April 28, 2023

Episode 317: Unlock the Weightloss Puzzle: The 3 Steps I Used to Lose 100 lbs

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I lost 100 lbs when I stopped doing 3 things. On today’s podcast, I’ll share what they were and the steps I took instead.

Discover how to…

  • Increase your confidence and momentum as you lose weight (instead of fizzling out once the newness wears off)
  • Make the ONE change that’ll help you eat like a “normal person”
  • Comfort yourself without food

Listen to Episode 317: Unlock the Weightloss Puzzle: The 3 Steps I Used to Lose 100lbs today.



Because the description is a little weird. This retrained teaches you how to lose weight.

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Loss, puzzle. I just need to know if you can see it.

Yes, alright, and I’m assuming you all can hear me.

Just fine. Looks like that’s a hardcore. Yes, all right, here’s what we’re gonna do today.

I’m gonna teach you these 3 steps that I use to lose 100 pounds, because I think it’s very important when you first get started with weight loss, that you start off on the right foot, that you are not starting off in a way that might overwhelm you having starting off too excited and then the next thing you

know you’re fizzling out. We wanna make sure that we start off in a way where we can have some sustainable energy so we can finish the job that we start.

So today, I want you to know that I lost a 100 pounds because I stopped doing just 3 things like a lot of times.

People will ask me why did you lose a 100 pounds like?

How did you do it? And I always like, wanted to shake them and say, please don’t ask me how I lost a 100 pounds.

Asked me what changed for you, in order for you to be able to lose a 100 pounds and I promise all of you the things that changed first were not what I was eating, what changed first was what I was thinking I had to overcome my bullshit thinking in order.

To start doing new things. So for all of you, please write that down the very first thing when it comes to losing weight is, if you don’t change what’s happening between your ears, you will never change what goes on.

Your it goes into your mouth, and if we can’t change what goes into our mouth, guess what on the outside we can’t change either.

But at the root of all of it it starts with what you’re thinking.

So I wanted to tell you about the things I stopped doing, and the first one was, I mean, for real.

I stopped picking diets that required me to morph into a completely different human being.

I can’t tell you how many diets I did between the age of well, my first diet is like most of you, between my ages, I believe it was around a 11, maybe 12 years old.

My mom and I hauled our asses off the weight watchers.

We went to the meetings. I sat there with the grim reaper every week, who was gonna weigh me in and tell me if I did it, or if I didn’t do it this week, like literally I was like looking at the scale person and handing over all of my self esteem and saying tell me

how I’m gonna think about myself this week. Am I gonna be proud or not?

Not one time when I went to Whitewater, said, anybody ever asked me if I gained weight.

Well, how did your week go? They usually were like, What do you do wrong?

You need to do better next week. Notice how like I want you to think about this very often.

We end up throughout our entire lives picking diets that teach us what our internal language is going to be about ourselves.

I spent from the age of 11 to my thirties, talking to myself like the first people that weighed me in.

I thought that was normal. I thought that was just how you had to talk about yourself.

I thought that if you lost weight, then you earned the right to be proud of you.

Then you got to be nice to yourself. If you gained weight, or maintain you had to be awful to yourself.

You had to be kind of strict. You had to kinda talk to yourself like a butt.

And what I realized while I was losing a 100 pounds, one of the things I was gonna have to stop doing was picking diets that required me to change overnight.

I was gonna have to pick things. That baby stepped me into a new version of me, and all of those baby steps required me to talk to myself differently.

This is very important for all of you. So I knew when I first started I was 250 pounds sitting on a couch.

My one year old is playing in the floor. He comes over to me, little Logan, with his chair of little face, and he wants to play and I looked at him at 10 A.

M, and I said, mommy’s too tired. It wasn’t for any reason other than I was always so mean to myself.

I was eating my face off because of it, and I wasn’t doing Jack shit every day because I had beat myself down to where I literally just laid on the couch and tried to get through everyday I can’t tell you.

How many times I would sit there and be like I just can’t wait for this day to be over.

I was wishing my life away while eating, and on the day that I said those words to him I cried my eyes out every moment that my mother God love her!

She was a single mother, 17 when she had me. She worked 2 jobs, just to put food on the table for us, and we didn’t even have that much food.

She made minimum wage. The only way that she could make a decent wage was to work 80 h a week, 60 h a week.

And she was always too tired, and I hated it.

I really hated it, and there I was on that couch, saying the same shit to my son that I swore thousands of times that I would never do with my kid and that was the moment when I was like shit’s gotta change. I don’t know what I’m gonna do but I’m gonna figure it.

Out, and the only way I could figure out what to do with the ask myself, What’s gotta be different this time?

What do I gotta stop doing? I gotta stop picking dots that have me fail that expect?

So much out of me that I know it will be hard for me to do.

I needed to pick things that I each day could feel like, even if I don’t want to.

In this moment. It’s so small, it’s so simple.

I can make myself do it. I could talk myself into it, and that’s the trick every day.

You’ve got to make small changes that like decide them ahead of time.

That will allow you to in the moment. You don’t want to.

