her): so plenty of people lose weight

00:04:50.720 –> 00:04:52.620
Corinne (she/her): without ever exercising.

00:04:52.740 –> 00:04:57.140
Corinne (she/her): I have got member after member after member in my membership

00:04:57.620 –> 00:04:59.540
Corinne (she/her): who does not exercise.

00:05:00.620 –> 00:05:01.350
Corinne (she/her): Now

00:05:01.420 –> 00:05:05.360
Corinne (she/her): I am not saying that you shouldn’t exercise

00:05:06.650 –> 00:05:11.860
Corinne (she/her): It’s just not needed for weight loss. What is exercise needed for

00:05:12.190 –> 00:05:21.610
Corinne (she/her): when you’re 80 and you fall down you can get your ass back up off the ground without needing to push the met alert button, break a hip

00:05:21.830 –> 00:05:23.800
Corinne (she/her): or pray to God. Somebody finds you.

00:05:24.850 –> 00:05:30.360
Corinne (she/her): You might want to live longer. You study, show that you could live longer, exercising.

00:05:30.580 –> 00:05:42.650
Corinne (she/her): So we are not debating on whether or not exercise is good for our body. What we are debating is this stupid myth that I have to exercise in order to lose weight? No, you don’t.

00:05:43.640 –> 00:05:49.100
Corinne (she/her): you know there’s a thing in in in the workout world where you lift ways. I lift lots of ways.

00:05:49.240 –> 00:05:58.570
Corinne (she/her): and if you were used to lifting weight. You’ll know there’s this thing called Reps. It’s how many times you curl, how many squats you do. Every single thing is a rep.

00:05:59.850 –> 00:06:10.800
Corinne (she/her): The best way to lose weight is to focus on how many reps you’re doing with your hand. Go into your mouth and go into your mouth when you’re not physically hungry.

00:06:12.220 –> 00:06:15.620
Corinne (she/her): and when you’ve had enough versus eating until you’re full.

00:06:16.830 –> 00:06:17.640
Corinne (she/her): so

00:06:17.940 –> 00:06:34.260
Corinne (she/her): it’s not that we have to exercise to lose weight. We might want to for other reasons. But we have to stop thinking the exercise is going to cause the weight loss, because when you think exercise will cause it, you miss out

00:06:34.690 –> 00:06:40.300
Corinne (she/her): on learning how to deal with habit eating, mindless eating and emotional eating.

00:06:40.480 –> 00:06:43.000
Corinne (she/her): Alright. Myth Number 2

00:06:44.060 –> 00:06:49.810
Corinne (she/her): exercise means. I’m gonna need to 8 more. Now, how many of us have thought of this.

00:06:50.240 –> 00:06:58.400
Corinne (she/her): I have said it to myself in the past, all the years back, when well back, when I weighed at least 250, if not more.

00:06:58.510 –> 00:07:10.010
Corinne (she/her): From about the age of 12 I weigh £210, and then I was just up and down the scale from 1 75 to 2 50 plus until my early thirties.

00:07:10.560 –> 00:07:14.430
Corinne (she/her): and I would do all of these like on our trainer

00:07:14.560 –> 00:07:25.200
Corinne (she/her): I join a gym and get into their boot camps like I would go through all this rigam a roll where they would be working out and stuff, and I would think I need to eat more.

00:07:25.600 –> 00:07:29.920
Corinne (she/her): but that’s not true. So let me tell you just some facts about this

00:07:29.930 –> 00:07:32.050
Corinne (she/her): Number one extra food.

00:07:32.120 –> 00:07:43.760
Corinne (she/her): It’s only really for hardcore exercises who are doing more than an hour every single day. like if you’re training for a marathon. If you’re training for

00:07:43.960 –> 00:07:45.980
Corinne (she/her): the Iron man.

00:07:46.250 –> 00:07:57.940
Corinne (she/her): if you’re training for a power lifting competition. If you’re doing extreme things like that, you will need to eat differently in order to power those workouts.

00:07:58.390 –> 00:08:00.260
Corinne (she/her): and it won’t be pizza.

00:08:00.480 –> 00:08:03.590
Corinne (she/her): and it won’t be wine, and it won’t. Be chocolate.

00:08:03.850 –> 00:08:04.760
Corinne (she/her): Sorry

00:08:05.130 –> 00:08:10.040
Corinne (she/her): when you are going to be training at an athletic level. You get more chicken.

00:08:10.980 –> 00:08:16.730
Corinne (she/her): you get more rice. you get more fruits and vegetables.

00:08:17.620 –> 00:08:25.380
Corinne (she/her): Now, if you’re working out every day, and you’re like, you know what I really deserve an extra help and a broccoli at dinner.

00:08:26.180 –> 00:08:29.850
Corinne (she/her): I’m not going to argue with you. Just know you don’t need it.

00:08:29.880 –> 00:08:49.730
Corinne (she/her): but most of us. This is what we’re doing. Well, I exercise Today I need to eat more. I’ll have a few French fries off of my partner’s dish that’s not an exercise needing more food. That’s you using exercise as an excuse to eat more.

00:08:49.970 –> 00:09:00.860
Corinne (she/her): So there is this thing called exercise induced hunger. and that is when you have been doing lots of volume of working out.

00:09:01.210 –> 00:09:11.120
Corinne (she/her): If you are walking, running, swimming, lifting weights, pelotoning, boot, camping for an hour or less a day.

00:09:11.180 –> 00:09:32.410
Corinne (she/her): say 5 to 6 days a week, you do not need to eat more. Your body has reserves, especially if you’ve got when to lose. You got every trip to the golden corral every time you ordered the Chinese that extra donut that was free on the week on the Friday that you boss brought them in. All of those stores are sitting there waiting to be tapped.

00:09:33.980 –> 00:09:40.230
Corinne (she/her): An hour or less of exercise does not require you to do

00:09:40.330 –> 00:09:47.960
Corinne (she/her): any extra eating. So the reason why a lot of us think that, though, is because weight watchers

00:09:48.140 –> 00:09:56.870
Corinne (she/her): and other exercise at other weight loss programs like that the day that they came out with. you know, points for exercising

00:09:56.900 –> 00:10:04.610
Corinne (she/her): all that taught us is that if I move I deserve a treat like a damn dog. Dolls get a treat for good behavior.

00:10:05.150 –> 00:10:11.000
Corinne (she/her): and they told us that if we would go out and walk for 30 min, then we could get some food.

00:10:11.070 –> 00:10:11.870
Corinne (she/her): Now

00:10:13.000 –> 00:10:18.870
Corinne (she/her): it did motivate some of us to get active, but it motivated us to overeat, too.

00:10:20.830 –> 00:10:24.180
Corinne (she/her): Your workouts, I promise you.

00:10:24.250 –> 00:10:26.950
Corinne (she/her): do not need a ton of extra eating.

00:10:27.940 –> 00:10:30.850
Corinne (she/her): I lift weights like a beast.

00:10:31.750 –> 00:10:40.810
Corinne (she/her): I lift so many. I I live so heavy that when I go to a gym I almost always have a guy. Tell me I love seeing a lady

00:10:41.240 –> 00:10:46.080
Corinne (she/her): in the gym not afraid of the big weights. This is amazing. This is awesome.

00:10:46.500 –> 00:10:50.550
Corinne (she/her): Half the time i’m lifting heavier than most dudes that are in the gym.

00:10:52.290 –> 00:10:53.830
Corinne (she/her): I don’t eat extra.

00:10:54.510 –> 00:11:11.790
Corinne (she/her): I don’t come running back to my house and slug protein shapes or eat something. so I just want you to realize that the only time that we really have that exercise induced hunger is when you’re pushing your body past the limits.

00:11:12.960 –> 00:11:13.760
Corinne (she/her): So

00:11:14.570 –> 00:11:17.550
Corinne (she/her): let’s make an agreement that we are not dogs.

00:11:18.380 –> 00:11:32.250
Corinne (she/her): You know what we are. We are just humans. and if we’re moving we’re moving because it’s for our health. When we’re moving we don’t deserve food treat. We deserve our congratulations.

00:11:32.560 –> 00:11:41.340
Corinne (she/her): our own like 5 5. You’re doing it. Look at you, changing your life! Look at you, setting your future self up

00:11:41.390 –> 00:11:53.000
Corinne (she/her): to be able to play with grandkids to go on a spontaneous walk anytime. You want to be able to do this like to be able to get up and down out of the floor with ease.

00:11:54.200 –> 00:12:03.190
Corinne (she/her): Let’s make sure that we keep that in mind. Now I do want to say this. There is. I always get this question: should I eat before I exercise?

00:12:04.020 –> 00:12:06.820
Corinne (she/her): Here’s my simplest explanation.

00:12:07.370 –> 00:12:20.870
Corinne (she/her): Start exercising, and see if you need to. You will know, because you’re running completely out of steam, and it doesn’t feel good. I honestly cannot exercise or eat before I exercise.

00:12:20.920 –> 00:12:27.360
Corinne (she/her): I work out first thing in the morning. I do about an hour every single day. and if I eat

00:12:27.810 –> 00:12:30.550
Corinne (she/her): number one it makes me sick to my stomach.

00:12:30.920 –> 00:12:42.930
Corinne (she/her): Number 2. I tend to have less energy. If I’ve at. It’s like my body is trying so hard to digest anything that it actually wrecks me.

00:12:43.770 –> 00:12:48.980
Corinne (she/her): So I had to like stop eating before work out. If I work out in the afternoon

00:12:49.570 –> 00:12:57.160
Corinne (she/her): I will like my last meal like, let’s say i’m gonna work out at 3 or 40’clock in the afternoon. My last meal will be at least by noon.

00:12:57.230 –> 00:13:09.650
Corinne (she/her): because I need time for my digestive system to clear. So eating before a workout is a completely individual thing, and I just advise you to test it.

00:13:10.280 –> 00:13:12.100
Corinne (she/her): and just see what happens

00:13:13.100 –> 00:13:15.670
Corinne (she/her): all right. The next myth

00:13:16.770 –> 00:13:19.500
Corinne (she/her): only hardcore workouts count

00:13:20.820 –> 00:13:22.740
Corinne (she/her): little. Shit doesn’t.

00:13:23.010 –> 00:13:32.770
Corinne (she/her): Seriously, look at this. So many of us believe that only hardcore workouts count. But if you’re just gonna do little shit, it’s just not. It’s not worth it. It’s not good enough.

00:13:32.860 –> 00:13:34.350
Corinne (she/her): Why would I bother?

00:13:35.350 –> 00:13:38.480
Corinne (she/her): Look! Everything counts.

00:13:38.850 –> 00:13:47.420
Corinne (she/her): I was just teaching a class or doing a coaching call in a class inside my own membership. and I was telling them

00:13:47.900 –> 00:13:54.350
Corinne (she/her): there was this woman that I was talking to. Who was. This is one of my clients, and she said

00:13:54.640 –> 00:14:07.760
Corinne (she/her): I spent some time with my 80 year old mother. and her mobility is so limited she can’t really do anything for herself. I am on the fast track to that. I’m not doing anything.

00:14:08.530 –> 00:14:18.040
Corinne (she/her): and she was posting and talking about it because inside of our membership, right now we have a movement challenge happening for the month of may.

00:14:18.390 –> 00:14:25.440
Corinne (she/her): My mission in line is to teach women just not only how to lose weight, but I want women moving.

00:14:26.300 –> 00:14:38.390
Corinne (she/her): because what I want is one day it to be normal for the women to be in the wait room. I want it to be normal that women in their seventies or eighties are lifting weights, or taking care of themselves physically.

00:14:39.590 –> 00:14:46.370
Corinne (she/her): that it’s normal for them to not break things when they fall down like hips, kneecaps, elbows.

00:14:46.450 –> 00:14:48.470
Corinne (she/her): I want to normalize that.

00:14:49.080 –> 00:14:54.090
Corinne (she/her): And so I asked her because she was like well, like May 6.

