November 4, 2022

Episode 292: 5 Things I Had to Change to Lose Weight

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Success stories have something in common. And it’s not unshakable commitment, dedication, willpower or superhuman strength.

My own 100 lbs weightloss and all my members who have lost their weight literally only have this 1 thing in common.

Every one of us doubted we could lose weight.

When I first started, I was afraid that I wasn’t ever going to be able to lose weight.

I would sit around day after day eating and thinking “I’ve been overweight since I was a child. It’s my genetics. I have a baby. I don’t have time.”

Because of all of that, I really didn’t think that I could do it.

But there were 5 things I did that helped me lose weight despite my doubts, and today I’m sharing them with you.

Listen to Episode 292: 5 Things I Had to Change to Lose Weight, where I share 5 things I had to change to lose weight. (They are things you can do too, even if you have doubt)


Hello everyone, this is Corinne from Losing 100 Pounds, the podcast and the creator of the No BS Weightloss Program. And this is a surprise live. I usually only come live once a month for all of you. Today, I’m doing a special one because this is the last day that we are going to be open in the No BS Weightloss Program. And I just wanted to go over, not the program, but the things that I had to change in order to lose 100 pounds. So if you’re watching the replay, please feel free to leave us comments. I love seeing comments that people leave. If you’re coming here live, please tag people that you know would love to hear this. This is for everyone who is, who’s literally sitting around wondering if now is my time.

This morning I was thinking about everyone, and one of the things that I’ve been saying recently that just dawned on me not too long ago was that, every single success story, including myself who’s lost 100 pounds, and all of my members that have lost weight, we all had something in common. And people always think that the thing that we all have in common is commitment or dedication or I don’t know, willpower, strength. That’s not it. There literally is only one thing all of us had in common, and that is every one of us doubted we could lose weight.

All the people that I know that have lost weight inside of No BS, they may have been excited in the beginning, but there was always doubt, there was always fear. I remember when I first started, I was afraid that I wasn’t ever going to be able to lose weight and I would sit around day after day eating and consumed with, I’ve always been overweight. I’ve been overweight since I was a child. It’s my genetics. I have a baby. I don’t have time. There were all these things that I thought about all the time, and because of all of that, I really didn’t think that I could do it.

But there was a day where the fear of not being able to do it, had to be not as important as me thinking about, but I need to try one more time. And I’m just going to do it afraid and I’m just going to do it thinking that I can’t do it. I’m just going to take steps and I’m going to take those steps every day. And that’s the number one common theme that I see in people who end up losing weight is that they always say, “When I first started, I didn’t think I could do it. I’ve never been able to do it before.” The thing we actually have in common is we were wrong, We were just wrong about ourselves. And it makes me think how many of you are sitting around day after wrong about yourself and yet still not doing anything about it?

So I heard this quote this morning, and this is kind of what got me thinking about, I just want to go live because I don’t want anyone sitting around letting their fear dictate how they’re going to show up in their life anymore. It is fine to be afraid, but let’s stop letting the fear dictate how we show up. And so it was by Bob Proctor and he said, “Faith and fear both demand for you to believe in something that you can’t see.” Faith and fear both demand you to believe in something that you cannot see. So, if you can’t see it, you might as well go with faith every damn time. For me, I will tell you, there were these things I had to give up when it came to losing 100 pounds, and this is the things that I think a lot of my clients end up giving up.

The first one is I had to give up the idea that I needed to know that I was going to lose weight in order to get started. That was keeping me stuck on my couch day after day, half the time crying because I couldn’t get my shit together, eating at night because I’d spent all day long thinking about how overweight I was, thinking about you’re setting a bad example for your child, your husband, he’s over here and you ain’t even trying. I just had so much that was going on in my head. And for me, I had to give up the idea that I needed to know I was going to lose weight to get started. I was like, there’s no way to know. Every person that’s lost weight didn’t know when they got started. And I’ve applied faith in my willingness to get up each day and try a little bit better than the day before.

Instead of fearing what I couldn’t have, I literally made a promise to myself that every day I was going to wake up, and instead of sitting there and thinking about how shitty I’d showed up the day before and how I’ll probably show up shitty again today, I woke up each day and was determined, all you got to do Corinne, is you got to wake up every day. You need to ask yourself, is there something today that I can do a little bit better than yesterday? I put faith in that one question. And then every day I put faith in the next meal that when I would eat, I would give it my best. I would try not to overeat. I would think through my choices. I took it meal by meal. So many of you are putting your faith in the final outcome. I’m just going to tell you, as someone who struggled with their weight all their life, who struggled with a lack of education, struggled with so many things all of my life, depression, suicide, I had to quit putting faith in a year, two or five years results.