They’re so small that you can talk yourself into it when it’s really difficult.

Things big ass things that voice will have a 1,000 reasons why you can’t do it when it’s small.

Usually the only 2 reasons that come up is it’ll take a long time at this pace.

It’s not enough. Those are 2 thoughts that we have to give up in the beginning that I had to give up in the beginning I can’t tell you how many times when I would say one of the first things I did was I was like all right.

I’m not ready to give up a ton of emotional eating right now.

Like. I’m not ready to change all my eating habits, but I really wanna be able to play with this kid.

So I am going to walk 15 min a day. I think that is something that I can do every day for the rest of my dayline.

 min is all I ask. 5 to walk it in my house. That’s what we’re going to do, and the only thing I had to override was me thinking, that’s not enough.

And every time I would think that’d be like that is all. Korean thinking new.

Korean. Thanks. What’s not good enough is, send your ass on the couch trying to figure out something harder today.

That you ain’t gonna do right now. Just tell the truth, I won’t go to the gym for an hour, but I know I can walk for 15 min.

So I asked myself every day, What can I do today? That’s a little different than yesterday.

That’s all I did first thing in the morning. I didn’t make grandiose plans.

What I did was I allow myself to think I’m gonna get me some small wins because it only makes sense that if I do some small wins I’m going to increase my confidence, I should be able to get some momentum and small wins stacked up over time have to equal weight loss it

intellectually makes sense, and I told myself that millions of times a day, because my emotional side didn’t believe it I had to use the intellectual side of me to sit there and talk to the emotional side who didn’t believe she could do it.

Who felt like a failure, who didn’t think it was good enough.

You see a lot of you. Wanna believe in yourself before you even get started.

You gotta believe. But before you get started a success story, I know.

Started on day one doubting the shit out of themselves, focused on every failure they ever had.

You in special, and you ain’t no snow flight, just because you failed on diets.

You like the rest of us. And all of us that have lost weight.

We feel your pain. We had the same pain on day one.

It just could no longer be the only thing we focused on, and that is the difference.

So when you start to think things are not good enough, I want you to remind yourself new.

You knows that this is taking you in the direction of weight, loss.

Whatever your brain focuses on on what you say, I get it.

I know your scared. I know you think we can’t do it.

I know that every past diet that like ask when we fail to regain weight.

But here’s the truth. It’s equally as true that if I took small steps I’m walking in the direction of weight loss, and that’s all I need to believe right now.

Second thing, in order for me to lose a 100 pounds.

I had to stop cutting out foods I like. Let me say it again for the woman in the back, down the fuck out of me right now.

Who thinks she can’t eat these foods. She’s never been able to lose weight on these foods.

I have taught thousands of women how to lose weight, eaten foods.

They like. Your ass is wrong. If cutting out all the food you loved.

Work, honey, you wouldn’t be here listening to me right now.

It’s not worked. I don’t care if you lost 100 pounds on some bullshit diet in 95, if you regained it, it’s because you didn’t divide a relationship with food, you lied and for every one of you I don’t care there is no future version of

you who don’t like your favorite phones right now.

I think that’s the thing I loved. Back in the day I still lack them.

I still want them, and not still eat them at times. Just don’t have to eat all of it in excess, and feel like I ask every time I do it anymore.

And now just eat them when I’m really gonna enjoy it.

When I plan it, and I don’t need it after a bad day, and I no longer eat it at a gilt, and I no longer fuck it.

Eat over on. Hi wanted a relationship with food that I trusted that I liked and that I knew I could do for the rest of my life.

I had to give up thinking I was gonna become a whole different human being is start thinking, now, here’s what I’m gonna do.

I’m gonna decide who I’m gonna be. And I’m gonna take small steps all the way there.

So I knew the real problem at the end of the day was not what I ate.

I mean y’all I ate. May Donald ice cream you name it.

I ate it, you know. Real problem was, it was how much of that shit I ate every single day, and I’m talking calorie, County. I’m talking about.

I was eating my face off every day because I was sad, depressed, bored.

Won’t entertainment worried. I missed out, scared I’d waste it taking one day.

There’s gonna be a version we never gets this again.

So I better just ate like a fucking squirrel store or nuts right now.

It was the guilt around. The food is what was causing all of my screw it eating is screw. It!

Eating is really simple. Screw it. Eating is where yeah, eat something.

You like and you start freaking out thinking you shouldn’t eat it.

You need to get it out of your system, I’ll be better tomorrow I’ve already fucked up.

I’m not as well keep going. Screw it. Eating is where you take a moment of eating something, and you blow it the fuck out of proportion.

You could testify it, and you build up so much angst and so much anxiety, so much shame around it, that your only option is to keep eating, to shut out what’s going on in your head about the food, instead of learning how to have a relationship with food learning how to calm yourself down in those

moments, so I had to practice eating without guilt, so that I would one day be able to eat just like a normal person who just had French fries.

Sometimes I didn’t need to eat all of them for fear she never get those French fries again.

I had to really practice this, and to practice eating without gilt.