00:14:54.500 –> 00:15:06.280
Corinne (she/her): I mean you all started on May first. I just. I needed to wait until next month. I done missed out it. We’re almost half 20 there. Why would I bother? And I was like

00:15:07.820 –> 00:15:12.610
Corinne (she/her): the 80 year old version of you. Go ask her a question.

00:15:13.380 –> 00:15:17.210
Does she want you to start today with something

00:15:17.460 –> 00:15:25.110
Corinne (she/her): so her life can be better, or she’s sitting there going, honey? I’m so glad you kept waiting for the perfect moment to begin.

00:15:26.600 –> 00:15:30.650
Corinne (she/her): It would have been such a waste for you to take a 15 min walk.

00:15:32.000 –> 00:15:35.510
Corinne (she/her): said No future version of us ever

00:15:36.790 –> 00:15:38.920
Corinne (she/her): when I started losing weight.

00:15:39.220 –> 00:15:51.500
Corinne (she/her): One of the first things that I did. Some of you are asking questions in the chat. We please pop them over into the Q. A. And don’t put them in the chat I won’t see them if they’re over in the chat, I need them to go into that Q. A. Box. Thank you.

00:15:51.650 –> 00:15:54.680
Corinne (she/her): So back when I weigh 250,

00:15:56.840 –> 00:16:02.680
Corinne (she/her): and I wanted to lose weight. One of the first things that I did was start walking for 15 min a day.

00:16:03.990 –> 00:16:06.990
Corinne (she/her): not because it was going to make me lose weight

00:16:07.690 –> 00:16:11.120
Corinne (she/her): because I had decided I was going to change my life.

00:16:11.650 –> 00:16:23.720
Corinne (she/her): I did not know how I was going to do it. but I had to start doing things that was going to improve the quality of my life, and at the time I had a one year old that I couldn’t play with.

00:16:24.650 –> 00:16:30.320
Corinne (she/her): I couldn’t take him on walks. I couldn’t carry him upstairs about getting winded. One of my

00:16:30.820 –> 00:16:47.150
Corinne (she/her): most terrifying thoughts was he was going to open the front door one day, run out, and I couldn’t catch him. I watched the news cycle the other day where a woman was getting some stuff out of her car, and the stroller started rolling into traffic.

00:16:48.240 –> 00:16:52.370
Corinne (she/her): and as she turned around to go she stumbled and fell.

00:16:52.910 –> 00:16:58.580
Corinne (she/her): and she couldn’t get up to get the stroller. 2 and 3 times You watched her trying desperately to get up.

00:16:58.800 –> 00:17:03.710
Corinne (she/her): She couldn’t do it. A stranger had to go grab the stroller.

00:17:05.430 –> 00:17:12.369
Corinne (she/her): That’s why I started walking. and I started at 15 min. because it’s all I could do.

00:17:13.599 –> 00:17:19.089
Corinne (she/her): It was literally all I could do. It kicked my ass every time I did it. For weeks.

00:17:22.270 –> 00:17:27.040
Corinne (she/her): There’s not been a moment since I’ve lost weight that I thought

00:17:27.069 –> 00:17:31.170
Corinne (she/her): I didn’t start hard enough. I should have been doing more.

00:17:32.580 –> 00:17:34.310
Corinne (she/her): Do you know what I think now?

00:17:35.780 –> 00:17:38.770
Corinne (she/her): I think about how fucking brave that girl was.

00:17:40.580 –> 00:17:45.390
Corinne (she/her): She did it when she didn’t think it was going to be good enough. She went, anyway.

00:17:47.080 –> 00:17:53.250
Corinne (she/her): when she was ashamed of what people thought about her. She stepped it foot in the gym and went. Anyway.

00:17:55.070 –> 00:18:03.110
Corinne (she/her): she had stones. It was hard. perfectionistic thinking was running right.

00:18:03.470 –> 00:18:11.020
Corinne (she/her): Everything about not being good enough. Everything anybody had ever told her about how she’d never lose weight. She’d always be fat. All the things.

00:18:11.140 –> 00:18:17.900
Corinne (she/her): all of it was sitting right there, but she was brave enough to decide that today. 15 min is good enough

00:18:19.350 –> 00:18:21.300
Corinne (she/her): today. Everything changes

00:18:23.320 –> 00:18:36.830
Corinne (she/her): what’s no longer good enough, is sitting around waiting for the perfect time. the right thing to do the right moment for me to feel like a 1 million bucks. Before I started

00:18:37.320 –> 00:18:44.140
Corinne (she/her): I had to break the habit of being that version of me. I had to become the brave, courageous version.

00:18:46.290 –> 00:18:50.070
Corinne (she/her): and to be brave and courageous. You know what it means. You have to feel first

00:18:51.280 –> 00:18:54.130
Corinne (she/her): fear. anxiety.

00:18:55.220 –> 00:18:58.020
Corinne (she/her): worry. doubt.

00:18:59.690 –> 00:19:05.710
Corinne (she/her): bravery encourages only needed during those moments. Otherwise you just be ready.

00:19:06.730 –> 00:19:15.090
Corinne (she/her): So for all of you who think you’ve got to do hardcore shit. You gotta kill yourself, whatever. Please, don’t. Deny yourself the ability

00:19:15.630 –> 00:19:22.080
Corinne (she/her): to put movement in your life and to change your life because of some bullshit rules that you picked up somewhere.

00:19:23.170 –> 00:19:26.210
Corinne (she/her): Start with a little bit and just do it.

00:19:27.870 –> 00:19:36.750
Corinne (she/her): The other thing I wanted to tell you is that your body, when it comes to movement. keeps a score of total movement throughout the day.

00:19:38.900 –> 00:19:42.180
Corinne (she/her): When you go work out your hardest.

00:19:42.930 –> 00:19:44.950
Corinne (she/her): you are only literally

00:19:45.940 –> 00:19:50.770
Corinne (she/her): burning about 15 of your total body expenditure for the day.

00:19:53.000 –> 00:19:56.310
Corinne (she/her): walking a little further than you normally do.

00:19:56.380 –> 00:20:03.640
Corinne (she/her): getting like if you do calls like I do all day getting up and walking in between them, finding a way to go clean out a drawer.

00:20:05.530 –> 00:20:08.920
Corinne (she/her): any kind of movement. All throughout the day

00:20:09.270 –> 00:20:14.160
Corinne (she/her): trumps a dedicated 20 to 30 min a few times a week.

00:20:14.310 –> 00:20:24.610
Corinne (she/her): I’m not saying, Don’t, do those, but don’t discount what you can do, and can start with right now, thinking that you have to be like in your glory days

00:20:25.000 –> 00:20:36.080
Corinne (she/her): like what you did when you were younger that one time you lost a bunch of weight. Look. if exercise and hardcore. You lost weight during that time.

00:20:36.570 –> 00:20:42.520
Corinne (she/her): and you keep thinking that’s all. The only thing that’s worked for me. You’re wrong. That is a lie. You tell yourself

00:20:44.180 –> 00:20:52.140
Corinne (she/her): your hardcore exercising only works if it keeps the weight off, and you enjoy the fuck out of it every single day of your life.

00:20:54.530 –> 00:21:03.620
Corinne (she/her): You know what really works is figuring out a way to figure out where you are at your life, and setting yourself up best at every moment of your life

00:21:03.800 –> 00:21:15.650
Corinne (she/her): to succeed. Which means, if you’re super busy. I like a lot of us. Hold some kind of like before we have kids like, oh, yeah, the version of me that worked out all the time before I had kids. And now you got like 400 of them.

00:21:16.460 –> 00:21:17.240
Corinne (she/her): Your life is not

00:21:17.610 –> 00:21:18.930
for that anymore.

00:21:19.430 –> 00:21:31.300
Corinne (she/her): We can be yourself to her and quit telling yourself that’s the only way to lose weight. It is not Don’t. Eat over them kids work on what’s really going on.

00:21:32.200 –> 00:21:40.760
Corinne (she/her): What little movements can you put into place each day? We are always going to be thinking about how we set ourselves up for success. All right.

00:21:42.290 –> 00:21:43.500
Corinne (she/her): Number 4

00:21:44.140 –> 00:21:45.650
is best

00:21:45.660 –> 00:21:48.030
Corinne (she/her): weights make you gain weight.

00:21:48.250 –> 00:21:54.520
This is the biggest bunch of shit I’ve ever heard. Let me just ask all y’all to put on your common sense hat for a moment.

00:21:54.980 –> 00:21:58.090
Corinne (she/her): Lifting weights makes me fat.

00:21:58.860 –> 00:22:02.930
Corinne (she/her): Lifting weights means I gain fat.

00:22:03.640 –> 00:22:07.600
Corinne (she/her): No. you know it makes you gain fat

00:22:08.820 –> 00:22:15.580
Corinne (she/her): eating because you lifted weights. reward eating with pizza because you lifted weights.

00:22:16.540 –> 00:22:21.840
Corinne (she/her): saying, you get to have a extra helping because you’re lifting weights that Yes.

00:22:23.150 –> 00:22:28.890
Corinne (she/her): I just want you to think about this. When you lift weights it’s working on your muscle. It’s not working on your fat.

00:22:32.850 –> 00:22:48.070
Corinne (she/her): So everyone needs to quit being scared that when I when I work out I gain weight. Here’s what actually happens. and i’m going to tell you actually what happens. And then you are never allowed to sit there and tell yourself that mold face lie again.

00:22:48.220 –> 00:23:01.910
Corinne (she/her): because if you’re gaining weight while exercising, you’re eating somewhere to gain weight. because exercise takes energy. which means you’re creating an energy deficit.

00:23:03.800 –> 00:23:08.900
Corinne (she/her): So science just makes sense. When you lift weights. Here’s what happens.

00:23:09.210 –> 00:23:13.960
Corinne (she/her): You take your muscle and you’re shredding the shit out of it.

00:23:14.330 –> 00:23:18.320
Corinne (she/her): It’s going to get thousands of micro tears in it.

00:23:18.430 –> 00:23:29.030
Corinne (she/her): and it’s going to look like a sponge. A big old dried up sponge at that. but it still want to have all this little holes, because the whole point of lifting weight is to shred the muscle.

00:23:29.200 –> 00:23:32.920
Corinne (she/her): The whole point of lifting weights is once you shred the muscle.

00:23:33.440 –> 00:23:38.560
Corinne (she/her): the body says, all right. time to repair. I gotta go work hard.

00:23:38.920 –> 00:23:45.170
Corinne (she/her): I’m going to need water. Come on, water. You’re the only thing that repairs muscle, and that’s the truth.

00:23:45.510 –> 00:23:55.990
Corinne (she/her): So every one of those holes in your dried up nasty sponge gets flooded with water. not fat.

00:23:57.520 –> 00:24:01.290
Corinne (she/her): and what happens to a sponge when you put water in it?

00:24:03.410 –> 00:24:07.610
Corinne (she/her): It expands. But does the sponge become a fat mastered?

00:24:09.090 –> 00:24:14.660
Corinne (she/her): No, it’s got water in it. What happens when the water comes back out?

00:24:16.090 –> 00:24:19.960
Corinne (she/her): The heaviness of the sponge also comes back out.

00:24:20.080 –> 00:24:32.180
Corinne (she/her): So your muscles are literally when you first start lifting weights. You’re getting micro tears all over the place because you ain’t been using them, and it takes about 2 to 4 weeks.

00:24:33.040 –> 00:24:47.470
Corinne (she/her): and so your body will be flooding yourself and hanging on to every out of water. You actually want to drink more of the water because it will help your body heal faster, and it will not need to tear and shred so much.

00:24:47.650 –> 00:24:59.690
Corinne (she/her): It will get sturdy and strong to where the tears are happening less and less, which means you store less and less water if you eat like a fucking same person. During that time, instead of

00:24:59.780 –> 00:25:14.940
Corinne (she/her): I lifted weights I weighed in all fuck I gain £2. Screw this. Nothing works. Let me go Get some Oreos. This won’t hurt. I’ll just do this. I need a weekend off. You cut out all that eating you won’t gain weight.

