January 13, 2023

Episode 302: 3 Sentences I Used to Lose 100lbs and Build 2 Businesses

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If you would’ve seen me 16 years ago, you never would’ve guessed I’d:

✔️ Lose 100 pounds

✔️ Build 2 successful businesses

✔️ Rank #1052 in the Inc 5000 of Fastest Growing Businesses in 2022

Every success story I’ve worked with in weightloss or business starts the same.

Nervous as fuck, scared, thinking they can’t do it, worried it won’t work and concerned about what everybody’s going to think of them.

So if every success story had the same host of doodoo thoughts that you do about weightloss, that means your doodoo thoughts cannot stop you.

Just like me, you have what it takes to be successful. And you don’t need a magic wand. You need to pay attention to what you’re thinking.

Start by learning from me. Listen to today’s podcast:

Episode 302: 3 Sentences I Used to Lose 100lbs and Build 2 Businesses


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Hello everybody. Welcome back. So today I want to do something special. I recently was asked to speak on a really big stage for my mentor Brooke Castillo at one of her big events. There was a few thousand people there, and she asked me to talk about the sentences that I used in order to lose a hundred pounds and to build an amazing business. And I want to share that talk with all of you because when I gave it, it was very powerful for me. I’ll be real honest, I cried through most of it. I’m probably going to hold myself together a little better today, but I want to share it with you because I think one of the things that we forget when we’re losing weight, and especially for those of you who are women who are also building businesses, I want to give a special shout out to all of you because I recently launched a brand new business.

It’s called the No BS Business Women’s Membership. So if you’re interested at all when you listen to this, you can always go to nobsbusinesswomen.com. There’s a couple of freebies there for you. And I love that I started this business because I am building a business that helps women build businesses because I built one myself by solving a problem that I’d suffered with my entire life. And today I want to share with you these three sentences that changed everything for me because whether you’re trying to lose weight or you are trying to build a business, they will help you. What I learned losing my weight, I totally took that and transferred it over to building the No BS Weight Loss program and now building the No BS Business Women’s Membership. So I just want to share these three sentences with y’all today because it’s not enough to get help with what to eat.

It’s not enough to go hire a trainer who’s going to kick your ass in the gym. We’re just, in weight loss in particular, there’s such a disservice to all of us. The diet industry is treating us in a way… It’s like just do this little girl and everything will be fine. And we are not little girls and we are not people who need to be told what to do. We are people that need to be challenged. We are people that need to get some of the emotional support that we lack in this world. There’s just so much more to weight loss than what you eat. To me, weight loss has always been about, I fundamentally had to change the relationship I had with myself. I could not keep living my life being an asshole.

So most of you know me today. If you’re here listening on the podcast or maybe you’re watching this YouTube video, the Corrine today is if you can look behind me, I am a four time winning top earner at the Life Coach school because I spent 15 years building my business, helping other people end their struggle with weight loss. I got named this year in the Inc 5,000. We are number 1,052 in the country of the fastest growing companies.

A lot of you know me because you see me as a powerful, you got your shit together woman. Some of you love me because you think “Corinne’s just so authentic. She’s going to tell you everything and anything that she’s thinking, she’s not going to hold back.” If you follow me on social media, you see that there is a mix of Corinne with her shit together, photos and Karin fresh off a walk or a workout looking like a hot mess, cussing like a sailor and telling you whatever it is I’m fucking thinking about in the moment. So you see a lot of me, and what most of you don’t know is I struggled with my weight throughout my entire life. By the time I was 12 years old I weighed 210 pounds, never played a sport day of my life.

I did play a little bit of volleyball, I have to take that back. But I rode the bench. So very rarely did they put me in the games. And the only thing I really remember about playing volleyball is because I was so big, I couldn’t find white shorts that fit. And I was always hideously embarrassed at the games because my white shorts, it looked like my ass was eating them like a sandwich. And I would have chub rub like four days. That’s really all I remember about my volleyball experience. Throughout high school, I suffered with depression. By the time I was 17, I attempted suicide. By the time I was 18, I had eloped with this douche that I had been messing around with for a few months in high school. I had a full ride to college and within the first semester, I dropped out of school because said douche bag wouldn’t get a job.