Means you are going to practice eating food. You love and you’re going to fill all that guilt and all that shame and all that weirdness.

At first, but talk to your staff differently.

What I learned how to do is start waiting for like slight hunger before I had any of the foods I liked, instead of just eating them to fill time and stuff, I decided I’m gonna learn how to have a little bit of hunger.

Not be afraid of it. Know that I will always eat if my body is hungry.

An unlearned, fearing foods, unlearn.

Fearing my hunger, and on the flip side I had to learn in order 100 pounds. I had to learn how to stop it.

Enough around all my favorite foods. If I was gonna be the kind of person that lost a 100 pounds.

And I was gonna be the kind of person who could eat these foods in maintenance.

That mid Korean today at this way had to start learning how to eat them in a new way.

I didn’t have to get rid of them. I had to learn how to eat them in new ways, which meant I stopped it enough instead of worrying.

I move? What if I get hungry later? Oh, my God, I’m being wasteful!

I’m not gonna get this for a long time.

00:16:59.000 –> 00:17:14.000
These are the things that we have to change. Now, if you have questions, make sure you either put them in the if you’re with me on Zoom, if you’re in Facebook, my team will send me the questions in slack, and I’m gonna answer the questions at the very end.

00:17:14.000 –> 00:17:17.000
Alright so we this is what I want all of you to do.

If you’re going to be rebuilding some, your relationship around food when you start to feel wrong about eating don’s twinkies, nachos, ice cream chips, orioes cheetos doritos.

Whatever your whatever you look, flavor is. I want you to put your hand over your heart, and this is important.

You put your hand over your heart so that your heart can feel protected because most of the time we’re just trying to protect our feelings because we don’t want to fail again.

That’s where a lot of our fear comes from, and I want you to tell yourself I am okay right now.

I’m not doing anything wrong with this food, just learning a new way to eat now some of you are asking, How do you know when to stop eating?

I teach that inside my free course. So if you haven’t taken my free course shit, you need to go to Nobs free course, com and register it.

If you have, you can go to my podcast. There’s about 300 of them.

But if you search my podcast, losing 100 pounds with Korean, you will find some podcasts that talk about stopping at enough.

So just look for those alright. What’s the last thing I had to learn?

How to do? I stopped removing food without placing it with other pleasure.

So let me say it again. I had to stop taking away all of my food, like all of my emotional eating, and I had to learn how to give myself what I needed in the moment what a traditional diet does it forces you to give up your favorite foods, eat less calories, I like all the things and

turn shit off and relax, if food is the only way.

You know how to handle yourself when you are angry at your balls, or overwhelmed at work if you don’t have a way to cope with your emotion, you are going to be sitting there trying to just feel like shit and also not eating, which is going to feel like shit so it’s not
enough to just go on a diet. You have to do 2 things.

You not only need to learn how to eat in a way that promotes your weight loss, but you have to eat in a way that allows you to comfort yourself or give yourself what you need in the moments when food has been used apparently.

So I had to learn how I was going to talk better to myself in those moments.

How is going to cut myself some slack in the evenings, instead of sitting there thinking I should be like my son had high needs he’s on the spectrum, and in order for me to team not time meeting, because I will tell you what I spent my life given to that child, all day doing all the things
but so often I felt like a terrible mother. I would do like take him to therapies and do all kinds of stuff while telling myself I’m not doing enough.
I’m not gonna be able to save my baby.
I just like I don’t like, and I didn’t enjoy him like most moms, you know, I’m just like the rest of you.
I go scroll on my social media, and I’m looking at everybody’s mommy highlight, real.

And I’m like, what’s the fuck’s wrong with me?

I don’t have the same thoughts and feelings.

I don’t have the same experience that everybody else does with my kid, and guess what at night I was emotionally exhausted from my own bullshit, feeling guilty, and then eating.

I couldn’t just take away our screen.

If I was not gonna eat some ice cream I had to learn how it’s gonna talk to myself differently.

In the evenings. What was I gonna reassure myself with?

How was that gonna change? That conversation?

And that’s what we’re talking about, like we have to think about when you take your emotional eating off the table cause most of us are overweight simply because we’re emotionally eating.

We’re eating when we’re tired and bored.

Stress, lonely, upset. We want to celebrate when we’re happy to reward ourselves to.

You know I deserve it. Eating when you stop that kind of eating if you don’t know how to enjoy your life without the food you will want to eat.

So we have to learn not just how to lose weight. We have to learn how to create the life we need deserve and want at the same time, and when those things go together.

Weight loss becomes a lot simpler, and that is what diets are not teaching us.

So I had to lose weight at the end of the day I was gonna lose a 100 pounds.

I had to lose it in a way that I wanted to live my life.

I didn’t wanna be an asshole to myself anymore.

I wanted to feel comfortable around all my favorite foods.

I wanted to be someone that knew how to take care of herself.

I wanted to be someone who not only loved her, but had the capacity, love ever around her equally.

And those are the things I knew I needed to be able to do so.