00:25:15.660 –> 00:25:22.630
Corinne (she/her): You lift weights. and you have a damn pity party because your body is having a normal response.

00:25:22.800 –> 00:25:25.420
Corinne (she/her): You go and gain weight. That is not

00:25:25.500 –> 00:25:26.970
Corinne (she/her): Weights fault.

00:25:27.860 –> 00:25:30.690
Corinne (she/her): That’s pity. Party fall that’s on you.

00:25:31.120 –> 00:25:38.340
Corinne (she/her): That’s what we have to stop doing to ourselves. So I like Cardio in weights.

00:25:39.240 –> 00:25:49.080
Corinne (she/her): I like weights for women. One I mean. You’ll just get better arms. I I have so much loose skin. I don’t even know what I would look like without all of my with lifting weights.

00:25:51.940 –> 00:25:58.450
Corinne (she/her): It also. I like the weights for the women. because we want to be strong.

00:25:59.540 –> 00:26:06.310
Corinne (she/her): We for women, especially once we get over about the age of 50 to 60.

00:26:06.400 –> 00:26:15.530
Corinne (she/her): We need the weights really bad. because our body is designed to just like. Eat away. Our bone

00:26:16.110 –> 00:26:27.690
Corinne (she/her): and weights are what protected. I want you to think about. When you lift weights you’re strengthening the muscle and muscles are the bubble wrap to skeletal system.

00:26:29.510 –> 00:26:36.850
Corinne (she/her): and the more mobile rap you have. the less shock, and all that happens when you fall.

00:26:39.200 –> 00:26:53.420
Corinne (she/her): And so that’s one of the reasons why I like for women to lift weight, so I make you do both. But neither one of you are making you put on some weight. All right. Myth Number 5. Anything under 30 min doesn’t count

00:26:53.660 –> 00:27:00.440
Corinne (she/her): again. That’s kind of like going back to. Only the hardcore workouts matter. That is some bullshit.

00:27:00.660 –> 00:27:07.620
Corinne (she/her): There’s no number that counts. Something is always better than nothing. Y’all

00:27:08.110 –> 00:27:11.320
Corinne (she/her): always more isn’t better

00:27:11.630 –> 00:27:16.400
Corinne (she/her): if you’re going to be skipping movement, because you can’t get 30 min in.

00:27:16.710 –> 00:27:33.560
Corinne (she/her): I can’t tell you how many people have blown some consistency like they. Maybe they go to the gym every day, or they’ve been doing something for 30 min, 5 times a week. Then this one week they can’t get 30 min in, and next thing you know it’s a ghost town. There’s tumbleweed blowing through.

00:27:34.090 –> 00:27:38.870
Corinne (she/her): They’ve just decided to shit all over all of it, simply because well.

00:27:39.050 –> 00:27:41.150
Corinne (she/her): I decided not to just do 2

00:27:41.270 –> 00:27:42.060

00:27:42.750 –> 00:27:45.710
Corinne (she/her): Y’all make it all count.

00:27:46.340 –> 00:28:01.840
Corinne (she/her): because I want you to ask yourself, Would you rather have 6 days of 10 to 30 min, many workouts, or one or 2 days of 30 min workouts, where the rest of the week you feel like complete Asco, because you aren’t motivated to do 30 min

00:28:03.250 –> 00:28:07.520
Corinne (she/her): start trying to figure out for yourself

00:28:07.700 –> 00:28:11.230
Corinne (she/her): my goal isn’t to work out x amount of times a week.

00:28:11.510 –> 00:28:19.560
Corinne (she/her): Here’s what my goal are. My goal is to build up my consistency, and just showing up for me.

00:28:20.240 –> 00:28:23.030
Corinne (she/her): What does showing up for me Look like

00:28:25.750 –> 00:28:34.190
Corinne (she/her): It doesn’t have to be 30 min on the days I don’t have the time on the day life gets in the way

00:28:34.300 –> 00:28:42.640
Corinne (she/her): on the days I don’t feel good like legit. Don’t feel good on the days I don’t have the same energy.

00:28:43.610 –> 00:28:47.820
Corinne (she/her): What is being consistent on those days mean to me.

00:28:49.010 –> 00:28:52.640
Corinne (she/her): I’ll just give you all an example. I

00:28:53.260 –> 00:28:57.110
Corinne (she/her): I have this this thing called the or Ring. Oh, you are a

00:28:57.300 –> 00:29:08.280
Corinne (she/her): it tracks your sleep. It tracks all kinds of stuff. It’s just a bio marker thingy. I don’t think everybody should run out and get an order ring, so I don’t want to by like. Whoa, you know, have this. This does not cause weight loss.

00:29:08.340 –> 00:29:20.940
Corinne (she/her): You know what the aura ring does. Just gives me some data about what’s going on, so I can make smart decisions for myself. So here’s something I’ve I’ve been wearing it for a couple years. Here’s something I’ve noticed

00:29:22.230 –> 00:29:26.970
Corinne (she/her): when I get to the midpoint of my cycle right after I ovulate. Oh.

00:29:27.300 –> 00:29:29.860
my energy levels taking those dive.

00:29:30.280 –> 00:29:37.520
Corinne (she/her): I mean. I don’t want to work out. I need extra sleep like it. Just might I tank the first 2 weeks

00:29:37.580 –> 00:29:38.680
Corinne (she/her): i’m like what?

00:29:38.720 –> 00:29:39.800
Oh, i’m ready.

00:29:39.980 –> 00:29:48.420
Corinne (she/her): Second, 2 weeks. I’m like boo hits. So I started that thing. I go harder the first couple of weeks.

00:29:48.940 –> 00:29:55.310
Corinne (she/her): and now I don’t beat myself up for not feeling like it on the other 2 weeks. I’m like, yeah, I know you don’t feel like it.

00:29:55.770 –> 00:29:57.700
Corinne (she/her): Let’s just do

00:29:58.540 –> 00:30:04.410
Corinne (she/her): half your work out and see what happens. Let’s just go for a wall and see how far you want to go.

00:30:04.830 –> 00:30:12.130
Corinne (she/her): I do a lot of meeting myself where i’m at. I because i’m not beating myself up and thinking it’s not good enough.

00:30:12.140 –> 00:30:14.120
I go start something.

00:30:14.890 –> 00:30:17.650
Corinne (she/her): and then once I’m started.

00:30:18.860 –> 00:30:22.700
Corinne (she/her): I trust myself to know I am either

00:30:22.940 –> 00:30:29.230
Corinne (she/her): knowing that i’m just dreading it, and once I get started i’m over the hard part which is the start.

00:30:29.450 –> 00:30:37.200
Corinne (she/her): How often have you really dreaded something? You procrastinated? You pushed it off. You did all the things you started.

00:30:37.230 –> 00:30:41.370
Corinne (she/her): and then you just got it finished, and you’re like, oh, okay, that wasn’t. That bad.

00:30:41.750 –> 00:30:49.400
Corinne (she/her): That happens a lot. I always teach my clients the hardest part of weight. Loss is going from 0 to one.

00:30:49.900 –> 00:31:01.550
Corinne (she/her): Once you’re in motion, it’s easier to stay in motion, so we just have to work on, Con and yourself negotiating, begging, and pleading to get you from 0 to one

00:31:02.450 –> 00:31:10.910
Corinne (she/her): so often. What I tell myself is, can I just go for a walk for 5, 10 min. Just see how things are things loosening up.

00:31:10.960 –> 00:31:17.170
Corinne (she/her): or do I really need a day off? Can I just do half the work out. I normally would do

00:31:17.380 –> 00:31:22.730
Corinne (she/her): so if i’m going to lift the arms instead of doing 4 sets of everything i’m just going to do 2 today.

00:31:23.260 –> 00:31:25.100
Corinne (she/her): I’m going to see where that takes me

00:31:26.240 –> 00:31:30.740
Corinne (she/her): sometimes. Once I get started I have no problem keeping going.

00:31:30.860 –> 00:31:35.770
Corinne (she/her): Yay me, i’m so glad I use those tool others, but the other half the time

00:31:36.740 –> 00:31:38.340
Corinne (she/her): I know i’m tired

00:31:39.280 –> 00:31:44.120
Corinne (she/her): getting started. Didn’t help i’m like no, this is not feeling good.

00:31:44.750 –> 00:31:47.600
Corinne (she/her): and then I tell myself this, which is key.

00:31:48.270 –> 00:31:56.670
Corinne (she/her): Some of you would tell your cell. See? It’s not good enough. You’ll never lose weight wearing right. You’ll be a jerk to your cell.

00:31:56.700 –> 00:32:01.510
Corinne (she/her): Do you know what I tell myself on those days? I’m so proud of you for trying

00:32:03.140 –> 00:32:06.790
Corinne (she/her): It’s not easy to start when you don’t want to.

00:32:07.000 –> 00:32:13.750
Corinne (she/her): It’s also smart to realize. So it’s not a day to push yourself that hard.

00:32:16.240 –> 00:32:25.140
Corinne (she/her): and I proud of myself. and I feel compassion. and the more i’m proud of myself, and the more I feel compassion. Guess what it’s also easier to do

00:32:26.480 –> 00:32:34.200
Corinne (she/her): meet all my other needs. I don’t need to overeat because i’m beating myself up, not feeling good enough, and thinking nothing will matter

00:32:35.270 –> 00:32:40.740
Corinne (she/her): how many of you have sworn up and down, you need to exercise, to lose weight.

00:32:40.780 –> 00:32:43.150
Corinne (she/her): except Here’s what you’re doing

00:32:43.610 –> 00:32:49.440
Corinne (she/her): day after day, not doing it, beating yourself up for being lazy and then eating, because you think

00:32:49.520 –> 00:32:57.900
Corinne (she/her): well, i’m not going to lose weight, anyway. Well, I’m going to be like this forever, anyway. How many of you are doing that? Well, anyway, eating over and over again?

00:32:58.750 –> 00:33:00.480
Corinne (she/her): That’s not exercise at fault.

00:33:03.850 –> 00:33:08.270
Corinne (she/her): That’s not learning how to meet your own needs.

00:33:09.390 –> 00:33:21.330
Corinne (she/her): how to talk to yourself. So many of us are trying to lose weight. being a jerk to ourselves. and we do it so much in exercise. So here’s what I want to do.

00:33:21.800 –> 00:33:25.050
Corinne (she/her): I’m gonna take a few questions, and then I want to tell you all about

00:33:25.060 –> 00:33:27.100
Corinne (she/her): being in Nobs.

00:33:27.660 –> 00:33:35.580
Corinne (she/her): If any of this is ringing true, we’re just like shit. I am an asshole to myself, or oh, my gosh! I get stuck in perfectionistic thinking or shit.

00:33:35.760 –> 00:33:42.970
Corinne (she/her): I like it’s really hard for me to just do some without thinking i’m not good enough. I’m not doing enough.

00:33:43.290 –> 00:33:48.540
Corinne (she/her): You’ll want to stay to listen. But let me answer a few questions, and now answer the rest of the questions at the end.

00:33:49.910 –> 00:34:01.680
Corinne (she/her): How do you get energy to do exercise the first thing we have to do to get energy to exercise? You have to make sure you’re not talking to yourself like a jerk. If you’re being an asshole to yourself like you should work out.

00:34:01.860 –> 00:34:03.620
Corinne (she/her): you have to to lose weight.

00:34:04.450 –> 00:34:11.320
Corinne (she/her): You’re so lazy you should be exercising. That’s an energy drain. You’re never going to beat yourself into working out.

00:34:12.120 –> 00:34:16.550
Corinne (she/her): That’s number one number 2. If you literally lack energy to work out.

00:34:16.639 –> 00:34:20.429
Corinne (she/her): you do not need to be working out. You need to be thinking about all right.

00:34:20.560 –> 00:34:31.730
Corinne (she/her): This is what I teach inside of. No. Bs is. where are my basic human needs not being met. There are 3 main basic human needs in life. Number one

00:34:32.030 –> 00:34:33.330
Corinne (she/her): is hydration.