And so somebody had to support us. And one of the things that I’ve always been really good at is working. I’m a good worker. I’ve always been a hard worker and to show up. So most of my life, there’s nothing that somebody would look at my life if they were just looking at from the day that I started losing weight on back would say, “Oh my God, she’s the one. She’s going to lose all of her weight. She is going to build two businesses. She’s going to retire her husband.” Just no one would’ve ever thought that I would have the life that I have today based on what they could see in my history. And that’s important for all of you because one of the things I’m going to tell you about is how we cannot use our past against us. And I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

So when I decided to lose my weight, I was over 250 pounds. Just to be honest, I quit weighing. I didn’t want to see that number anymore. I’m like, most of y’all, I just couldn’t take it. But I remember having one sentence that literally stopped me dead in my tracks. And that was “Mommy’s too tired to play.” My son came up to me at one years old and you know how little kids look, they just want you to play with them. They want to show you something. And I literally looked at him and said that.

And I immediately started crying because when I was growing up, my mother was 17 when she had me and 19 with my brother. She barely had a small town in Alabama high school education and she often couldn’t play with us. My mother worked so many jobs just to support us, to keep food on the table and often we didn’t have food on the table, but she did everything she could. And when she came home, she was fucking exhausted. So shout out to all the single mamas out there holding it down. I have so much respect for all of you. Every year on Father’s Day, I usually make a post and I always call my mother to wish her a happy Father’s Day.

So that day I started bawling. I was turning into the one thing I promised myself, I never would with children. I was going to be different. And yet there I was exhausted because I was eating my life away. And I was at that inflection point where I heard that sentence and I thought, “Something’s got to change. I can’t keep doing this.” I knew what road I would head down if I didn’t do something with my life in that moment. So I adopted a new sentence instead of thinking, “I’ll never be able to lose my weight, I don’t know how to lose weight, I’ve always been overweight.” I decided that sentence can’t happen anymore. And I decided in that moment I was like, “I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m going to figure this out.” And from that moment on, I started using that sentence. I started telling myself, “I don’t need to know exactly what to do to lose weight. I just need to know I’m committed to figuring it out.”

That helped me every day ask better questions instead of why can’t I lose weight? I started asking, what could I do today that’s a little bit better than yesterday? So sentences can alter your life. And the key is you have to really pay attention to them because you’re going to have to choose wisely. You cannot keep letting the bullshit sentences that are in your head run the show. Now that doesn’t mean that what I’m going to tell you today, that the bullshit sentences will stop. No negative thinking stops on a dime. And for the rest of your life, you will have all kinds of negative thinking that automatically comes up. If you listen to this podcast, you can go back into the archives. You can find tons and tons of podcasts on why does our brain think negative things?

How is our brain designed? I’ve taught that several times in the podcast. But what you have to realize is that once you understand how to listen to how you think, it is now your duty and your responsibility to yourself to choose wisely which sentences you live your life by and the new ones you’re willing to start thinking even when you don’t believe them, even when they feel hard, even when they’re flying in the face of you being nervous, doubtful, scared, or feeling hopeless. We have to be willing to give ourselves new sentences. So here are three that I used.

The first one is old Corinne versus new Corinne. I use this a lot. What I realized is I needed a trick to help me lose my weight, but I needed a trick that wasn’t just about what I was eating, an exercise program or a shake. What I needed was a trick to highlight the moments where I typically derailed myself. So I called it Old Corinne versus New Corinne. So this meant I started listening for how I was talking to myself. And very often I would hear myself say shit and I’d be like, “Oh, that is old Corinne thinking. New Corinne thinks this.”

So one of the examples that I’ve used is when I first started the ability to play with my son was one of my major whys, I was going to figure out how to physically feel better. And I thought losing a little weight and moving my body some would help me get to the point to where this kid that I wanted, that I could be the kind of mom I wanted to be. And so I started with 15 minutes a day of walking. I really sat and thought about what can someone do every day for the rest of their life?