The Nobius Weight loss program. It helps with the things that have always been holding you back and weight loss. And I just wanna say this to everyone.

The biggest thing about the wait list is you don’t need to feel bad that you have failed your past diets, and I want you to think about this.

If you have tried lots of programs, and they weren’t teaching you this stuff.

What else was supposed to happen. They left out like 50% of the journey.

They left out the most vital pieces of things that you need to know in order to lose your way and to have a life that you want.

You don’t have to keep beating yourself up. If you didn’t learn all this stuff that’s not on you that’s on a broken weight loss system.

That’s out there. Now, and that’s what I’m trying to change.

And that’s why I want to talk to you about the novice weight loss program.

Because I don’t want you going through shit like this anymore.

Alright! My team. I’m gonna pause this super fast. Can you all hear that?

There’s a weedeater blower right outside my window.

I’m having to yell over it, can somebody? Yes, this is being recorded for later I will make sure you can hear it.

Okay, I felt like you could let me answer a couple of questions real quick, and then I’ll get back oh, wait, no, he’s fine. Alright!

Let’s resume the recording. It never fails. I would love for my team to talk to me today about possibly changing this day, because Tuesdays are obviously the day that they come alright.

So here’s how the Nobs Weight loss program works.

First you are going to join, and you’re going to take this thing called the Weight Loss.

Quick start. In less than 15 min you’ll know what to do and how to settle your nerves.

I know one of the biggest problems when it comes to weight loss.

Is we come in scared like a cat in a room full of rock and chairs.

So the first thing I do when you come into my program is not to throw thousands of things that you gotta do at once.

We start with settling your nerves, helping you get some confidence.

Get you a little excited, and the main thing is teach you.

Within 15 min. Here’s exactly what to do, and you don’t need to think about anything else.

The last thing anybody needs when they’re trying to start a new weight loss program is a 1,000 things thrown out of it once in a 1,000 things taken away from them at once.

I’m not taking anything away from you, I promise. The second thing you do is you run, you go into the Novs weight loss course.

This is where I actually teach you all the things that you need to know in order to lose weight and live the life that you want.

It is 4 simple modules. I’m going to go over each one of them and tell you exactly what you’ll learn in just a moment.

Then the last thing that you do is you join our private Facebook group community where you can find some accountability partners and the Nobs team.

The main thing is in my program that I hi emphasize is, I know you need support, because let’s face it.

Most of us who need to lose weight don’t have a lot of support.

We don’t have a lot of people cheering us on we don’t have a lot of people who get it, and I have a 13,000, plus people who have walked miles in your shoes.

They do get it, and we support each other. So in 15 min.

When you do that quick start, you’re gonna feel focused and ready versus overwhelmed and nervous that you can’t lose weight and then we are, gonna see a new member on boarding meeting with you.

I think it’s super easy for every single person who comes through my program to start with a little quick meeting with a real human being, just in case I haven’t settled your nerves, just in case you have questions.

I don’t want you started off on the right foot, and then in that quick 15 min you’ll discover how to use our nobus women website cause it works anywhere in the world.

It works on your phone. Your device’s your computer. Wherever you want.

So that new member call you will book a 15 min. Zoom!

Call at a time. That’s convenient for you.

You just choose a time that we have available. Your questions are, going to get answered from an actual Novs team.

Member you’re gonna learn how to find the most important resources you need for whatever you’re working on for your weight loss, and you’ll get an opportunity they’re really small group calls, or like usually around 5 people.

So you’ll be able to immediately meet in a small, not overwhelming setting a team member plus a few other people starting also.

Then you’ll jump into the Nobs weight loss course.

The videos average about 10 min in length. I do not like to give you more work than you need to do, so I’d try to keep every lesson under 10 min so that it’s super digestible, and it’s easy to do with your live.

The last thing anybody needs is another weight loss program that overwhelms their life.

You shouldn’t have to give up your life in order to lose weight, to lose weight.

It should fit your life. So most people they do like one section a week, so they might be watching a video or 2 a day.

That’s less than 20 min, and you can also listen on the go so you can watch your videos on any device or you can download everything.

We have a private member, podcast, it blows away the public podcast, I have members every day that posts.

I’ve been listening to you podcasts for like a year.

2 years, I finally decided to join, and they all their comments, are always saying, Holy shit!

I didn’t think it could get better. This is way better, and it’s answering all my questions that I’ve always had then you’re going to discover inside that course.

So as you’re listening. The 4 basics, some of you are asking about.

I don’t know how to stop it enough. What about this hunger?

You learn all of that inside the very first lessons of No.

Bs, because there’s only 4 things you gotta know to lose weight.

We have to learn how to stop feeling guilty eating foods we love or losing control around our junk.

Food that’s in the very first lessons we have to reset those hunger, and enough signals in our body, because I’m gonna teach you a listen to your body.

We’re not listening to calories. We’re not listening to Macros.

We’re not listening to external apps anymore.

You’re gonna learn how to listen to your body, so that for the rest of your life you can go anywhere, do anything, get invited to dinner.

Be surprised. All the things, and always be in control of what’s happening.