00:34:33.780 –> 00:34:37.790
Corinne (she/her): We cannot live without it. I don’t give a dam. If you do not like water.

00:34:39.420 –> 00:34:51.360
Corinne (she/her): it’s not it like your liking. Water is no longer important. Your body can go 30 days without food. Guess how many days it can go without water before it literally shuts down

00:34:53.179 –> 00:35:08.000
Corinne (she/her): 3. You could not eat for 30 days, and as long as you had water you’d survive. No, i’m not saying we’re doing fast and stuff. I just want to show you the body is designed to go 30 days

00:35:08.410 –> 00:35:20.220
Corinne (she/her): and survive. It is not designed to go more than 3 without water. So you’ve got to drink. That is one of the basic human needs, and if you are not meeting that human need.

00:35:20.510 –> 00:35:25.620
Corinne (she/her): You are going to be very low on energy. All right. So let’s all take a swig.

00:35:30.570 –> 00:35:32.940
Corinne (she/her): The second human need is sleep

00:35:34.020 –> 00:35:39.550
Corinne (she/her): the body. Also there are tons and tons of startup studies about sleep deprivation.

00:35:40.030 –> 00:35:44.870
Corinne (she/her): They use it as a torture technique for a reason. because it will drive you Bat shit crazy.

00:35:45.100 –> 00:35:56.560
Corinne (she/her): It will compel you to do things you or say things you normally wouldn’t say to get the sleep. If your body has a visceral reaction to something like that. It’s actually really important.

00:35:57.110 –> 00:36:00.060
Corinne (she/her): So your ability for exercise.

00:36:00.270 –> 00:36:11.100
Corinne (she/her): one of the things that I notice is the harder i’m working out. I have to get in an extra half hour Sleep a day so typical is 7 to 9 h. We all need it.

00:36:12.280 –> 00:36:15.900
Corinne (she/her): If you are working out hard, let’s say, up to an hour

00:36:16.180 –> 00:36:19.490
Corinne (she/her): at a good clip with string training, and you normally sleep 7,

00:36:20.560 –> 00:36:25.690
Corinne (she/her): and you notice you’re losing energy. Then you’re going to need sleep 7 and a half. sometimes 8.

00:36:26.830 –> 00:36:38.620
Corinne (she/her): So you want to be looking for that? Am I getting good quality? Sleep? If i’m not, I need to prioritize sleep before I for weight, loss, and energy before I work out

00:36:39.360 –> 00:36:44.140
Corinne (she/her): the third basic human need that we all need is called comfort.

00:36:45.440 –> 00:36:52.140
Corinne (she/her): weird, right, like I don’t know which I thought I was going to say. It’s probably something along the lines of like food, but it’s actually comfort.

00:36:52.230 –> 00:36:55.890
Corinne (she/her): Humans are designed to need to fill warmth.

00:36:56.100 –> 00:37:08.740
Corinne (she/her): love connection. There’s all kinds of different things that we need. and if we don’t have comfort, we could fill ourselves having low energy.

00:37:09.030 –> 00:37:27.030
Corinne (she/her): When you don’t think people love you like you’re constantly like oh, my God! If I don’t perform! If I don’t do this, if I don’t do that, the people in my life will love me. They won’t respect me. They will, you know, think nice things about me. They’ll exclude me, whatever that is. It’s a lot of stress and anxiety to be under all the time. If you are a people pleaser.

00:37:28.320 –> 00:37:32.300
Corinne (she/her): a perfectionist. you are not getting your own comfort

00:37:32.590 –> 00:37:44.790
Corinne (she/her): when you are doing perfectionism, behaviors, people, pleasing behaviors, those kinds of things. What’s not happening is you are constantly trying to comfort others and please others. You’re never getting it back yourself.

00:37:45.520 –> 00:37:50.480
Corinne (she/her): For example, people pleasers will often do lots of things for people.

00:37:51.770 –> 00:37:55.740
Corinne (she/her): and then, even if they say I appreciate you, or whatever

00:37:55.760 –> 00:37:59.060
Corinne (she/her): a people pleaser will go. Oh, thank God.

00:37:59.510 –> 00:38:03.860
Corinne (she/her): I must be okay. And about 5 min later the worrying again

00:38:06.000 –> 00:38:07.570
Corinne (she/her): to law stress be under.

00:38:08.940 –> 00:38:18.160
Corinne (she/her): And so we have to learn how to mate our own basic human needs, comfort being a big one in order to lose way, and in order to have energy.

00:38:19.660 –> 00:38:24.860
Corinne (she/her): because if you are doing for others. because you just genuinely want to.

00:38:25.090 –> 00:38:29.260
Corinne (she/her): whether they say thank you or not. And you’re just like I just love helping people

00:38:30.830 –> 00:38:32.610
Corinne (she/her): like it’s just who I am

00:38:33.400 –> 00:38:39.670
Corinne (she/her): like. I just want to be that person. You feel pretty good about yourself. You feel comforted. Guess what? You probably have more energy.

00:38:41.350 –> 00:38:48.440
Corinne (she/her): What about trying to get rid of the flabby arms? How does not exercising hell?

00:38:48.580 –> 00:39:04.850
Corinne (she/her): I did never say Don’t exercise, I said, Stop exercising to lose weight. Focus on your mouth and focus on your mental hygiene that will lose weight. Now you want to like work on your arms, work on your arms, go streets training stuff, but don’t eat over it.

00:39:05.730 –> 00:39:13.740
Corinne (she/her): Don’t go do some bicep curls and think you need a snicker on top. a protein bar or a shake you. Don’t.

00:39:13.910 –> 00:39:17.810
Corinne (she/her): You know what you need need to go live some ways because you want to be strong.

00:39:19.090 –> 00:39:22.240
Corinne (she/her): because you want to see what you can do for your arms.

00:39:22.720 –> 00:39:24.690
Corinne (she/her): and that has nothing to do with eating

00:39:28.890 –> 00:39:44.550
Corinne (she/her): is using free weights just as strong as Barbells or heavy lifting. Yes, I have dumbbells that go all the way up to 50. I have Barbells. I have a cable machine. I have all of it. How long did it take you to lose. I only lost £100, not I weighed 2 50.

00:39:44.790 –> 00:39:55.020
Corinne (she/her): It took me 18 months, she says. I don’t know where my questions are going. They’re just disappearing, Sara, if I’m. Answering something, if you could just leave it up for a second.

00:39:56.360 –> 00:39:58.320
Corinne (she/her): you said you were scared to death.

00:40:00.160 –> 00:40:03.240
Corinne (she/her): Here’s what I want to tell you. I have a lot of women

00:40:03.490 –> 00:40:07.180
Corinne (she/her): in their sixtys and seventies who are losing all kinds of weight.

00:40:08.530 –> 00:40:19.430
Corinne (she/her): I just read a study this morning. You know how what we all fear our metabolism tanks once we get to menopause and stuff, there’s some studies that have come out that show metabolism

00:40:19.440 –> 00:40:24.420
Corinne (she/her): doesn’t even start actually going down until the age of 60,

00:40:24.450 –> 00:40:30.140
Corinne (she/her): and then then it only goes down point 7% every year.

00:40:30.350 –> 00:40:38.690
Corinne (she/her): which means it takes us until about our eighties or nineties to get a significant drop in our metabolism

00:40:39.500 –> 00:40:56.990
Corinne (she/her): to the point to where, like, we really have to do things. and that is for people that metabolism drops for people who don’t do Jack shit to improve their like, to sustain their metabolism. 2 things that you can do to help your metabolism.

00:40:57.240 –> 00:41:08.990
Corinne (she/her): Number one. Stop overeating when you learn how to quit. Given your body too much food, you will notice your metabolism actually does better.

00:41:09.530 –> 00:41:22.880
Corinne (she/her): Your body was not designed to have to process loads and loads of extra food. It has to take away its energy sources around vital organs and different things in order to accommodate overeating.

00:41:24.410 –> 00:41:29.600
Corinne (she/her): The second thing is to lift weights. If you’re a woman.

00:41:30.340 –> 00:41:34.670
Corinne (she/her): that is the second biggest thing that you can do for a metabolism.

00:41:36.000 –> 00:41:43.960
Corinne (she/her): it is not about eating every 2 to 3 h and stuff it’s more about for metabolism. It is about. Are we lifting weights

00:41:44.100 –> 00:41:53.520
Corinne (she/her): because that helps our overall metabolism, because our body has to stay strong. The more you challenge your muscle, the more your body is required to work hard to stay strong.

00:41:55.140 –> 00:42:01.330
Corinne (she/her): and the less you overeat, the more your body can focus on keeping your heart healthy, your lungs

00:42:01.760 –> 00:42:09.830
Corinne (she/her): functioning properly. Brain health and stuff. The more you overeat your body has to send all of its resources to storing fat.

00:42:10.060 –> 00:42:11.830
Corinne (she/her): taking care of all the fat

00:42:12.960 –> 00:42:14.890
Corinne (she/her): finding a home for all the fat.

00:42:16.580 –> 00:42:23.360
Corinne (she/her): All right, let me tell you about Novi. I’m going to share my screen. And then I’m going to come back and answer more of the exercise Questions.

00:42:28.160 –> 00:42:32.410
Corinne (she/her): Okay, Where did it go. I had it pulled up. There we go.

00:42:32.660 –> 00:42:34.850
Corinne (she/her): It was kind of hidden, all right.

00:42:35.990 –> 00:42:45.770
Corinne (she/her): Can everybody see my screen? Just answer in the chat. I know y’all are chatting over there. So Yes, thank you, Page Page Bucket. She’s first one. She was like, I don’t know

00:42:45.960 –> 00:42:49.120
It’s quick quick fingers over here. All right.

00:42:49.250 –> 00:42:58.570
Corinne (she/her): So the nobness, weight loss program. That’s that’s my flagship program. That is what I started 16 years ago to help women lose weight.

00:42:58.900 –> 00:43:09.160
Corinne (she/her): I I just I had done it. I wanted to help other people do it, and I knew that the die industry was literally pumping out tons and tons and tons of bullshit.

00:43:10.710 –> 00:43:16.260
Corinne (she/her): So I decided I’m gonna teach people what I did. It’s going to be loaded with common sense.

00:43:16.750 –> 00:43:19.580
Corinne (she/her): There’s probably going to be a lot of cousin as usual.

00:43:20.990 –> 00:43:25.860
Corinne (she/her): and I want to help women not only lose weight.

00:43:25.970 –> 00:43:35.210
Corinne (she/her): but to do it in such a way where their life gets better like you don’t people please, anymore. You know how to set boundaries.

00:43:36.370 –> 00:43:43.800
Corinne (she/her): You know how to think nicely about yourself. How many of you have actually lost weight

00:43:44.610 –> 00:43:49.900
Corinne (she/her): like I want you to really think about this because this happened to me over and over again. How many times have you lost weight?

00:43:50.090 –> 00:43:53.170
Corinne (she/her): And you get there, and You’re kind of excited.

00:43:53.810 –> 00:44:08.130
Corinne (she/her): and like your clothes are smaller and stuff. But you still worry about everything you eat. You’re terrified at scale is going to like. Move up and down a little bit.

00:44:08.500 –> 00:44:14.310
Corinne (she/her): You still like. If you have a bad day. it’s it’s just. I always use this example.

00:44:15.880 –> 00:44:18.600
Corinne (she/her): We think that weight loss is going to make us happy.

00:44:19.490 –> 00:44:33.330
Corinne (she/her): Let’s say you go to work every day and you work for a jerk. We’re going calling Dave, because in my last coaching call with my members. We had a guy named Dave that we were all talking about, who made life hard for one of our members at a job.

00:44:33.780 –> 00:44:39.270
Corinne (she/her): so we’ll call him day. and Dave is a jerk to you every day.

00:44:39.360 –> 00:44:44.720
Corinne (she/her): and when he’s a. J to you, you go home and you feel very defeated. You’re like I’m just not good enough.

