February 10, 2023

Episode 306: 3 Things That Helped Me Lose 100 Lbs

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There are 3 things I stopped doing to lose 100lbs.

And here’s why these 3 things were so important for anyone who wants to lose weight…

  1. I don’t want you to waste your time with shit that doesn’t work
  2. These changes are backed by brain science – that’s why they work
  3. You gotta know what to avoid just as much as you need to know what to do

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All right, so you want to know the three things I stopped doing in order to lose a hundred pounds? Let’s go. Number one, I had to stop overwhelming myself. Every time I started a diet, I picked some diet that required me to turn into a completely different human being. If I did keto, I had to give up all the breads and all the starches. If I did Weight Watchers, I had to count everything down. And I’m just going to tell you right now, I ain’t a math nerd. I hate counting things. So one of the things that I realized back when I weighed 250 pounds was every diet that failed me in the past was because everything I picked, I had to completely change overnight in order to be successful. There were rigid rules, there were lots of good food and bad food lists, there were ranges of calories I had to eat, and I’m just going to tell you, I’m not the kind of person that can do that. I really thought about what needs to be different this time.

For me, what had to be different is I had to figure out a way that I was going to lose weight each day, a little change at a time, because I knew me. Every time I did something really hard, I set myself up to fail. I knew that if I made one mistake, I was probably going to eat my face off, be off the rails for weeks or months, and I didn’t want to do that this time. So I thought about what could I do.

I used something called transitional behavioral change. Now, that’s a big fancy word for just this one sentence. What can I do today that’s a little bit different than yesterday? All you need to do is every day when you wake up, you want to ask yourself that question. That question helps you think about can I leave a couple of bites by behind today? If I’m going to have my favorite number two at McDonald’s supersized, you can tell I’m a McDonald’s girl. It was a super sized number two, mayo instead of mustard, a McFlurry, but I did get a diet Dr. Pepper because we all have to cut back somewhere. I thought, all right, self, if I’m going to do a little bit better today than yesterday on my way to losing weight, what is it? My first change was going back to mustard. I knew I could do it. I knew that I could put that on repeat. And so I did that for a little bit.

I want you to ask yourself this question, what can I do today that’s a little bit different from yesterday? You need small wins like I did. Small wins add up to increasing confidence. As you start getting increasing confidence, as you start seeing yourself actually make some changes, momentum kicks in. The moment momentum kicks in, you start looking to turn up the heat just a little on what you’re willing to do. It’s so crazy. It did not take long before I was like, “Weight’s coming off and I’m not having to work that hard for it.” My number two, mustard-mayo thing. The next thing I did was like, “Huh, maybe I could quit this supersizing business.” The next thing was maybe I could order a happy meal and a ice cream cone instead of the McFlurry. All of those small changes made me feel like I was winning.

Now, you probably are going to maybe think it’s not good enough. Here’s my hot tip. The moment you think it’s not good enough, you need to tell yourself the truth. And this is what I told myself. “Corrine, here’s what’s not good enough. Old you would say like shit like that and then you would just go right back to the way you always did things. Knew you does not think this is not good enough. Knew you knows what’s not good enough is your old bad behavior. Doing nothing is what’s not good enough. Doing things that are going to take us in the direction of weight loss, that’s good enough.” That just helped me calm the F down.

Next. Number two, you got to stop cutting out the food you like. I knew for me that I wanted to lose weight in a way that I could live my life, and that meant I was going to have to be able to eat my mama’s fried chicken. I was going to need to be able to still have ice cream. I wanted to have the things I liked. I knew that my real problem wasn’t what I ate, it was really how much of it that I would eat. If I just had a piece of fried chicken, that’s one thing. But most of the time when I would go to my mama’s, I’d eat a piece of fried chicken, feel guilty as hell. Next thing you know, I’m eating two or three telling myself I’m going to have to cut this out. I’m going to find me a diet. This shit’s got to go. I don’t think we need to cut out our favorite foods.