You never have to worry again, cannot eat this. How many points is this? Oh, my God!

I don’t know the calories I’m oh, my God! I didn’t know I was going out to eat.

I’m fucked. You don’t have to do that no more.

Teach you how to like. Oh, like, get over all that shit I teach you about the science behind water and sleep, and then there are cheat sheets to help you understand how to put these 4 basics into your day to day life, then you’re gonna move to the next section which is where we get into how

that fucking brain of yours worms. Remember, I said, in the beginning, we don’t work on what goes on between the ears.

We, for sure are not gonna have control over what goes on in the map.

So I’m gonna talk to you about your eating habits, your impulses to eat.

And craving. We’re gonna talk about. Why, you have all of that.

I’m gonna help you normalize everything that’s going on like it’s normal to know what to do and want to do something else.

I’m going to teach you how to become the kind of person who understands how not to just do what you want. In the moment.

All the time how to actually do what you want. Long term for yourself before you act on impulse.

We’re gonna understand how that brain of yours works. So you can stop thinking.

Something must be wrong with me, and I’m gonna give you a process for retraining and rewiring your mind around food.

How you think and feel about your body and your ability to lose weight.

So those are just the first 2 sections we call a fuck time.

It takes the stress up weight loss by making what to do.

Easy to understand and show when you want. Nothing is wrong, just because you haven’t lost weight yet.

So this is the third part. Now we go into the how do you stop over eating?

Because when you first learn before basics, and how your mind works that doesn’t mean you stop over eating.

It means it starts highlighting all those emotional aids.

You start getting an outlined of every reason why you eat, because you’ll see yourself still eating, and you’ll see yourself making progress, and we take the things where you’re still over eating.

And now, we get to the real work. When we solve those things long term, you don’t ever have to lose your way to get diets fail because a lot of us are really good at like following the rules.

But when we don’t follow the rules, no one teaches us what to do.

In those moments no one teaches us what to do. In those moments no one teaches us why we’re doing that.

So then we just end up quitting and gaining our weight back.

And I take modern approach. We look at all the reasons why you’re still overeating.

And then we understood them, and we worked through on how to solve them for good.

So you’ll learn the science behind cravings, urges, and overeating, and that desire to eat off a plan.

You learn what to do when all you want to eat is, are you want to do is eat because you’ve had a bad day, because you have this fear of missing out, or you feel a peer pressure from your partner or your friends, or your co-workers?

You learn the process of breaking down your overates so that you can examine those ways instead of quitting Shaman and Blamey.

We don’t got time to quit shame and blame in weight, loss.

You got a like, remember, I said, you gotta quit doing some shit.

Well, here’s bonus number 4. We have to quitting when things don’t go right.

We have to quit blinding others when we put food in our mouth.

And we have to quit shaming ourselves over it.

You cannot figure out the root cause. If you’re beating yourself up, you will not want to look at the answers and that teach you how to do all of that.

I also go with deep into how to handle nighttime eating, because for most women that’s the biggest thing.

Nighttime, eating, 10, to be their Achilles heel, and I teach you the 6 reasons why we not taught me and what to do about it.

And then the last section is, we meet the future, you. This is where we go through, and we rewrite that dot past, you know.

I’ve already been talking to you about how none of that shit is your fault.

It’s just not your fault, and there’s no sense in you.

Continue into blame yourself, and so I walk you through. How do you release all of that guilt and shame around like at this point in your life need to lose weight.

We discover the life skills that you’re going to need to stop emotionally eating.

I teach you patience, I teach you curiosity, I teach you.

How do you have these things? Instead of being downs and gilt?

We talk about? How do you just do enough each week to keep losing weight?

Wait a week after week, instead of feeling that constant pressure to do and overwhelming yourself.

And we talk about how to start. Live in your life now, rather than waiting to lose weight in order to be able to do things here’s what’s different in my program.

You’re not gonna put your life on pause anymore.

And enjoying it, and lacking yourself in relieving some stress until you’ve lost weight.

I wanna teach you how you do it now, because if you can do it now, it you lose weight a lot faster.

So you might be thinking I should be able to do this alone, or I’m gonna see how things go before I commit to nobody is, I just wanna tell you that is definitely an option.

But the people I know this is true. I have people come in all of the time.

I have been podcasting for years like I said, I’ve got over 300 now, and all the time people tell me I waited too long.

I should have just come on in, because the moment they’ve pulled the trigger they realize I didn’t realize how lonely I was.

I didn’t realize I didn’t have anybody to ask questions.

I didn’t realize that there were just things that I would be able to learn inside the program that the podcast will never teach me I can’t go deep in the podcast I can go deep inside the membership.

I can coach your faces off in group calls, and I want you to think about it is not a weakness, because you might need help.

It’s a gift you give yourself.

Investing, and you learning how to figure out this one problem that you’ve been struggling with.

Probably for most of your life, that eats up so much of your brain space distracts you from doing the things you want to do in life, like, I just know, weight loss also makes us miss out on our live so many people come into my program when I teach them.