And I was like, “It makes sense that no matter what’s going rain, sleet or snow, somebody could walk for 15 minutes every day. And that’s actually good for them.” I could do it in my house, I could do it outside, I could do it on a treadmill. It was super accessible. But here’s what happened. The first few times I went on these walks, my brain screamed like a raging bitch, “It’s not good enough. This won’t matter. It’s going to take forever if you just do this.” And I remember thinking, “Holy fuck, that’s old Corinne thinking.” Old Corinne, every time she tries to do something positive for herself comes in and she negates it and she argues for why we shouldn’t do it. And she’s telling us no. New Corinne decided to think “15 minutes a day is better than no minutes a day, 15 minutes a day can add up over time. So we don’t need to worry about if it’s enough. It may one day be more, but not today.”

I had to call myself out. And then I had to understand why would my inner voice be so negative and awful? And I would just give you a side bonus tip that I didn’t even include in my talk the other day. I’ve really thought about this. A lot of times my negative voice comes in when it’s just scared I can’t do something. And in the past when I have failed at something, I have been so hard on myself, I have been a complete ass wipe to me, call myself names, beat myself up emotionally to where I felt extremely disappointed, angry at myself, full shame that I should have done better. My inner voice is just trying to say, “Are you fucking sure? Because if this doesn’t work out, you’re a real bitch to yourself.”

And instead of not trying things, I decided, what if I learn how to not be a bitch to myself if things don’t work out so I can go for more and more bigger things in life? And things started clicking. That was the moment where I was like, “I do have to think new Corinne. I must start thinking like her.” So one of the things I want you to think about is what is something that you think a lot about that you know is old you thinking? Make a list of those on a piece of paper and then next to it, right down what is new you think? Come up with prepared talks on how new you is going to talk to yourself in those moments.

Now the second sentence was, there’s only one Judge Judy, and it’s not you. So this means that a lot of you, when you start listening and trying to get good at hearing, your old, you thinking there’s a weird phenomenon that happens that can slow down your ability to start listening to old thinking and pivoting it. And it’s called being a fucking judge of your thoughts. You’ll start hearing things you know can’t do it because or you’ve always failed or you’ve never been able to lose weight and keep it off. Why is this time going to be different? You’ll start hearing all of that and your job is to insert new Corinne thinking or new you thinking. But what a lot of us do is it’s like step one is to hear it, step two is to pivot to new you. But we add like step one A and that is whine, bitch, and fucking moan that our brains ain’t saying everything gloriously.

So we think “I must be crazy because I keep thinking this. I must be broken because I have negative thinking. Oh my god, I’m the only one that thinks this way.” Look, you ain’t the only one that thinks this way. I’ve been working with thousands of women for 15 years now on weight loss and ain’t none of y’all such a special snowflake that your host of shit wad thinking is unlike everybody else’s. It ain’t. It’s just like everybody else.

So you ain’t broke and crazy, or the only one who thinks that way. So for all of you, whether you’re building a business or losing weight, here’s the deal. We don’t judge our thinking and we also don’t stop because of our shitty ass thinking. If you know how you want to show up, then you just tell yourself, “That’s my old thinking. But I know in this moment what the version of me who loses weight or the version of me who builds this business. I know what she’s thinking and what she’s doing, so I’m just going to act like her.” That’s a better deal than acting like let’s moan and bitch. This old me.

So you’re not a Judge Judy. So do not sit there and judge your thoughts. Now how do you use this? One of the things that I would suggest you do is I want you to have a plan for when your low energy thoughts come up. So you’re going to have identified old you thinking and you’re going to have already decided ahead of time, and this is something that my new self could think and believe. This is something I could tell myself. But I want you to have a plan of how will I remember to use that? I want you to have a plan of, if you don’t hear it, what do you feel like in those moments? If you can identify how you feel, then you’ll know there’s something I’m thinking that’s got me feeling gross. What is it so I can learn, so I can challenge it, so I can change it.