00:44:45.130 –> 00:44:50.430
Corinne (she/her): Nothing ever do is right. There must be something wrong with me.

00:44:50.960 –> 00:44:53.460
Corinne (she/her): because Dave is hard on me.

00:44:54.820 –> 00:44:58.470
Corinne (she/her): You lose a bunch of weight, so you lose a £100 like me.

00:44:59.600 –> 00:45:09.510
Corinne (she/her): Here’s what happens when you lose a £100. We think in our mind we’re going to be so thrilled that Dave is going to act the exact same way, because, remember, we are losing weight days losing nothing

00:45:09.750 –> 00:45:12.230
Corinne (she/her): that I guess Dave is going to be like. You know what

00:45:13.450 –> 00:45:26.720
Corinne (she/her): you’ve lost all this way. Now i’m going to respect you. Now i’m going to treat you different. You know what I’ve been a jerk all these years because you lost way. I’m going to become a whole different person

00:45:27.670 –> 00:45:30.190
Corinne (she/her): that never happens. Do you know what happens.

00:45:31.280 –> 00:45:37.270
Corinne (she/her): Dave is still being a jerk, and you’re still sitting there thinking. Something’s wrong with you, except now you just wear a size 8.

00:45:38.950 –> 00:45:41.010
Corinne (she/her): I help women do this

00:45:41.440 –> 00:45:48.490
Corinne (she/her): we lose weight because we stop thinking what Dave says means. Something’s wrong with me.

00:45:49.410 –> 00:45:53.790
Corinne (she/her): We learned that what Dave sends means. Dave is an asshole.

00:45:54.380 –> 00:46:07.160
Corinne (she/her): I am a good employee. I deserve better than this. When you learn how to lose weight by changing how you think about yourself. it is so much easier to keep it off at the end.

00:46:07.740 –> 00:46:20.480
Corinne (she/her): because if you are sitting there right now thinking i’m going to lose a bunch of weight. and i’m going to feel so much better, and all these things in my life will change. Here’s what happens if you’ve regained weight, you probably lost it.

00:46:21.030 –> 00:46:24.350
Corinne (she/her): and you just started noticing. You’re not as happy as you thought you would be.

00:46:24.800 –> 00:46:29.810
Corinne (she/her): You’re just happy with your clothes. You’re just happy with your body sometimes.

00:46:30.450 –> 00:46:39.990
Corinne (she/her): but everything else seems to be the same. Now you’re going to go back to your old coping mechanism because you never learned how to solve all that other shit.

00:46:40.410 –> 00:46:44.700
Corinne (she/her): and that’s really important for women. Super important.

00:46:45.020 –> 00:46:47.940
Corinne (she/her): All right. So let’s just talk about how we do it.

00:46:47.970 –> 00:46:59.900
Corinne (she/her): The first step is you got to take the weight loss. Quick! Start. When you join. I walk you through step by step on everything you’re going to do in less than 15 min. You are literally going to know what to do inside my program.

00:47:00.200 –> 00:47:06.770
Corinne (she/her): and I’m going to settle your nerves. One of the things that I know about weight loss is that we get freaked out about it.

00:47:08.450 –> 00:47:13.520
Corinne (she/her): We think we can’t do it the moment I swear to God the moment you start any diet.

00:47:13.630 –> 00:47:28.810
Corinne (she/her): tell me if this isn’t you. I get started, and it takes me a hot minute before i’m freaking out wondering. Can I do this? I bet I fail. You know those 400 past dots I’ve done. I’ve never been able to do it before. I know this is what happens to people.

00:47:29.110 –> 00:47:33.490
Corinne (she/her): This is why people tend to start and stop diets all the damn time

00:47:35.070 –> 00:47:39.010
Corinne (she/her): they think they’re going to start a diet and be highly motivated

00:47:39.260 –> 00:47:52.410
Corinne (she/her): for a long time. Some of us the doubts and insecurities. They start the moment we we get started. Some of us. They start about 3 weeks in. and it’s like well, because it’s not new anymore.

00:47:52.890 –> 00:48:02.820
Corinne (she/her): Now my doubts and insecurities come up, and sometimes it takes us a couple of months. We’re riding high. We’re like doing all the things, and after a couple of months it becomes habit

00:48:03.030 –> 00:48:04.390
Corinne (she/her): and routine.

00:48:04.640 –> 00:48:10.030
Corinne (she/her): and the moment that it’s habit routine. You’re not having to think about it. Guess what comes back up

00:48:11.060 –> 00:48:12.800
Corinne (she/her): doubts and insecurities.

00:48:13.610 –> 00:48:29.930
Corinne (she/her): So the very first thing we do is, we settle your nerves because we want to make sure that the doubts and insecurities get addressed head on. So they don’t become a problem. The second step is, You go through the Nobs weight, loss, course. I will teach you everything you need to know

00:48:30.850 –> 00:48:35.870
Corinne (she/her): everything you need to know. Now a lot of people are like. Well, I listen to the podcast.

00:48:36.720 –> 00:48:44.680
Corinne (she/her): I get messages every fucking day inside of our group that, says I, listen to the podcast for years

00:48:44.900 –> 00:48:49.930
Corinne (she/her): I lost so much I’ like I was this amount of weight or whatever, but they always say

00:48:50.810 –> 00:48:52.200
Corinne (she/her): when I joined

00:48:52.520 –> 00:49:00.460
Corinne (she/her): I didn’t realize how much more I would learn. I didn’t realize it would be like this boy. Is this making it a lot easier.

00:49:00.880 –> 00:49:09.290
Corinne (she/her): so the Nobs weight, loss. Course it’s a deep dive. It takes everything that I do in the podcast, and it goes about 30. X.

00:49:10.560 –> 00:49:15.000
Corinne (she/her): And I want that for you, because you need to understand, not only

00:49:15.080 –> 00:49:18.640
Corinne (she/her): like how to lose the way you need it in a structure

00:49:19.080 –> 00:49:20.700
Corinne (she/her): that makes sense.

00:49:21.260 –> 00:49:31.570
Corinne (she/her): because all of the techniques that I teach. They actually have a rhythm and a build upon themselves, and that’s what the course does for you. It takes you through systematically

00:49:31.660 –> 00:49:36.550
Corinne (she/her): how to start doing the things in ways where it’s easy to get them done.

00:49:37.220 –> 00:49:51.230
Corinne (she/her): The third thing is, you join our private Facebook group if you want accountability, partners team support and stuff. If you do not like the Facebook, we have things inside the program that i’ll tell you about in a minute.

00:49:51.750 –> 00:50:00.870
Corinne (she/her): so that you don’t have to be in Facebook. but we like for you. We’d love for most people to get into our Facebook group because it’s unlike any other place on the Internet.

00:50:01.500 –> 00:50:07.130
Corinne (she/her): I do not tolerate Bullshit drama. I do not tolerate assholes. None of that’s going down.

00:50:08.010 –> 00:50:10.370
Corinne (she/her): People who come into our Facebook group are like.

00:50:11.360 –> 00:50:16.180
Corinne (she/her): I finally feel safe enough to actually post some shit. I’m going through

00:50:16.660 –> 00:50:24.380
Corinne (she/her): because they always find people like them. So in 15 min you’re going to feel focused and ready versus overwhelmed and nervous, that you can’t lose weight.

00:50:24.610 –> 00:50:32.260
Corinne (she/her): You will schedule what’s called a new member onboarding meeting, where we take small groups from 3 to 5,

00:50:33.080 –> 00:50:42.970
Corinne (she/her): and you get to meet with one of our onboarding specialists. and they make sure that your questions are answered. Anything you need is done like, and it’s a real human.

00:50:43.310 –> 00:51:01.190
Corinne (she/her): And we’re not talking bots and all this other stuff. 2 people that have been in my membership for a long time who are dedicated to helping women who are who work for me now, and you will be talking to them, and it’s just a little 15 min zoom call. We have tons of times available.

00:51:01.490 –> 00:51:07.280
Corinne (she/her): You get your questions answered, You find your resources, and you’ll get a chance to meet some other novice women, too.

00:51:08.710 –> 00:51:17.750
Corinne (she/her): Then you start the course. The videos average about 10 min in link. They are also included in a private member, Podcast, If you need to listen to them on the go.

00:51:18.550 –> 00:51:30.470
Corinne (she/her): Most people do one section a week. They do like one module or just a few videos each week. So that’s basically, a video or 2 a day. So we’re talking less than 20 min.

00:51:30.530 –> 00:51:38.060
Corinne (she/her): Just depends on If you want to spend 10 min or 20 min and a lot of you are listening to my podcast, and those motherfuckers are 30 to 40 min long.

00:51:38.150 –> 00:51:52.250
Corinne (she/her): You can be hammering away through the course with no problems listening in your car. and then you can watch them on any device. and you can also get our nob as course podcast it’s a private podcast just for members.

00:51:52.520 –> 00:51:59.800
Corinne (she/her): Then what you’re going to do is module one. You’re going to discover the 4 basics of weight loss. I’m sure if you listen to a podcast, You’ve heard me talk about them.

00:51:59.820 –> 00:52:19.010
Corinne (she/her): But there are things that you have not heard me talk about, which is, how do we not feel guilty eating food that we love because a lot of times, even though you hear some some of my teachings on it, you’re still feeling guilty. You’re still noticing that times you feel deprived, you still feel restricted, even though it doesn’t make sense.

00:52:19.140 –> 00:52:35.280
Corinne (she/her): I teach you about all of that. Inside of Module one we go through like the science behind water and sleep. You get cheat sheets we talk about. How do you reset your hunger and enough signals? How often you have to reset them. That’s something i’ll talk about in the podcast.

00:52:36.110 –> 00:52:42.390
Corinne (she/her): There are tons of things about the basics, and you will learn all of them in module one.

00:52:42.640 –> 00:53:00.910
Corinne (she/her): Then we’re going to have to shift over to how your brain is working, because it’s not enough to just know what to eat, how to plan, and how much to eat, and when to wait for hunger, we have to start getting into our brain, which means we’re going to examine our eating habits, our impulses to eat

00:53:01.250 –> 00:53:10.490
Corinne (she/her): cravings that don’t go away like we’re going to start working on that stuff because it’s really normal to know what to do

00:53:11.040 –> 00:53:24.190
Corinne (she/her): and not want to do it. So we address that in Module to like. Why is it that I want to lose weight so bad? And yet, in the moment when it’s time to do something about it. I just don’t want to.

00:53:24.760 –> 00:53:26.620
Corinne (she/her): We address things like that.

00:53:26.800 –> 00:53:33.620
Corinne (she/her): And then, when you know how your brain works, you’re going to find and module to the biggest gift of all

00:53:33.830 –> 00:53:37.970
Corinne (she/her): so many women in weight loss. They feel like they’re broken.

00:53:38.150 –> 00:53:39.790
Corinne (she/her): They walk around delight.

00:53:39.990 –> 00:53:47.750
Corinne (she/her): I must be broken because I eat every night after my kids go to bed. Well, I must be broken, because every afternoon at work

00:53:48.370 –> 00:54:00.700
Corinne (she/her): I do so good, and it feels like all of a sudden I just need to eat. Well, i’m so broken, because by the weekend i’m just eating my face off, because I don’t know any other way

00:54:02.220 –> 00:54:04.090
Corinne (she/her): to get through the weekends.

00:54:06.110 –> 00:54:10.840
Corinne (she/her): You’re going to learn what all of these things that you’re doing.

00:54:11.050 –> 00:54:23.220
Corinne (she/her): and all of these things that you’re thinking are actually normal. I’m going to teach you in there, so that you no longer have to feel ashamed of those things worried that something’s wrong with you.

00:54:23.300 –> 00:54:35.150
Corinne (she/her): or feeling like you’re broken. Module 2 is about normalizing all of our little patterns. all of the little things that we do understanding.

00:54:35.430 –> 00:54:45.290
Corinne (she/her): Who taught us this stuff. How did we get here? We dive a lot into diet trauma and the different things that could happen so that you can be like, okay.