About how to start living their life. Now, they’re like, I didn’t realize how many moments I was missing out with my kids because I was always so in my head about what I’m eating and what I look like.

And you’ve helped me stop doing that and now I’ve been able to start enjoying my life.

I just don’t want you to do this alone. It’s harder.

So I want. If you’re wondering, should I wait?

I want you to ask yourself this in the moments when your weight loss is hard.

Live has shit going right into the fan, or that you don’t do things perfectly.

You mess up, are you gonna be able to talk to yourself in a way that’s motivating and helpful.

Or are you likely to be a complete asshole to yourself, feeling lost and confused, and wonder?

No! What! What do I do? I failed again. If you are going to be a bigass Eor, and jerk to yourself, you need to join because we will help you through all that, because we support you.

We have optional live weekly group coaching calls with me, and the Nobi coaches.

We talk to people all the time every single day I coached.

Oh, almost 2 and a half hours, just on Sunday, because I just couldn’t let my members go.

You don’t have to watch all of it. But when you when you come into my program, I was coaching this woman.

God love her! She was the very last person, and we were at the end of time, and she got to crime, and she was so upset about her life.

Is. She just felt like not only like with weight loss, but she felt like she was failing as a mom.

And we talked for an hour. There was no way I was gonna let her get off that call, feeling as miserable as she was.

Now I will tell you. Was not a easy hour. She cried a lot more during that hour, because I asked her questions that got to the root cause of a problem, feeling like failure in life, and we worked on it, and we worked on it and we worked on it and my team checked on or this way.

I just wanna tell you when I say we support you. We are not like a weight watchers in a new where you are.

Gonna get bots and customer service agents that don’t give a shit.

All of my team started off as no Bs women.

All of my team is humans. And we just care about you.

And we do our best to try at every moment to make being a obs woman a safe place.

The place. You wanna be a place we get to work on yourself.

Lose weight and, like finally feel like I finally feel supported in this, maybe for the first time in your life.

So our support. We have all of our calls on the training calendar, so you can schedule them ahead of time.

Your live attendance is never needed, and never required every single call that we do inside of our membership goes into our on demand library.

It’s just like a netflix. You can just scroll through and pick and choose what you would like to watch what you wanna listen to, and if you don’t wanna listen to it, you just skip it some stuff may not pertain to you, and that’s great I want you to have that freedom and flexibility

to find the resources you need at any moment. You feel like you need help, and then we also have transcripts available for every live training.

Every live coach and every live coaching session in every core, for those of you that like to read.

And if you have questions, we have a whole portal where you can go and an Obs coach will answer your question.

It’s 24, 7. You just submit a question.

It’s anonymous, and within 48 h you’re gonna get an answer and you’ll be able to see all the anonymous questions that are being asked, plus the coaches question.

So if you are just like, I just want to read this.

We call it the Google of weight loss. There’s just no bots and there’s no automated hell.

Here’s some of our coaches. You can see they’ve all lost weight.

They are here because they want to help you and someone asked, Do you give a weight loss eating plan?

No, ma’am, this program is not about telling you what to eat.

This program is about teaching you how to eat food you love so that you can lose weight.

We go through. How do you do all that? How do you make your own food plans each day that involve emotions that involve your busy?

Lives, and that involve your weekends relaxing like we teach you all of that inside the program.

You don’t want another meal plan. Trust me like, for all of you who are looking for a meal plan.

Just go back the fucking last one. You bought. The problem is not that you don’t have enough mail plans.

The problem is, when you get one, you’re not addressing the things that don’t have.

You stick to the meal plan. You need that.

Alright, never feel alone again. So we also have Facebook groups filled with women working on both ways and maintenance.

A lot of people come to me after they’ve lost their weight to maintain.

Also a lot of people lose weight in our program. I had to write an entire maintenance program and start a maintenance group plus a maintenance coaching call every month because so many people lose weight and they need help with it.

Maintenance is not like. We all see this is the term I’m going to lose weight.

Keep it off. Look, when you get to maintenance, it’s a mind, fa, it’s like starting all over.

You gotta figure out and maintenance how to trust yourself to never regain your weight because your voice is going to want to be like all leery about it.

You have to learn how to stop relying on the scale to tell you you’re okay.

That happens in maintenance. There are so many things that happen in maintenance that make us miserable, and I teach you all of that.

Some of you are saying, Oh, my God, I wish I could take you home!

You can. If you join the Nobus weight loss program, you get shit like this.

All the time, and you will have me at home because I’ll be on your damn phone.

I’ll be. Yelling at you all the time. Alright!

We also have an accountability group and partner program. So if you wanted accountability group or partner, we set you up, you do not have to go and go find this ain’t no match.com, where you gotta go find them yourself, we will do it for you and we also have one from all over, the world, so if you’d be sitting.

There, thinking better. I’m scary. Yeah. But I I got you.

I’m in 48 countries, accounting my podcast and listen to it.

Over a 160 countries. Now, which is amazing to me.

So we are all about supporting you. Here’s a couple of people just posting success here in March.

