August 19, 2022

Episode 281: When Eating Less Sucks

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Losing weight requires eating less food than you do now.

When you read that, do you start feeling…


Those are NORMAL feelings to have, and in this podcast episode, you’ll learn…

  • How to go from being sad about what you can’t eat right now to feeling proud you’re listening to your deepest wants.
  • Feeling deprived is “optional” (and what you could feel instead).
  • A simple trick when you want to keep eating because “it tastes so good.”

In 10 minutes, you’ll know how to eat less without it scaring the shit out of you.

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Hi, I’m Corinne. After a lifetime of obesity, being bullied for being the fattest kid in the class, and losing and gaining weight like it was my job, I finally got my shit together and I lost 100 pounds. Each week, I’ll teach you no bullshit weight loss advice you can use to overcome your battle with weight. I keep it simple. You’ll learn how to quit eating and thinking like an asshole. You stop that and weight loss becomes easy. My goal is to help you lose weight the way you want to live your life. If you are ready to figure out weight loss, then let’s go.

So this goes two ways. Some of you when you first start paying attention to how much food you eat, you’re going to be sad at the volumes of food you’ve been eating and be like, “Oh my gosh.” When I really started paying attention, I didn’t even realize how much I was eating. You don’t need to feel sad about it. That’s just coming from a judgment thought. Be proud of yourself that you’re recognizing what your body needs. Exchange the sadness for pride that you’re willing to meet your body where it’s at.

The other side of it though is a lot of you grieve leaving food behind. You grieve not being able to eat as much as you wanted to. That’s also very common. The thing to remember is that it will feel depriving at first and you have to remind yourself, “I’m not being deprived. I’m learning what my body actually needs.” This is the other part that we’ll do inside of no BS and it becomes twofold. As I’m releasing this food because my body is telling me it doesn’t need it, that means I have to start giving myself what it always needed.

Because if I’ve been overeating, let’s say you overeat because it tastes so good, this is a very common one. It’s like it tastes so good and I just keep eating. A lot of people do that and they think they’re not emotionally eating. Feeling good is an emotion. When you’re eating because something tastes good and you keep eating, you’re creating the feeling of good and satisfied. That means you don’t know how to create that emotion by telling yourself, “I feel really good about the person I’m becoming by only eating how much I need.”

You’re feeling bad because you’re focused on the only way I know how to be proud of myself or to feel good is to keep eating. I don’t know how to talk about my food in a way other than more is better. No one’s taught me how to disassociate from quantity meaning enough. We have to work on not only letting go of the food, but also simultaneously replacing that with thinking and a life that fills the void.

A lot of you are eating because you don’t like being lonely at night. A lot of you are eating because you’re decompressing from a very stressful day. When you only eat to enough and you don’t have any way of giving yourself a break, of truly relaxing without feeling guilty you should be doing something else, a lot of you, the reason why you eat all night is because if you just sat there and did nothing, you’d feel guilty for not finishing work projects. You’d feel guilty for not wanting to spend more time with your kids. You’d feel guilty for being annoyed that you can’t just watch TV. You’d feel guilty for not doing the dishes.

So we eat to avoid feeling guilty, instead of stop eating and learn how to appreciate yourself enough to feel deserving of that break. But no one is teaching us that. When we eat to fill boredom, guess what, if you’re going to stop eating, now you’re going to be bored. Now you either have to know how to be bored and it not be the end of the world or figure out what is missing in your life. A lot of people eat so that they don’t have to actually think about the things that they would love to be doing with their life.

Some of you all want to go get new jobs. Some of you all are scared to date. So you tell yourself you’re bored when what you’re really doing is you’re afraid to get out there. So we eat. We have to learn how to have courage. We have to learn how to be scared and do things anyway. We have to figure out what’s going in our head that keeps us using eating as a viable tool to avoid life, to avoid doing things that would be good for us.

Number four, this is the big one and I saved it for last. Number four, worrying about wasted food. This is the big one. I think we’ve all grown up clean your plate, eat that, whatever. So many of us worry about wasting food. Now, I have a big rant about this. I’ve done podcasts on it. I’m going to give you all the bottom line. Number one, if you keep overeating in an effort to not waste food, you will be wasting your money and you will be wasting your life. So you’re wasting something. So don’t be sitting there acting like nothing’s getting wasted.

Some of you all act like Oscar the Grouch. You are the human garbage disposal for your family. Let me eat this. Don’t put that down the drain. Let me clean this plate. A lot of you all will tell me like, “But Corinne, throwing away food is so wasteful.” First of all, I wish would just add that money up. Sometimes you all are eating two to three bites that are going to equal 75 cents to a dollar and seriously telling me that you’re stopping weight loss, which could get you off meds, could get you in smaller clothes, could add years to your life, add quality to your life, to where you could drive less and walk more places over those few ass bites?

How are you ever going to reduce your grocery bill if you just keep eating the same amount of food all the time because I hate wasting it? You know what I would tell myself, I hate spending extra money at the grocery store every week because I’m keeping my overeating habit over some bullshit. If you’re going to hate something, hate that you’re wasting money every single week buying the same amount of groceries because you never learn that you need to buy less, because you are giving yourself an opportunity to eat less.

Number one, that’s the big one. So you want to know what’s wasteful? I got these points. I’m just going to read them off to you. If you want to grab a screenshot, here’s your big chance. Again, take control replays. We will give you every one of these little sheets I read off of. Number one, sitting around cleaning your plate like a 12 year old instead of learning how to serve yourself less food, that’s wasteful. Being scared to toss 50 cents worth of food instead of scared you’re wasting your life wishing for weight loss, that’s wasteful.

Taking medications instead of taking a moment to ask what you truly need if food isn’t the solution when you’re looking at knowing you’ve had enough, that is wasteful. There’s more waste going on right now than just a little bit of food that you’re going to throw away in the very beginning. This is what your brain has to wrap itself around.

Yeah, you’ve been overeating. You’ve been putting more food in your body than it can handle. It has given you GERD. It is setting you up for bad backs. It is compressing your joints. It is doing damage. In the beginning when you’re figuring out how much food you really need to eat, you might have to throw some away. You might not eat everything. But after a few weeks, you know how much, you know how much you need now, and then you get to come in and start buying less, start serving less, start normalizing to the new normal.

Thank you so much for listening today. Make sure you head on over to and sign up for my free weight loss training on what you need to know to start losing your weight right now. You’ll also find lots of notes and resources from our past podcasts. Help you lose your weight without all the bullshit diet advice. I’ll see you next week.


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