Episode 285: It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Life

Have you ever thought…

“I'm too old to change.”
“It's too late for me.”
“There's no way I could lose weight after all these failed diets.”

It's not true. My co-host Kathy lost weight after years of struggling with her weight.

She quit an accounting job of 32 years to become a life coach.

She did a half-marathon with bum knees and zero workout habits.

And, she did this all after raising kids and starting the next chapter of her life.

Kathy has a firm belief that it's never too late to change your life.

She didn't always believe this. In fact, she didn't even know that dreaming about her future was possible.

She only knew to rely on others for…

  • Acceptance
  • Atta-boys
  • Decisions about HER life

And over time, as we grew to know each other better, I learned that she was someone I could easily depend on…I just needed for HER to believe that.

And now she does. She's come a long ass way from sitting on the couch, weighing 230 pounds. And she continues to grow.

On today's podcast, she talks openly about her growth so you can grow, too. From weightloss to career change to creating your best life…it's all possible for you.

So listen to this podcast. Kathy cries (instead of me this time!) and shares something new and exciting she's doing inside No BS.

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