I had to put faith in, what do I have emotional bandwidth just for today? Maybe tomorrow I’ll have more. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have less. Who the fuck knows? Here’s what I do know. No more putting all of my eggs in the fear basket. Now, we’re just going to see what we can believe this meal, this moment, this day and auto correct as often as I needed. So that was the first thing I had to give up was putting faith in long, long-term goals, long-term things I wanted and where could I put faith in the little things that felt doable and within my reach.

I have always said for years and years and years to all of you, one of the reasons I was able to lose weight was because I quit doing all of those shenanigans. I started really getting focused each and every day on what I was doing and kept my eye on the prize of the day. I didn’t make my days restrictive. I didn’t make them harder, I made them doable. And every day, emotionally, I was in a different place. And as long as I met myself where I emotionally was each day and did my best with the emotions of the day, then I could create momentum for myself instead of creating backward ass progress all the time. Quitting.

The second thing that I had to give up was thinking that weight loss was hard. I swear to God, I sat around all the time thinking about how hard it was going to be and my mind would go off into delusion land about all the things I was going to have to give up. Seriously, I was eating a half a gallon of ice cream every night, every night on top of whatever shit I was doing all day long. In my mind, in order to lose weight, you’re going to have to give up ice cream and you’re going to have to do this. You’re only going to be able to eat this many calories, blah, blah, blah, blah. It was such a fucking lie.

You know what I needed to do? Figure out how not to eat a half a gallon of ice cream every night. The rest of it I probably could keep for now. So let’s just address the elephant in the room. But when we think weight loss is hard, we go immediately into a 180, into all these things that we’re going to have to do. When we can keep it simple.

So I had to quit thinking that. And the reason why it made sense to me is like Corinne every time you sit around and you think about how hard this is going to be, you’re afraid to try. You sit and do nothing. What are your easy wins? That was the question that needed to be asked. My biggest problem is I had just never been around anybody or anyone that had done it the easy way. I had been stuck in the diet trauma hamster wheel all my life. The only thing I knew was WeightWatchers and Jenny Craig and get you some shots. Oh wait, here’s the latest crack pills that we can all take that are at the GNC or legal.

All I had known was hard weight loss. And it wasn’t until I got started where I was just like, I can’t do hard anymore. Some people would call that not being strong or, isn’t that weak? Fuck no, it’s not weak. You know what it is? It’s called meeting myself where I’m at so I can get to where I want to go, every damn day. That version of me that was sitting on that couch who decided to eat ice cream out of a bowl the size of a Tupperware, it took courage and bravery. That wasn’t weakness. It wasn’t the slow way. The slow way and the weak way was talking myself out of it every day, thinking that it had to be hard. The weak way was never doing a damn thing every single day because I thought it would be too hard because I was setting false expectations day after day after day. That was what was hard and I had to give that up. Had to just give it up.

The next thing, I think this is the third one. I had to quit waiting for the right time. I can’t tell you, I might have been able to lose my weight sooner if I had have quit telling myself, now’s not the right time. You have a baby. Now’s not the right time. You got a lot going on on your job. Now’s not the right time. Your grandparents are sick and in the hospital. I was constantly telling myself reasons why now is not the right time, which was such a fucking lie. And let me tell you why. Whatever’s going on in your life, you want to learn to lose weight in a way where you can handle your life, where you can deal with your life without food. You shouldn’t be doing something that’s so hard or so impossible or so time consuming that you can’t take care of your kids. You can’t handle it when your grandparents go into the hospital because they’re dying of cancer. There was no right time coming.

Every moment matters. There needed to be a way to lose weight where the right time had nothing to do with it. I needed to be able to go on vacation, still lose weight and keep my weight off. I needed to be able to have birthday parties with my son, be around cake and it not be like, Well, now’s not the right time. Well, it’s not the right time because it’s also the holidays. If your shit that you’re doing to lose weight does not allow you to have your life, to be with your life, to deal with your life, to navigate the ups and downs that every life has, you’re doing it wrong. And I had to quit doing that. I had to quit betting on what’s called conditional success.

No more conditional success. Conditional success means all conditions need to be right in order for me to have what I need, in order for me to be able to do what I need to do. I traded it in for deliberate success, which meant I’m going to sit and I’m going to figure out the things that I can do for myself no matter what’s going on in my life. No more giving up on me. No more letting life tell me that I can’t take care of me. That’s not true. In the moments when life’s going crazy, that is the exact moment I need a support system and I need a plan and I need a way to eat that takes care of me, because in those moments, that’s when I need it the fucking most.