Enter Novs weight loss. Program. This person made it to Wonderland.

That means she got under 200. This person will celebrate your one year anniversary with an obvious she’s lost 60 pounds living her best laugh at 46.

You also get a No. Bs planner. So for those who are looking for a food plan, we just teach you how the plan.

So we have it in a Pdf download where you can print it on like at home.

You can print it online, have it shipped to you, or you can download it to your favorite this device and use it there.

It just helps you with our 4 basics. It helps you track your habits, and it helps you start thinking better about yourself.

We also have monthly challenges. So once you finish the Novs weight loss course, the fund don’t end every single month we run a different challenge.

Next month is May. We’re gonna have a movement challenge.

I’m gonna teach everybody how to get their ass off the couch, and I’m not talking about crossfit and stuff if you love all that great.

But I’m talking about Corinne on day one.

I had never played sports. My PE teacher used to set me out and say, I don’t wanna make kids have to pick you.

So I will put you on the bench.

I didn’t know Dick about working out but I knew how to start walking, and in May I’m gonna teach my people movement they’re gonna get my arm.

But a lot of people love my arms. My members don’t get my arms workout my members don’t get behind the scenes in May, and we’re going to challenge ourselves to get our asses off the couch.

For 15 min a day, and we also have process which is fine.

We also have targeted weight loss courses. So if you really want to dive deep into something, then you can be taking any of these so like we have one called ditching scale.

Drama. Scale is your Nemesis. Once you get through the Nobs weight loss course, you can take our stalls and plateaus class, you can take our regain solution class if you are coming to us after a game, you can take our conquering the scale class we also have managing

urges understanding my thinking. We have all kinds of things for you, and we also just have some like single classes like mastering maintenance, handling the holidays.

How to love your body, mindful, drinking. So this is an example of trusting your body for all of my binge eaters out there who are listening.

Once you go through the nobus weight loss course, we have a custom program called Trust in your body, written, co-written with me and my best friend in the world, who happens to be a binge eating coach, a master binge eating coach and she came up with this program for us that

helps, with unwinding some of our Benjeating. And we have a special group just for all of our members who struggle with Benjamin, and who are working on that, too.

So no Bs cost $59 a month. You can go to Www.

Dot join no bs.com right now, and you can get started with us.

I would not wait, and I also have a limited time.

Bonus offer. So this is only gonna be until Wednesday, April nineteenth.

At 1159 Pm. Central time. There are gonna be times.

That people are gonna be like, Hey, I made you something special.

Hey? Let’s go out to eat. Now look, I’m all about.

We need to be able to have a live where we can have some spontaneous modest, but the biggest problem I see is most people very often.

They actually want to stick to their plan, or they don’t want to eat a free donut and stuff.

But you know what they don’t know how to say.

No, without, and so a bitch or deprived, and we gotta learn how to say no from kindness and not feeling gross about it.

So sometimes it feels impossible until you have a exact words to say to other people.

So if you are surrounded by the food pushers, this bonus is specifically for you.

We wrote a book about 50 ways, to say no to food, like how do you say now?

Without feeling, deprived. How do you say no, without feeling like a ass?

Rude, selfish, a big. This will help you, so I think you the exact words to say when someone makes you a special treat, and you just stay on your plan in.

You don’t even want it, or everyone wants to have Drake on after work.

But you got plans to go out on Friday with your loved ones, and you’re like, Oh, I don’t want to be double drinking this way.

Or how about that? Teachers lounge? Just got doughnuts from the principal, or your teacher?

Appreciation way, and you already ate breakfast. We are going to learn.

How to say no, and the best part you’ll be saying No, with confidence in grace, instead of making it an issue for us yourself or your loved ones.

So if you join now you’ll get that book and the book offer expires on Wednesday, April nineteenth, at 1159 Pm.

Central! Time so oh, sorry! I went back to the wrong slide.

There we go. So right now, if you’re thinking, I don’t know if this is a good time.

I don’t know if I want to spend the money I haven’t proven to myself.

I deserve it, here’s the problem with all these add, Don’t know.

I don’t know is a way of thinking that just keeps you stuck, hoping.

Second, guessing yourself, wishing and searching for the right thing to do.

You need to just fucking, decide, don’t be sitting there putting like I don’t know. Feels like.

Ask. Don’t put yourself through, ass. So just sad. That maybe you’re just not ready.

I’m not gonna start and decide like you know what the truth is.

It ain’t that I don’t know. The truth is, I won’t do the work.

The truth is, I’m not ready, so I’m not gonna think about weight loss anymore.

I’m done. Thank you. Cause there ain’t no sense in sitting around.

I don’t know, and indulging like you wanna lose weight when the truth is like.

No, I’m not gonna do it right now. At least you gave yourself the peace of mind of a decision.

The other side of the coin is, decide that I’m just nervous.

I’m just afraid it won’t work, but I’m willing to go for it.

I’m always nervous and scared. I, for all of you that are sitting on the fence because you’re nervous and scared, but at some point in the past you started a diet.

I bet your ass was nervous and scared too.