I have coached thousands of people, and they plan the foods they like. What they learn is how to eat them without the guilt. The guilt around food is what’s really causing us to be overweight because it leads to screw it eating. It’s just like my mama’s fried chicken. If I ate a piece and I felt guilty, I’m eating two or three, washing it down with some pie, and saying, “Where’s the sweet tea?” We want to end screw eating first.

I just want you to think for a second. How often have you ate something you loved and then blown it by going crazy on it? If you had just ate it guilt free, you probably would’ve just enjoyed what you were eating and stopped. It’s the guilt around the food that has to end. What I knew I needed was practice eating without guilt so that I could just eat like a normal person.

Here’s my hot tip, because this is a lot harder than it seems, and it took me a long time to get good at it. I want you to put your hand on your chest the next time you’re eating something that you want, and I want you to remind yourself, “I am okay. I am not doing anything wrong.” A lot of the diets you’ve been on have given you very conflicting information. They tell you today, carbs are good for you. Yesterday, they were bad. Low fat’s the way. Oh no, it’s high fat. You should be eating all the protein. Oh wait, no, it’s vegan. We all need to be vegan. Every single diet you’ve ever done, they have a reason they’ve given it to you. Most of them are trying to sell a book or a supplement.

I want you to throw it all out. Food should not be morality based. You are not a better human for what you do or do not eat. And the last I checked, ain’t none of us go into heaven and them say like, “All right, I got my scroll out. Let me check your food logs before you are allowed in.” That is not happening. Here’s the thing. We have to learn how to get better at eating the foods we love in a way that works for weight loss, that works for lifestyle, and enjoyment.

The last thing I had to learn how to do was to stop removing food without replacing it with other pleasurable activities or other comforting measures. Now, what the hell does that even mean? This is what it means. When you are losing weight, I want you to think about this. You probably do start one of those immediate behavior change diets. You’ve got to change everything on a dime. Let’s take keto for example. You’ve got to cut all the carbs out tomorrow. All right? You do that. You’ve been eating bread or pasta or potatoes or whatever as a way to unwind at night. Say every night you come home from work, you’ve had a long day, you’ve got them kids all taken care of. You haven’t even stopped. The first time you stop is on the couch. If you don’t eat, you don’t know how to turn it all off. So you’ve been like grabbing the chips, grabbing the popcorn, grabbing the ice cream as a way to calm yourself down, to have an I-deserve-it moment, or to just be able to sit there and finally relax.

When you take that away, you have taken the only break you get for the day away too. Sitting there without The food ain’t fucking fun. It sucks. So many of us, like for me, back in the day, I had a kid. I still have him. I have this kid. He’s on the spectrum. Right? He got diagnosed early in childhood, around five years old. My days were long. And by the time my husband would get home at night and take him upstairs to put him to bed so they could spend a little time together, I had me time for the first time. If I didn’t have food, I didn’t know how to be with myself. I would sit there and think about I’m not a good mother, all the things I should have done differently, what I need to do tomorrow. I would feel guilty for actually sitting down for a moment. And then I would switch gears to like, “Ugh, and now I can’t even eat. Now I don’t even get my break. How many nights am I going to be sitting here wanting to eat?” It was a disaster.

One of the things I realized, I had to not only figure out like how I was going to lose weight, I had to figure out how I was going to add in better conversations with myself, how I was going to learn how to start cutting myself some slack, how was I going to have other things in life that I enjoyed outside of food? So many of us, especially women, when we have busy lives, when we have lots of things going on, we don’t even know how to enjoy anything other than that next meal. I had to learn that.

That is why I want you to know that inside my program, the No BS Weight Loss Program, we teach you how to lose weight the way you want to live your life. Nobody wants to just lose weight. You know what they really want? They want to feel good about themselves. They want to look in the mirror and be proud. They want to be happy. If you’re anything like me, I used to think I wanted to lose weight, but I really wanted the life. I wanted to be comfortable around food. I wanted to be the kind of person who could go out to eat and order what she wants, but not overeat it. I wanted to be the kind of person who had so much joy in her life that food was no longer the spotlight. It was no longer the star.