Now if you’re sitting there going, “I don’t know how to change my thoughts, I don’t know how to find believable things.” You probably need a weight loss coach or a business coach. That’s the shit I do. Turn it over to an expert. You can either join No BS Weight Loss, we do the coaching there. Just go to join nobs.com and check us out. We help you with all of that and we teach you how to do that. Same in the business membership. Go to nobsbusinesswomen.com, check us out over there and not only teach you the frameworks to build a business, but we help you with the mindset. Because you can’t get out of your own way, it won’t matter how many fucking frameworks you got. Just like losing weight. Doesn’t matter how many frameworks you got to lose weight if you can’t get out of your own way what’s the point?

We got to at some point learn how to get out of our own way and that’s what altering sentences does for you. Now the last point that I promised that I would talk about is that every success story was wrong at the start. So many of you are using your past against you when it comes to your ability to lose weight, your ability to build a business, to go out on your own. And I’m just going to tell you, every success story that I’ve worked with in weight loss or business, they all start the same nervous as fuck, scared, thinking they can’t do it, worried it won’t work, concerned what everybody’s going to think of them, every fucking one of them. So if every success story had the same host of doodoo thoughts that you do, that means your doodoo thoughts cannot stop you.

They were wrong about their potential. They were wrong about what everybody would think. They were wrong about what they thought of them. That day that I was sitting on the couch at 250, I promise you I did not think I could lose weight. I didn’t think it was going to happen. I wouldn’t even set a goal weight. I didn’t do any of that. You know what I believed? That today I could do something today, I could make some kind of change that if I kept doing it might end up helping me lose weight. That was it. So all success stories, they have a dream. They very often don’t even believe in much that it will happen. So you don’t have to fully believe in yourself in the beginning. You don’t have to feel amazing. You don’t need to be motivated. You probably do need to be a little scared.

You probably do need to have doubt and stuff. The biggest thing that you need though, and I want you to hear this, you just need to be willing to be wrong. You have to be willing to be wrong about the bullshit at which you think about yourself. You have to be willing to be wrong that you might be able to actually do it, that your past and all of those failures just because your brain wants to think about it, it literally has nothing to do with today. The only thing that has to do with today is what you decide to put in your mouth, if you decide to get to work or not. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday and it doesn’t matter what happened in a past diet. None of that matters unless you decide, “Oh, this is why.” No, today is your fresh decision and that’s it.

So remember, success stories all started just like you, nervous and scared. They just didn’t use it as a reason to stop. They decided to go out and prove themselves wrong instead of not starting to prove themselves right, that they can’t do it. So I want you to write about this. What could I be wrong about in order to achieve my dreams? Do I think other success stories? Is there anyone out there that’s built a business or lost weight who thought like me? If so, do I want to keep making this a problem or do I want to make this something I’m not paying attention to anymore and I’m just going to get to work on thinking a little bit better each day using old me versus new me thinking. All right, so here’s what I want to tell all of you.

Changing your sentences is not an overnight thing. Changing your sentences takes a while and the most common thing I hear is like, “It’s just so exhausting. It’s so hard.” It is not hard to change sentences. Do you know what’s hard? When you sit there and you bitch and moan that you have to do it, then you make it hard. When you sit around and think it’s exhausting, that makes it hard. But if you sit and you sit, if you sit and you think “It’s going to be worth it,” if you sit and you think “I’m willing to argue for my future self more than I’m willing to argue for my past from this moment forward,” it’s not as exhausting. And at the end of the day, you have a choice. You can go to bed exhausted because you’re not meeting your dreams, because you’re not challenging yourself, because you’re shaming yourself thinking you should be doing better, frustrated that you’re stuck.

You can go to bed exhausted with all of that. Or you can go to bed exhausted every night because you changed how you think for the better thousands of times every day. You go to bed mentally exhausted, trying to think better, pivoting your thoughts. Yeah, you might be tired, but you’ll be tired in a good way, in a productive way, and in a way that takes you to where you want to go. All right. Don’t forget, if you’re interested in No BS Weight Loss, go on over to joinnobs.com. And if you’re listening to me and you didn’t know that I had a business membership, that I am helping women with online businesses start, grow, and scale so that they can change their family trees just like I did, then you can head on over to nobsbusinesswomen.com and check us out over there. We’re doing amazing things. No matter which way you need help though, I’m your girl. I will believe in you until you can believe in you. Y’all have a good week. Talk to you later.


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