The next thing that I had to give up was failure could no longer be a reason to stop or not try. I had to learn that I was just going to have to be okay if I disappointed myself. I had to be legit, even if it doesn’t work out, I’m just going to be proud of you that you tried. I had to stop waiting to not be afraid of failure. I had waited my entire life to not be afraid of failure. And guess what? I still never was brave. There was never a day where it was just like, I’m suddenly going to be great with failure. I just had to tell myself, Look, it might not work, but you still get to be proud that you tried again. You still get to try as many times as you want. You don’t have to be an asshole to yourself when things don’t work out. That’s called optional.

A lot of us do it. When things don’t work out. Guess what we do? We talk to ourselves like a ass. We call ourselves lazy. We call ourselves dumb. We think everybody around us is ashamed of us and stuff. We do this to ourselves and I just had to agree that if things didn’t work out, instead of being disappointed in myself every day, I was going to be proud that I tried and I was probably going to try again. Otherwise, I was just doing what we call pre disappointment. I was sitting around every day disappointed that I wasn’t trying, that I wasn’t braver, that I wasn’t as courageous. I was disappointed that I didn’t have my shit together. I was already living a life of disappointment.

Me not going for it, didn’t tamp that down. I had to quit telling myself the lie, I couldn’t handle one more disappointment. Guess what? Every time I had told myself, you can’t handle one more disappointment, guess what? I had always handled them. I would just tell myself that and get afraid. And I was like, You’ve spent a lifetime being disappointed. You might as well keep going until you figure it out. What is the option?

The next thing that I had to give up was, I had to quit only listening to the scary voices in my head and I had to quit listening to the scary voices outside, which meant the doubters, the people who like, God love a lot of my friends and stuff, but they honestly told me all the time, “You probably won’t be able to lose weight. I know how hard it is.” I had to quit listening to the scary voices externally and internally. When they would start up, I had to just tell myself, That’s old Corinne thinking. I’m not going to think like that anymore. I’m not going to scare myself. I’m just going to tell myself this is what we’re doing today. It’s my job to calm me down. It’s not other people’s job to calm me down. And if the people around me didn’t know how to talk to me about this stuff, it was on me to quit listening to them. It was on me to go out and find people that would lift me up, that thought bigger and that believed in me. That’s how I met my husband.

My husband, one of the reasons why I love him and fell in love with him is that I was around a lot of people who just didn’t have a lot of ambition. They didn’t believe in themselves. They thought they were all about conditional success. They thought that time had to be right. They complained about their life a lot and my husband was the only one who did not do that stuff. It just stood out like a sore thumb. And when we met, I was like, I need to be around people like him. When I’m around him, I see hope. I see a bigger future for myself. He highlights in me what’s right about me. He’s not sitting there having a fuckfest of problems and what’s wrong with all of us. No kumbayaing over that kind of shit.

Anytime I told him I wanted to do something, to this day, anytime I tell him I want to do something, he always says this, “Well, I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t. If you want to, just go for it.” That’s been his motto from day one. And so one of the things I really had to do is, I had to learn how to talk to myself better when old Corinne wanted to come back and she came back probably 400 times a day, she was relentless. She was like, “I’m your bestie. Why don’t you want to talk to me anymore?” And I would have to say, “But what is new Corinne going to say? What is new Corinne going to think when these things start happening?” And then I had to go look for support.

That is one of the reasons why inside of No BS, I put you in a Facebook group that is filled with support. We moderate the fuck out of those things. I do not tolerate bullshit. I’ve been to the WeightWatcher boards on Facebook, not a pretty sight. They’re not nice to each other. If anybody in my group is not being nice, delete. We have a talking to. We have a conversation. Maybe you just had a bad day.

We all need support. And so you’ve got to find it. Especially if your internal voice isn’t supportive, that means you need a ton of external support. You need experts. You need people like me yelling at you saying, “I believe in you. I know you can do it. Here’s how I did it. Here are the things that you could be thinking right now.” Because when your internal voice is harsh, you have to drown it out with other things until your internal voice starts replicating what you’re hearing. But if all it ever hears is your shitty ass talk reinforced by shitty ass opinions around you, it makes it harder for you to change. That is why support is a key pillar inside of my program. It’s probably one of the most important things.