It’s just like, How long do you want to sit there and play in that dirty doper until you decide to do something?

Might as well just type in that window. Maybe you’re just scared, but you can say like I can try.

Unlike ever before this time. I’ll really show up this time.

I won’t beat myself up, whatever you need to think.

But like, I just want you to make a decision. Do not ride that I don’t know fans it’s thorny, and when you’re riding the fence your ass is full of thorns, and that never feels good.

So saying yes, right now can stop the cycle of thinking that there’s going to be some perfect time.

There’s going to be some day that you ain’t nervous.

There’s going to be some day that you ain’t nervous. There’s going to be some moment in the future where everything’s going.

No, not common. There’s just gonna be a moment when you’re when you’re ready to pull the trigger.

There’s going to be a moment when you override all of that.

You gotta decide. When is that moment coming? So join now. Www, join no bs.com and you’ll get that book alright.

Let me stop the share and answer a few questions. I’m scared.

I will continue with excuses, and fail again. I’m not taking time for myself, Christie.

How are you ever going to overcome your excuses if you sit and never face them?

You can’t overcome excuses unless you face excuses and get taught how to overcome excuses, which is inside my program.

If you’re scared, of it, it’s because you probably never had a diet that actually addressed that part of it.

I’m scared. The I’m scared!

The program will take over my already busy life. How are you?

Say your name. A program can’t overtake your life.

Everything that’s in your busy live. You’ve chose it, but manages you’ll have to continue to choose where you spend your time.

I set my program up one to teach you that she’s not just happening to you.

I teach you how to feel in control of your life again, because if you feel in control of your life, guess what you can control your mouth, and all of you have been taught through the dot industry, that there’s like hardcore rules and lots of things to do, long days of food, look I tell my people this taking you more than 2 to 3 min to write

your damn plan. We need to figure out what’s going on in your head.

The way I teach weight loss doesn’t take a lot of time.

You won’t be overeating. Less means you got more time to go out and do some shit.

You know what takes a lot of time sitting around research and showing up for these classes.

Googling, asking everybody your mama, how they’ve lost white, wondering when you go get your shared together, anguishing over every meal, feeling terrible about yourself, because you blew it again this weekend that takes lots of time on top of every single time you’re overeating you

said it wasn’t your wife. Instead of figuring out what you need and what you can truly start giving yourself.

That’s wasting time. So let’s take all that busyness out and plug in some sensibility.

Sometimes I want to be hungry because I want the meal or snack.

How do I stop just wanting to eat or be hungry so I can eat.

So this is a really interesting question. Let me move it over here.

Well, it’s came from the chat. I don’t know what your name is, I I don’t know really, really question.

Do you want to be hungry?

I want you to start thinking like, hmm! It’s not that I want to be hungry.

What I really want is to figure out, what do I need?

Because right now, what’s your top you’re doing is like, I probably need something and it’s not food.

And you’re not looking for that. If if the the question is, how do you stop being wanting hungunger is to say like, All right, I won’t want to be hungry if I figure out what I’m trying to use hunger and eating to do most of the time this is

like boredom like a lot of times. We just want more entertainment in our life.

We want more hobbies. We want more love. We want more connection.

And so we’re eating instead of being like. No, the truth is, I’m not putting myself out in the world I’m not having honest conversations with people I love to try to get my needs fulfilled.

And when you’re eating you don’t even get to ask yourself the harder questions.

And when you ask yourself the harder questions you finally figure out what you truly need, and when you figure out what you truly need, you just need people like me to help you go out into the world and do it because most of the time we’re not fulfilling our needs.

And we’re not asking people to help us with our needs because we’re scared of something and this is where coaching helps.

I help you figure out? What are you actually scared of, and how we can help you?

Are there retreats and boot camps for non members.

No, and the weight loss business. I only do all of my retries, and I always do my like.

All of my events are from members only, and we have a big one coming up in July. So we are.

That’s gonna be our big. No Bs excuses.

We can. And it’s for members on. I do have a business membership sometimes I open things up to the public over there, but that’s for people who are growing and scaling an online business.

Does your plan consider those who have undergone? Yes, Christie, we have an entire group dedicated to all of the people who have undergone bariatric surgery.
Any kind of weight, loss, surgery, a lot of people join me because they have surgery, and they either regain weight or they’ve had surgery, and they realized that they have a lot of anxiety around food.

I coach a lot of in fact, I think I coached someone.

This weekend who had had weight, loss, surgery, does this work for menopause when hormones are gone?

No, Esther sin or high cortisol. After I eat and stop when I feel full half an hour later I feel hungry again, even if I keep myself busy, it does a lot of my people who are menopause do lose weight.

The issue. You’re running into is an hour later you’re feeling hungry.

It’s overriding the hunger. It’s like teaching yourself.

This isn’t real hunger. This is hormonal hunger.

And then learning how to have patience with it until you can retrain your body.

Not send those signals up so much alright, and that’s it for the day.

Hi! Thank you for being here. Please make sure you join, and I will see you next month for another call.

Bye, alle.



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