Episode 318: How to lose weight with a demanding job

If you have a stressful job, this is for you.

Today's podcast is an interview I recently did with Kelsey Sorenson, who helps TEACHERS…

But what we talked about was so good I just knew everyone would benefit from eavesdropping on our conversation.

Kelsey and I talked about how burnout is a big ass problem and how it often makes us emotionally eat.

So whether you're a teacher, a mom, a nurse, or some other stressful job… you're going to hear really good tips on how to avoid burnout and eating over it.

I also give very specific examples of how to deal with…

  • Treats in break rooms (especially during Teacher Appreciation Week)
  • How to get you're water in when you can't pee whenever you need
  • A job that you think gets in the way of being able to lose weight

Listen to Episode 318: How to Lose Weight With a Demanding Job today.

Episode Transcript

Welcome back, everybody. Today, I have a special episode. I am giving you a replay of an interview I recently did with Kelsey Sorenson. She talked to me about teachers. And I wanted to release it during Teacher Appreciation Week because, as we all know, teachers work so hard. And we had an amazing conversation, regarding teachers and the frequency of burnout. And why that leads to emotional eating. When you listen to this episode, regardless if you’re a teacher or not, you’re going to hear really good tips and strategies on how to not get burned out at work. And in an effort to be able to avoid any kind ofemotional eating. So no matter what, you will benefit from this. If you have a stressful job, if you are anurse, if you’re a doctor, a teacher, maybe you manage a bunch of people, does not matter what yourprofession is. You can even be a mom, being at home, getting burned out by them little kids. Thisepisode will be helpful.I also give very specific examples of how to deal with treats in break rooms, especially during TeacherAppreciation Week, when everybody thinks they need to bring the teacher some food. Also, I give advice that can help shift workers and anyone who is in a job that does not allow you to go to the potty whenever you need it. We talk about, “How do I drink that water, Corrine, when I can’t just go to the bathroom whenever I want to?”So this episode is loaded with lots of very practical tips on how to handle food pushing, using your water, and doing the four basics, for people who feel like, “My job gets in the way of me being able to lose weight.” If you identify with that, this will be the episode for you. Enjoy.


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