00:54:45.420 –> 00:54:51.750
Corinne (she/her): I can breathe a sigh of relief. There’s nothing actually wrong with me. I have been taught wrong.

00:54:53.610 –> 00:54:56.240
Corinne (she/her): most of you. That’s what’s happened in live

00:54:57.520 –> 00:55:05.640
Corinne (she/her): diets. A lot of them did a number on you, putting lots of weird rules. conflicting food rules on you and stuff.

00:55:05.830 –> 00:55:11.850
Corinne (she/her): and you know, when you have voices of authority give you this stuff. It’s real easy to think it’s just the way it is.

00:55:12.070 –> 00:55:16.370
Corinne (she/her): and it’s not. and we talk a lot about that in Module 2.

00:55:18.460 –> 00:55:32.560
Corinne (she/her): So those 2 modules most people always say those 2 alone take the stress out of losing weight like before. I felt really stressed when it came to losing weight when I get through modules. One and 2, I start feeling really hopeful

00:55:32.870 –> 00:55:34.680
Corinne (she/her): that I actually can do this.

00:55:35.170 –> 00:55:39.710
Corinne (she/her): I start feeling relief that nothing is wrong with me.

00:55:40.360 –> 00:55:41.120
Corinne (she/her): but

00:55:41.290 –> 00:55:47.270
Corinne (she/her): we can’t stop there, because here’s the next thing that happens. This is where a lot of podcast listeners get stuck.

00:55:47.720 –> 00:55:49.740
Corinne (she/her): Well, I know the basics.

00:55:49.880 –> 00:55:53.870
Corinne (she/her): and I understand that i’m normal. But why am I still overeating?

00:55:53.980 –> 00:55:56.790
Corinne (she/her): Why do I still have a hard time stopping it enough?

00:55:57.260 –> 00:56:02.660
Corinne (she/her): Why is it that, like I eat, even when I know i’m not hungry.

00:56:03.690 –> 00:56:11.210
Corinne (she/her): Why do I keep wanting to eat shit when I swear to God i’m not going to do it. That’s where this module comes in.

00:56:11.830 –> 00:56:23.760
Corinne (she/her): because before we can address all that, you know what you have to have. you gotta have the basics and know what they are. and you have to have compassion and understanding that nothing’s wrong with you.

00:56:24.280 –> 00:56:28.540
Corinne (she/her): Now we get into understanding why this is happening, and what do you do about it?

00:56:30.330 –> 00:56:42.520
Corinne (she/her): How do you actually stop eating at enough even when you don’t want to? There’s a lesson in this module that everyone loves it’s the 6 reasons why we overeat at night, and what to do about it.

00:56:42.880 –> 00:56:46.880
Corinne (she/her): Because overeating at night is probably one of the biggest triggers for most of us.

00:56:46.910 –> 00:56:51.850
Corinne (she/her): So I create a whole lesson dedicated to just figuring out those 6 things

00:56:51.940 –> 00:56:56.260
Corinne (she/her): Which ones are you. And now how are we going to stop it.

00:56:57.500 –> 00:57:06.530
Corinne (she/her): and the last one is meeting the future you where we’re going to rewrite your diet past. We’re going to put that puppy to bed so we can move forward.

00:57:07.810 –> 00:57:13.190
Corinne (she/her): We’re going to discover who we want to be. We’re going to set some goals and

00:57:13.430 –> 00:57:18.850
Corinne (she/her): we’re going to set goals that don’t scare us. We’re going to start setting goals that we can breathe

00:57:18.890 –> 00:57:30.950
Corinne (she/her): in. Have some courage to go after it. but it not freak us out. and that’s what we do in Module 4. Here’s some other stuff that happens inside nobs. We support you.

00:57:31.560 –> 00:57:35.100
Corinne (she/her): We have optional. Live weekly group coaching calls.

00:57:35.250 –> 00:57:47.710
Corinne (she/her): So we do calls like this, where I teach sometimes. That’s my Wednesday calls. I usually teach something that is very important to weight loss, and then I just take lots of questions similar to what we’re doing here today

00:57:48.100 –> 00:57:58.090
Corinne (she/her): on Sundays. I coach, which means I actually bring people on screen, and I talk with them on camera. about

00:57:58.200 –> 00:58:03.980
Corinne (she/her): whatever’s going on in their life. Today I coached one woman on Dave.

00:58:04.280 –> 00:58:12.020
Corinne (she/her): She got fired from her job a few years ago. She’s got to go to an event. Dave’s going to be there.

00:58:13.140 –> 00:58:14.170
Corinne (she/her): and

00:58:14.250 –> 00:58:25.680
Corinne (she/her): she was really starting to binge and overeat because of the stress about it. And we talked today about why it was so stressful, and it was simply because

00:58:25.920 –> 00:58:36.120
Corinne (she/her): I want Dave to know my life is better off without him. I want him to see. I’m better. and I was like, let’s talk about that.

00:58:37.590 –> 00:58:47.540
Corinne (she/her): You losing £4 is, or are £5 between now and then? I don’t think Dave’s going to be like. Oh, my God, your wife is so much better!

00:58:48.610 –> 00:58:51.240
Corinne (she/her): And we talked today, and we coached on.

00:58:51.390 –> 00:58:57.930
Corinne (she/her): What would it feel like to walk into the room, and no longer need Dave’s approval for any fucking thing in your life anymore.

00:58:59.480 –> 00:59:05.330
Corinne (she/her): What would it be like to walk into that room and just decide. My life is fucking better.

00:59:05.530 –> 00:59:10.260
Corinne (she/her): When I asked her about it she makes more money as a better boss and more freedom.

00:59:11.350 –> 00:59:14.840
Corinne (she/her): But the one thing she doesn’t have is Dave’s approval.

00:59:15.670 –> 00:59:20.820
Corinne (she/her): So we coach day on. Why do we want it so bad? And do we really need it?

00:59:21.040 –> 00:59:28.940
Corinne (she/her): And by the end she was like, No, I don’t. I don’t want to live the next month thinking about Dave. I want to live my next month thinking about, maybe.

00:59:29.570 –> 00:59:31.690
Corinne (she/her): and appreciating what I have.

00:59:33.170 –> 00:59:38.710
Corinne (she/her): That’s the power of coaching. That’s how we get out of binging and overeating, and this

00:59:38.780 –> 00:59:41.020
Corinne (she/her): all this crap that we go through.

00:59:41.870 –> 00:59:48.670
Corinne (she/her): And then also the other ways that we support you is you can meet and chat with Nobs women on those calls.

00:59:49.100 –> 01:00:02.340
Corinne (she/her): You can come to them, live like this, or you can watch replays. We have tons and tons of replays. Every single call that we do is always put into our replay on demand library, also into a private member, podcast

01:00:02.690 –> 01:00:14.790
Corinne (she/her): like. If you love listening to my podcast, you will love our on-demand library it is hours and hours and hours of current teaching, coaching, motivating and talking to people.

01:00:14.860 –> 01:00:19.820
Corinne (she/her): You literally can listen to as little or as much as you want. You’ll never run out.

01:00:20.610 –> 01:00:25.500
All the calls are planned ahead of time, so you can just subscribe to our calendar

01:00:25.820 –> 01:00:29.420
Corinne (she/her): that a way you can come to what you want, and you can leave whatever you don’t need.

01:00:30.260 –> 01:00:39.250
Corinne (she/her): We also have transcripts available for those who do better reading, so we make sure that we do transcripts for every live coaching, training, and course inside of our membership.

01:00:39.830 –> 01:00:46.820
Corinne (she/her): If you have questions. This is another great thing that, like when you’re listening on the podcast, you have a question you can’t ask me.

01:00:47.560 –> 01:00:49.090
Corinne (she/her): You can’t ask anybody.

01:00:50.260 –> 01:01:00.450
Corinne (she/her): even if you like. Have some friends that listen to the podcast. You’re just listening to friends who are listening to the podcast. They don’t know, Jack Shan, they probably ask in the same damn question. You are.

01:01:00.760 –> 01:01:06.470
Corinne (she/her): You need experts, so we have the nob as coaches. I have 11 coaches

01:01:06.570 –> 01:01:24.750
Corinne (she/her): that are real women, not thoughts, not automations. They’re not some weirdos like just roaming the earth looking for a customer service job. Not that trust me. Half my family is in customer service. So you’re not weirdos if you’re doing customer service. But I think we’ve all been in

01:01:24.750 –> 01:01:37.080
Corinne (she/her): weight loss programs. Where, if you have a question. You were supposed to get a coach. You are getting a customer service. Rep. Who’s been given scripts on what to say.

01:01:37.690 –> 01:01:42.670
Corinne (she/her): In the event of this question. My coaches are actually taught

01:01:42.760 –> 01:01:54.520
Corinne (she/her): how to dig into what you’re asking, and how to help you make significant changes. so that you remove the barriers between you and losing your weight for the last damn time.

01:01:55.940 –> 01:02:06.860
Corinne (she/her): So you have the Nobs coaches. We have a feature called as coaches on our website, where you can go in. You can type in anonymously your question, and within 24 to 48 h

01:02:07.120 –> 01:02:22.090
Corinne (she/her): you will have a response on that page from the coach, helping you with whatever it is. You’re going through anything that stands between you and losing that next pound. You have a coach who’s ready to help you.

01:02:22.500 –> 01:02:25.850
Corinne (she/her): And then, if you just love reading, shit like that.

01:02:25.890 –> 01:02:35.060
Corinne (she/her): people call it the Google of weight loss. They go in, and they just read all the questions that are getting answered in all of the expert level support.

01:02:36.280 –> 01:02:48.740
Corinne (she/her): Here’s some of my coaches, Betty. It’s lost £70 heather’s down. 20 lease is down 60. Judith is down 80, and Julie’s down 92. That’s just a few of the coaches that are on my team.

01:02:49.470 –> 01:02:55.490
Corinne (she/her): You’ll never feel alone again. No vs man we have got everybody from every walk alive.

01:02:55.930 –> 01:03:06.860
Corinne (she/her): hitting it like a boss to lose weight. Our Facebook group is open 24, 7, and it’s filled with women who are working both on weight, loss, and maintaining their way.

01:03:07.100 –> 01:03:10.590
Corinne (she/her): They’re from all over the world 48 countries and counting

01:03:11.030 –> 01:03:16.070
Corinne (she/her): and we also have an accountability group and partner program. We set you up.

01:03:16.200 –> 01:03:32.960
Corinne (she/her): So if you want a small group that you can have a more intimate connection with, or you want to partner, somebody you can text with someone that you. Maybe you’ll want a small Facebook group. Maybe I want to like, Have a Whatsapp or something. We set all of you up, and we teach you how to use your group

01:03:35.400 –> 01:03:49.350
Corinne (she/her): also. Here’s just a couple of the people Here’s this is from this week. Here’s Cindy Switzer. She is in the move. Your body challenge and she’s just posting like a happy Tuesday everybody she’s in our 55 plus member screw

01:03:49.400 –> 01:04:11.370
Corinne (she/her): we have chassis over here, saying, Look at me moving my body at lunch high 5 to me 20 min, just like I add. And then you also, when you join you. Get our nobs planner. I design this planner myself. It’s got habit trackers. It’s Got your daily plan, your assessments. It comes in a pdf downloadable format. You can use it on your digital device, or you can print it

01:04:11.370 –> 01:04:21.460
and use it at like just right in it. Old school. A lot of people like old school. I use an ipad and use good notes, but it helps you make all of those plans and catch your habits

01:04:21.540 –> 01:04:31.400
Corinne (she/her): in lifetime. We also have monthly challenges like this month. We’re doing the move your body may. We are going to be doing a £2. Take down challenge in July.

01:04:31.400 –> 01:04:45.160
Corinne (she/her): We have these optional tactical weight loss challenges. If you just love the energy of a group working together on stuff you like the opportunity to win prizes and stuff we do challenges in order to help you with that.