We teach you how to do that because the diets have just been failing you. I want you to just take a moment and give yourself some credit. All of these diets have been missing key components. It’s not you that’s been failing, you just haven’t been taught what you need in order to actually lose the weight. This is how my program works, very different than what other people do. The first thing I do is I just keep weight loss to four simple basics. Then I help you tackle the real shit that is standing in the way of your weight loss. I surround you with people like you who are all on a mission to lose weight how they want to live their life. And then unlike most programs, I give you real help, real human beings and no bots.

The four basics that I teach are I’m going to teach you actually how to plan the food you like guilt free, how to get comfortable around them again, how to include them, and how to stop just eating, because it’s time, because it’s there, because you ain’t got nothing better to do, because you feel bad for all of those reasons, and that’s where the planning element comes in. We plan for your real life.

The next thing is I teach you all about hunger and enough. We’re not eating for the real reasons. You have to learn how to start listening to your body again and no longer listen to meal plans and food apps. No more calorie apps, no more macros and stuff. The way that I teach it is we are going to teach you the process of how to figure out when your body needs some food, not when you’re starving, we’re not waiting on extreme hunger, just normal freaking hunger and how to stop it enough.

Then we’re going to give you the two best fat burners in the world: water and sleep. We talk about and teach you why they’re so critical, because to me, water and sleep are two things that most women don’t get enough of, and that’s why you find it nearly impossible to not overeat in the afternoon, to not overeat at night. When we are tired, food is a really good way to perk you up, except it’s a temporary perk up. It’s not a long term. If you feel guilty after it or you can’t lose your weight or you’re tired because you’re overweight, it’s not solving anything.

Then the real shit is what the diet and she really misses out on. Just because they give you a food plan, some points or app with some calorie counting ranges, doesn’t mean that suddenly when you don’t want to do something, you’re like, “Oh, this is easy. Now I suddenly want two.” When something tastes really good, you don’t look at your app and be like, “Well, that’s not a problem. I’m just going to stop.” When you’ve had a long day and no one has said a word of thanks or gratitude, including you thanking yourself for how you show up and acknowledging yourself, “I deserve it, eating.” We have to learn how to start loving ourselves, appreciating ourselves, and catching ourselves doing things right more than we catch ourselves doing things wrong so we can stop I-deserve-it eating.

And then we have to learn things like how do you get past a bad day without turning to food? If you’re anything like me and all the diets I did, I was real good if life was going great, but the second shit hit the fan, guess what? All bets were off. These are the things the diet industry’s not teaching us, and you owe it to yourself to learn them.

We also surround you with your people. I think it’s just really important. Weight loss is lonely. Most people, if they have not had a weight issue, they don’t get us. I have had countless friends, countless partners, countless family members try to tell me, “Just eat less.” Like, “You just need more willpower. You need to be exercising. You should be eating this. You should be doing that.” People who haven’t struggled with their weight just don’t get it. You need to be around people who get it so that you are not trying to do this in a silo. You are not trying to do this while also feeling lonely and unsupported. We also have accountability groups that we set people up with. Not everybody wants a huge group, they just want a few key people. We try to give you what you need, because I know weight loss is easier when you feel supported. And then real help. I’m a real person. All my weight loss coaches are real people who have worked on their weight loss and they want it for you just as bad as you do.

So you can join now. Look below, you’ll have more information. You can click the button. You can get started today. I just don’t think you should keep waiting. The best time to lose weight probably would’ve been yesterday. Do you know when the second best time to lose weight is? Today. Here’s one thing I can promise you. When you join, you are not going to need a last supper. I’m not taking away food. I am not going to starve you. I am not going to restrict you. You are fixing to figure out what food freedom is. You are fixing to figure out how to lose your weight for the last damn time.

So, look below and let me help you.



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