And then the last thing, I had to quit complaining about my life. I had to quit complaining what was unfair about my genetics, my history, of my diets. I had to quit complaining about all of it. And I had to decide that from now on I’m working around every obstacle that I think is in my way. I have so many women who are in menopause and they’ve been told by everyone that you can’t lose weight, you can’t lose weight, you can’t lose weight. It’s not true. I’ve got women in their 50s in menopause. I had one lady today, she’s been in the program. She’s 70. She not only had lost her weight, but for the last year, she’s just been in the program just enjoying maintenance. And today was the day that she’s like, “I’m ready to graduate and I love everything you’ve taught me and I really do feel like this is the new me now.” I can’t ask for any better. She just didn’t sit around and say, it’s unfair. I should have lost my weight sooner. It’s unfair that I’m this age.

People who succeed aren’t complaining about what’s wrong. People who succeed are figuring out how to work around it, how to break it, getting help from other people who’ve done it, too. Because for every person has PCOS, diabetes, who’s over the age of 60 or 70, who has menopause, who has small children, who live in a different country, who you name it. I can’t even go through all of the special circumstances. I’ve had tons of women like you who didn’t use it as an excuse and quit eating over it. And that’s the key. So many of us just use these things against ourselves and then we eat because of it.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me, well, especially with menopause. I don’t know why I’m on a menopause rant, but menopause is one of the ones I get asked the most. Is they will say, But I get so pissed because of menopause that on the weekends I just eat. Your overeating is not menopause’s fault. Your overeating is what is causing the weight. So let’s get rid of all the emotional shit first and just see is menopause actually the problem?

I just wanted to come in today as a quick live. Somebody said, “Menopause sucks.” Everybody feels like ass when they say that. That’d be like me saying, “Blonde hair sucks. Living in Nashville sucks.” Nobody ever feels good when they say that. Here’s what I would just advise all of you to say, “I got menopause. Every woman’s going to have it. Here we go. I’m going to do my best. I’m going to work around the symptoms. I don’t have to love it, but I don’t have to make myself feel terrible because of it. I don’t have to sit around every day and think about how bad it is. What I can do is not miss out on the rest of my life because of my hormones changing.” That we can do. And those are the mental shifts we have to start making if we’re going to lose our weight. This is what I tell y’all, weight loss is mental. It is mental first. Whatever’s going on between your ears is the dictator of what’s going to go in that mouth. How much is going in and what’s going in.

Please remember, weight loss is about what goes on in your mind, first and foremost. There’s no diet plan coming out there that can overcome the obstacle of a shitty mindset, of a mindset that’s hopeless, of a mindset that’s not changing. I teach y’all mindset all the time, so that one day you’ll be like, “It is just time to work on my brain. That’s what it is.”

So for all of you who are sitting on the fence about No BS, today’s the day to join. Last day that we’re open. I’m slamming the doors closed tonight at midnight. It’ll be next year before you can get in. You have about a third, a little less than a third of a year left. Don’t use the holidays as an excuse. Don’t use that the year’s almost over. You can think about your year starts now and where are you going to be this time next year? Still giving up a third of the year every single year? That’s the things to think about.

So if you’ll go to, you can sign up with us today. You’ll go through your quick start. Within 15 minutes, your quick start lessons are done, and you can start the No BS Weight Loss course. We are rocking and rolling already. No one’s behind. I wrote this program so that it will be self-paced. Sunday, I am hosting the big 30 day action plan for all of my new members. By the way, if you’re a current member, you know can come to every fucking call I do. I know how y’all are. Y’all like to come to all the calls. You’re always invited. There will be a replay if you can’t attend on Sunday.

But on Sunday at 1:00 central time, I will be welcoming thousands of people into the program teaching you how to make that 30 day action plan doable for you, to where you can get your head straight so that you can start living the life you want to live. That’s what this is all about. So Is there any questions? It doesn’t look like it. Sarah, you would’ve given me some. If there were any questions, I can answer a few if anybody has.

Lori Hall just said, “I just started in the membership. It’s a better life inside than what you experience with the free content. You will not be sorry.” That’s awesome. Week one, Becky Brown said, “I’m down 5.6 pounds.” It is so amazing. How do you join? You just go to And for all of you that have been listening to me for a long time, the 289 is gone. I made a decision a while back not to do the 289 anymore to join. So it’s just $59 a month now. You sign up on month one, it’s $59 a month. And you can stay until you lose all your weight and you can stay to do maintenance with us. You can stay just to up level your life and be surrounded by women who are killing it, who are just killing it in life right now.

All right, y’all have a good one, and I will see you in next month’s Facebook Live. If not, I will see you in the podcast. Bye y’all.


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