01:04:45.720 –> 01:04:47.480
Corinne (she/her): So what does it cost?

01:04:47.650 –> 01:04:57.300
Corinne (she/her): It costs $59 a month, and You can join right now, www dot join novs.com, and you can also cancel at any time.

01:04:57.400 –> 01:05:08.590
Corinne (she/her): So if you want to join. see what it’s like. take us for a spin. You can do that. I just no that you’ll want to stay

01:05:08.940 –> 01:05:15.330
Corinne (she/her): when you really are getting the opportunity to lose weight from being uplifted. motivated.

01:05:15.710 –> 01:05:26.610
Corinne (she/her): addressing the real things that have been going on. We’re not beating your head against the wall of deprivation and restriction, counting calories all the time. You’re not doing any of that busy shit anymore.

01:05:26.680 –> 01:05:29.860
Corinne (she/her): When you actually have a program that fits in your life.

01:05:30.390 –> 01:05:38.600
Corinne (she/her): One of the things I take the most pride on is. I want to teach women how to lose the way the way they’re going to live their life. Which means, if you’re super busy.

01:05:38.710 –> 01:05:50.710
Corinne (she/her): we have it’s get like aligned for you to be able for this program to fit in your busy life, not to where you have to rearrange your life to do our program. No, we’re doing diets that way.

01:05:50.930 –> 01:06:03.830
Corinne (she/her): That’s just not a good idea. So it’s $59 a month. And we have a limited time. Bonus. So today, if you join, or I know it’s only until Tuesday, May ninth, at 1159 pm. Central time

01:06:04.230 –> 01:06:20.860
Corinne (she/her): we have the delicious recipes and food tips. Ebook we came up with this guide, because people and Nobs really wanted some of our best recipes from our members and our team, so that they can see how we set up our kitchen.

01:06:20.860 –> 01:06:41.360
Corinne (she/her): What are our no cook? Food tests? Tons of people are like me. I didn’t cook for a long time a long time I was losing weight, and we had to eat out all the time. So we give you all kinds of stuff that our members and our team have said, this is what’s made me successful. This is what makes meal planning easy. This is what helps me lose weight.

01:06:41.390 –> 01:06:42.560
Corinne (she/her): So again.

01:06:42.570 –> 01:06:51.000
Corinne (she/her): if you want that, you will need to join now, because the book offer is going to expire on Tuesday May night at 1159 central.

01:06:51.580 –> 01:07:02.590
Corinne (she/her): all right. So, in conclusion, if you’re thinking, if you don’t know if this is a good time. you don’t want to spend the money, or this is the worst one I haven’t proven to myself. I deserve it.

01:07:03.430 –> 01:07:04.590
Corinne (she/her): Please stop.

01:07:06.570 –> 01:07:08.690
Corinne (she/her): Every one of you deserve your dreams.

01:07:09.120 –> 01:07:13.050
Corinne (she/her): You don’t have to prove any fucking thing. You know what I always think

01:07:13.340 –> 01:07:18.520
Corinne (she/her): whatever I really want. I deserve to give myself the best opportunity to get it

01:07:20.700 –> 01:07:24.760
Corinne (she/her): anytime. I hear a woman thinking that they have to earn the right

01:07:25.230 –> 01:07:29.550
Corinne (she/her): to be able to join a program until they’ve done Xyz: I’m like

01:07:30.570 –> 01:07:32.810
Corinne (she/her): you don’t have to earn anything anymore

01:07:34.670 –> 01:07:43.610
Corinne (she/her): Like, Have you ever even considered you just deserve something just because you’re human and you want it. We’re so taught

01:07:44.180 –> 01:07:53.560
Corinne (she/her): through the school system about good grades and all kind of stuff that’s almost like we’re just taught from the get. The the only time you get good things is if you earn good things.

01:07:54.450 –> 01:07:55.960
Corinne (she/her): I don’t think that’s true.

01:07:57.310 –> 01:08:02.260
Corinne (she/her): I think it’s a matter of. I want good things in my life, and it’s on me

01:08:02.280 –> 01:08:06.000
Corinne (she/her): to gift myself them. However, that is

01:08:07.110 –> 01:08:08.040
Corinne (she/her): so.

01:08:08.620 –> 01:08:19.279
Corinne (she/her): If you don’t know because of time because of earning and stuff. I just want you to know that that’s going to keep you stuck, hoping. Second guessing, wishing, and searching. I just want you to make a decision.

01:08:19.380 –> 01:08:21.899
Corinne (she/her): Just make a decision about whether or not you’re going to lose weight.

01:08:23.430 –> 01:08:30.130
Corinne (she/her): If you decide you’re not ready and you won’t. Do the work. That’s awesome. I’m a big believer in telling yourself the truth.

01:08:31.000 –> 01:08:33.910
Corinne (she/her): Don’t say it. I don’t have time to say

01:08:34.220 –> 01:08:38.140
Corinne (she/her): No, i’m not ready. I know I won’t do the work

01:08:40.170 –> 01:08:43.580
Corinne (she/her): because my program is not set up to take extra time.

01:08:46.380 –> 01:08:49.020
Corinne (she/her): But if you decide that you’re nervous.

01:08:49.290 –> 01:08:54.029
Corinne (she/her): but willing to go for it, and you’re scared, but you will try it unlike ever before.

01:08:54.050 –> 01:09:06.240
Corinne (she/her): Then I want you to join. I don’t want you running that I don’t know fence. It sucks Y’all just make a decision If you’re a solid No, be a solid no, and be proud

01:09:07.130 –> 01:09:13.460
Corinne (she/her): if you are a hopeful yes, a nervous, Yes, a doubting yes, a scared Jess.

01:09:14.050 –> 01:09:16.100
Corinne (she/her): Then be that. Yes.

01:09:17.990 –> 01:09:19.670
Corinne (she/her): and just make the decision

01:09:20.029 –> 01:09:32.790
Corinne (she/her): when you say yes, you stop the cycle of thinking that there’s going to be some kind of better time. More motivated time, like someday. There’s a you in the future who’s now suddenly not scared, who no longer thinks that they’re not going to lose way.

01:09:33.720 –> 01:09:35.899
Corinne (she/her): No, she’s not coming.

01:09:37.340 –> 01:09:40.270
Corinne (she/her): The version of you like. I want all of you to hear this.

01:09:40.970 –> 01:09:46.450
Corinne (she/her): I know this is true, because this was me and every success story I’ve ever talked to about weight loss.

01:09:46.569 –> 01:09:50.279
Corinne (she/her): Do you know what we were on day one scared and doubting?

01:09:51.450 –> 01:10:00.020
Corinne (she/her): I didn’t think i’d lose weight. I I for sure, was not thinking I was going to lose £100. You know what I fought on day. One. I gotta make it till tomorrow.

01:10:00.790 –> 01:10:04.240
Corinne (she/her): I gotta do something different today. That’s all I could think about.

01:10:04.750 –> 01:10:11.230
Corinne (she/her): Everything else in my brain was screaming. You’ve never been able to do it before you have regained weight so many times. You’ve lost count.

01:10:11.570 –> 01:10:23.750
Corinne (she/her): Your whole family’s overweight. You don’t even know how to cook. You grew up in the drive through you grew up poor. How dare you think you’re going to lose weight? How dare you think you’re going to break generations of overweight family members.

01:10:24.370 –> 01:10:34.180
Corinne (she/her): That is what my brain thought about on day one. And if you are sitting there second, guessing and wandering and stuff, you are in good company. because we don’t know what’s going to happen.

01:10:35.310 –> 01:10:39.170
Corinne (she/her): but we for sure know if you don’t start nothing’s going to happen.

01:10:40.870 –> 01:10:59.030
Corinne (she/her): All right. Join nobs.com. That’s where you go. It’s $59 a month. Don’t forget the book, offer for the delicious recipes and food tips from all of us here Nobs is waiting for you. I’m gonna stop the share. Answer a few more questions, and then we’re gonna get out of here because it is a beautiful Sunday

01:10:59.030 –> 01:11:05.320
Corinne (she/her): in the great State of Tennessee. I’m a big time fall, Fan, if you don’t know what that means.

01:11:05.480 –> 01:11:20.120
Corinne (she/her): Just look at University of Tennessee balls. Go big orange. One of my biggest problems is that I almost always feel a sense of panic when I even think of losing weight, and I think it’s because I still believe I have to cut out my favorite foods and suite. Yes, I wish I didn’t even like sweet Foods.

01:11:20.280 –> 01:11:28.140
Corinne (she/her): Teresa. You can like sweet food. Here’s what you’ve never been taught in previous days. You’ve been taught that they’re bad. They’re not bad.

01:11:30.390 –> 01:11:38.060
Corinne (she/her): You can eat the food you want. We have to learn is what relationship with them do I want right now?

01:11:38.170 –> 01:11:41.830
Corinne (she/her): I have a very like love, hate, relationship.

01:11:43.120 –> 01:11:49.940
Corinne (she/her): I want you to have a relationship with love and love. I love to eat them. and I love the person I am when I do

01:11:51.080 –> 01:12:02.080
Corinne (she/her): like when I eat them. I no longer have to eat a sleeve of Oreos. because i’m thinking they’re bad. I can now eat a couple knowing I can have a couple of tomorrow, too.

01:12:02.420 –> 01:12:13.200
Corinne (she/her): so i’m going to learn how to take the urgency down. I’m going to learn how to take down the guilt, and i’m going to learn how to take down all of this fear. I have around food that I have been taught in the past, or bad.

01:12:13.660 –> 01:12:25.430
Corinne (she/her): just like carbs like forever. In the last 20 years we have been just driven down our throat. Carbs or bad cars are bad. Now guess what science and

01:12:25.500 –> 01:12:27.250
you change it again.

01:12:27.660 –> 01:12:30.780
Corinne (she/her): Carbs are good. You need carbs.

01:12:31.870 –> 01:12:48.690
Corinne (she/her): They don’t cut out bananas they actually like. Now they’re saying bananas will help you lose weight. I’m like what the fuck there were at. They were literally ads 10 years ago, showing us how bad bananas were for us, that they made us into a fat storing machine. Bull shit. Here’s what I’ve never met in my life

01:12:48.690 –> 01:12:53.440
Corinne (she/her): a woman who needs to lose a £100 because she has a voracious banana problem.

01:12:55.320 –> 01:12:59.600
Corinne (she/her): No, you know what we have. Is it? When we eat a cookie.

01:12:59.620 –> 01:13:10.930
Corinne (she/her): The dietary has told us that it’s terrible for us that for somehow we’re less than because we eat cookies, sugars that like so much messaging around it that we eat 5 cookies

01:13:11.060 –> 01:13:22.260
Corinne (she/her): swearing to ourselves. Tomorrow we’ll do better. Let me get this out of my system. Oh, I fucked up. I might as well eat the rest. You’ve got to overcome that stuff.

01:13:23.310 –> 01:13:33.830
Corinne (she/her): all of you, if you are just having a few chips with a sandwich because you enjoy them, and you know that you could have them any time you take down the emergency that you got to keep eating.

01:13:34.230 –> 01:13:39.320
Corinne (she/her): You take down the fear and the shame. And you’re just like here. I am discovering how to eat

01:13:39.550 –> 01:13:41.420
Corinne (she/her): food like normal people

01:13:42.820 –> 01:13:47.190
Corinne (she/her): that’s the secret to weight loss. We have to learn those things.

01:13:48.450 –> 01:13:58.820
Corinne (she/her): is the old saying that you can’t outrun a bad diet. True, it’s a 100% True. i’m exercising and loving it, but struggling with my volume of food. I’m: just eating too much and not losing fat. Yeah.

01:14:00.050 –> 01:14:10.670
Corinne (she/her): So I want you to imagine this. But here’s all. Here’s what I would do, Mrs. Zoom. For the next week. I want you to keep exercising. and then I want you to just pay attention.

01:14:10.970 –> 01:14:15.420
Corinne (she/her): So when you’re eating, are you ever eating, because you exercised.

