Episode 299: Simple Steps to Set a Weightloss Goal

When I talk to women about weightloss, a lot of us are scared to set a weightloss goal.

This happens because when we set a goal, our brain brings up ALL the horse shit. Like shame about past failed diets. Or fear we won't be able to meet our goal.

These feelings can stop us from setting goals. But it's normal for our brain to look to the past for evidence that we can't meet our goals.

But, that doesn't mean you should skip making one.

When we set a goal, it gives us the ability to determine if we're on track to meet it. It's hard to know if you are succeeding without one. And without a goal, we can look at the things that are actually working for you to lose weight.

I've watched too many women skip setting a weightloss goal. Instead, they just google a new meal plan and hope they will be able to do it perfectly.

So, on today's podcast, I'm teaching you the 3 simple steps it takes to set a weightloss goal and overcome those normal feelings of fear and doubt.

I normally only teach this to members of the No BS Weightloss Program, but I'm sharing it with you because I believe that setting a goal will help you lose weight.

Listen to Episode 299: Simple Steps to Set a Weightloss Goal now.

Here's to setting (and achieving) our goals in 2023


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