01:14:17.670 –> 01:14:22.110
Corinne (she/her): That will sound like Well, I worked out today. I can have a little extra.

01:14:23.250 –> 01:14:31.660
Corinne (she/her): Well, I worked out, so I better eat this, even though i’m not. I better have a protein bar. You know that Bro. Dude at the gym told me that was really important.

01:14:32.660 –> 01:14:35.640
Corinne (she/her): Oh, I gotta work out. I better have a snack.

01:14:37.020 –> 01:14:44.680
Corinne (she/her): and none of those times are actually hungry. You’re not checking in with your body. You’re checking in with your emotions.

01:14:47.340 –> 01:14:52.430
Corinne (she/her): Try that for a week, and then Don’t eat because of a workout and see what happens.

01:14:53.650 –> 01:15:06.320
Corinne (she/her): I am doing Cardio and lifting does the order matter when it comes to burning fat. There’s science for all of it. It says, No, here’s it’s not for burning fat. But here’s one thing you need to learn. If your goal with weight is to be able to

01:15:06.720 –> 01:15:08.970
Corinne (she/her): like, really lift heavy and stuff.

01:15:09.140 –> 01:15:17.600
Corinne (she/her): you’re gonna want to do the weights first, the cardio; second, because Cardio is going to make you tired, and if you’re tired you can’t lift as many weight. You can’t lift as heavy. You can’t lift as heavy.

01:15:17.850 –> 01:15:21.490
Corinne (she/her): It’s not. It’s not going to be as beneficial for your strength and conditioning.

01:15:21.840 –> 01:15:36.160
Corinne (she/her): So the way I do it is, I lift first, cardio, second, or I lift in the morning, or I do Cardio in the morning lift in the afternoon, or I just lift I I most days I go on a 2030 min walk talking to my mother or my best friend.

01:15:36.340 –> 01:15:40.110
Corinne (she/her): and then I just lift weights. I don’t do tons of cardio.

01:15:41.280 –> 01:15:47.100
Corinne (she/her): but that’s a personal choice. You can not saying you can’t. It just isn’t needed.

01:15:48.180 –> 01:16:04.020
Corinne (she/her): Let me turn your thoughts. Turn on your thoughts instead of being on automatic. That is what I teach in module 2. I just seem to do things without thought, and then kick myself. I teach all of that vet inside the program. It’s. There’s a process to do that the easiest way for me to tell you like

01:16:04.090 –> 01:16:07.880
Corinne (she/her): I would really encourage you to join our program to learn this, because otherwise

01:16:08.380 –> 01:16:11.750
Corinne (she/her): there’s a lot that comes up when you start listening

01:16:12.050 –> 01:16:26.750
Corinne (she/her): to your thoughts. A lot of people, when they first start hearing everything, they think they immediately start judging themselves as broken. Something must be wrong with me. Oh, my God, I didn’t realize I was thinking this. This must be terrible. When you do that

01:16:26.950 –> 01:16:40.540
Corinne (she/her): you create what’s called a minor trauma response. Anything that your brain thinks is oh, God! That’s dangerous! Oh, God! That’s bad! You will want to turn all the thinking off again, and you’ll just go back into automatically overeating and stuff.

01:16:40.990 –> 01:16:48.820
Corinne (she/her): So we need to be able to turn the volume of those thoughts up to also have to learn how to have the right attitude about what you’re hearing.

01:16:49.510 –> 01:16:53.710
Corinne (she/her): so that you can solve for it instead of hide from it

01:16:54.500 –> 01:17:06.540
Corinne (she/her): the easiest way to listen to your thinking. It’s like literally. You just have to start listening so like the next time that you want to eat something, just say like, i’m going to wait 2 min, and we’ll see what I think about. That will help.

01:17:07.370 –> 01:17:11.720
Corinne (she/her): What are your thoughts about? Supplements in green penalties? Nothing

01:17:12.410 –> 01:17:16.590
Corinne (she/her): pumps me full of our yeah. They’re not going to help with weight loss. Trust me.

01:17:17.090 –> 01:17:28.260
Corinne (she/her): don’t you think we’d all be on it if green tea at this point green Tea Pills have been around forever. Don’t you think all of us would be thin if they really worked. Now, if you just want them for some energy. Go ahead.

01:17:28.310 –> 01:17:33.540
Corinne (she/her): They’re not gonna help you lose weight. You know it’s gonna help you lose weight figuring out Why, you’re in

01:17:34.930 –> 01:17:37.570
Corinne (she/her): what you’re 8. Why, you’re 8.

01:17:38.330 –> 01:17:52.180
Corinne (she/her): I know strait. I stress eat due to the work environment. You have any suggestions. I can try again. That’s something. I go more deeply inside the program. It’s not just like I can just give you this one tip, and you’ll never be stressed again. But it’s not how it works. But

01:17:52.520 –> 01:17:56.250
Corinne (she/her): if you’re stressating due to your work. Environment. Here’s one thing you can do.

01:17:57.410 –> 01:18:11.200
Corinne (she/her): and it’s it’s something you can do in the moment, but it’s not going to solve by your stress. To begin with, so stress comes from how we’re thinking about our work. So whatever is going on in your work, environment is very factual. And then

01:18:11.530 –> 01:18:14.140
Corinne (she/her): what happens is I have to create a story about it.

01:18:14.780 –> 01:18:19.920
Corinne (she/her): Our brains are story making machines. If somebody comes and not so my door and we all hear it.

01:18:19.970 –> 01:18:27.400
Corinne (she/her): Every single person’s brain is going to create a story. Nobody’s brain is going to go, not not, and that be it. You’re all going to be like rude.

01:18:28.140 –> 01:18:39.350
Corinne (she/her): Why does her Mike pick that up? I wonder what kind of package she’s getting? Oh, I bet she needs to wrap it up. Looks like somebody’s here. Everybody’s brain will make up a story around. Why, that door got knocked.

01:18:39.820 –> 01:18:50.570
Corinne (she/her): Our brains are designed to automatically create stories about everything that we’re interpreting. And the problem is that we’re our brains are just left to its automatic interpretation.

01:18:51.000 –> 01:19:03.410
Corinne (she/her): What I teach you inside the program is, how do you re recognize your automatic interpretations. And then how do you craft deliberate stories around everything, so that you get to feel better.

01:19:04.010 –> 01:19:09.540
Corinne (she/her): so that you’re not so stressed. And then, when you do that, you take away a lot of your stress, guess what?

01:19:09.850 –> 01:19:21.640
Corinne (she/her): You take away a lot of the reasons why you overeat so easiest thing to do is the moment you feel stress. want you to put your hand over your heart. Take a few deep breaths, and I want you to tell yourself

01:19:21.890 –> 01:19:28.390
Corinne (she/her): i’m safe. So often. Stress comes from some kind of thought that we’re unsafe in the moment

01:19:28.580 –> 01:19:36.000
Corinne (she/her): they think poor things about me. I might lose my job. I’m going to get extra work, whatever it is.

01:19:37.300 –> 01:19:45.860
Corinne (she/her): and a lot of those things, Aren’t. Really true. They just feel very true. And so what we need to do in the moment is, we just need to like, call ourselves like i’m safe.

01:19:46.380 –> 01:19:52.340
Corinne (she/her): I’m safe right now. That will help lower the stress, so that at least you can say like.

01:19:52.400 –> 01:19:56.260
Corinne (she/her): And I want to decide. Is it worth overeating in this moment

01:19:58.560 –> 01:20:15.720
Corinne (she/her): how much weight you start with, as far as lifting weights. I would just Google that like y’all it just like it really is going to depend on like start lines, work your way up. It’s my best advice. Everybody’s strength is different, depending on where they can start it’s all about the form. So if you’re going to start lifting weights.

01:20:15.840 –> 01:20:20.540
Corinne (she/her): go on to Google, Youtube. Look up

01:20:20.580 –> 01:20:32.740
Corinne (she/her): lots of videos and look for just what seems like reputable people explaining exercise look for people who have personal training certificates who have mobility, certificates, and things like that.

01:20:35.910 –> 01:20:47.780
Corinne (she/her): I have a disorder to eating past. I want to lose 10 to £20, but do not want to relapse. Could this program help me? So here’s what I want to say. I am not an eating sort of specialist. I am not a nutritionist. I am none of those things.

01:20:48.080 –> 01:20:59.160
Corinne (she/her): I am a certified master. Life and weight, loss, coach. I have years and years of experience helping people. My best friend is a Benjater, who is also a coach who coaches on Benjamin.

01:20:59.490 –> 01:21:04.910
Corinne (she/her): What I will say is that our program is based in learning how

01:21:05.080 –> 01:21:09.780
Corinne (she/her): to think differently. learning how to overcome

01:21:10.000 –> 01:21:20.020
Corinne (she/her): like food obstacles that we have like around like what’s happened in our past diets and stuff like we talk a lot about restriction and deprivation. We talk a lot about those things.

01:21:20.440 –> 01:21:25.910
Corinne (she/her): We have a lot of people who do have disordered eating patterns, who are members of our group.

01:21:25.920 –> 01:21:28.530
Corinne (she/her): and they do well.

01:21:29.080 –> 01:21:36.170
Corinne (she/her): But i’m not going to sit here and promise you ever that my program is designed to help with eating disorders or anything like that.

01:21:36.230 –> 01:21:43.050
Corinne (she/her): If you literally do not feel safe. like any kind of re-introduction to losing weight.

01:21:43.110 –> 01:21:47.720
Corinne (she/her): It’s going to cause a relapse I would suggest not doing it. It’s not worth it.

01:21:48.010 –> 01:21:50.460
Corinne (she/her): 10 to £20 is not worth a relapse.

01:21:50.800 –> 01:21:56.660
Corinne (she/her): That’s just my honest opinion. It’d be really easy for me to just sell everybody on joining all the time. But i’m not going to do that.

01:21:57.260 –> 01:21:59.990
Corinne (she/her): But that’s a decision you’ll have to make for you. Okay.

01:22:03.570 –> 01:22:19.650
Corinne (she/her): I want to join Nov. But i’m not sure how to follow the program. I work from 8 until about 7 Pm. 5 days a week. I’m. On the eastern time zone that won’t know how i’ll be able to get. I will be able to get on podcast. So the podcast, just like if I wanted to start one of our member podcasts. I could just start it right now.

01:22:21.590 –> 01:22:24.990
Corinne (she/her): You don’t have to be there. Live the podcasts are

01:22:25.180 –> 01:22:32.830
Corinne (she/her): replays of calls just on your phone, so you would listen to them on your you would listen to them on your commutes.

01:22:33.020 –> 01:22:43.370
Corinne (she/her): When your shower I listen to a lot of my stuff. When i’m showering, getting ready in the morning and stuff you wouldn’t come to the live calls like you don’t need a camera and all that kind of stuff.

01:22:43.600 –> 01:22:50.420
Corinne (she/her): In fact, there’s right. Now there’s a few like there’s 177 of us still left on this call. Right. Now no one has a camera.

01:22:50.970 –> 01:23:05.230
Corinne (she/her): We like on our calls. We’re not all sitting there looking at each other and stuff the only people ever get on a call, or people who like Pre submit. And they say, hey, I can be there on this day at this time, and I will like I’m here to get the coaching.

01:23:05.400 –> 01:23:16.070
Corinne (she/her): and so we coach them, and then everybody else listens and replays. 90 of our members never attend a live call, and only listen to replays.

01:23:16.220 –> 01:23:19.380
Corinne (she/her): and that’s how they learn the things.

01:23:19.900 –> 01:23:24.080
Corinne (she/her): So if you can listen to my public podcast, you can for sure do this program

01:23:25.880 –> 01:23:28.650
Corinne (she/her): all right, if that’s it.

01:23:29.060 –> 01:23:38.380
Corinne (she/her): y’all Thank you so much. Please join. We’d love to have you. We are doing amazing things inside the membership. Join nobs.com.

01:23:38.580 –> 01:23:41.690
Corinne (she/her): I’d like to see inside talk to you later. By y’all.



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