June 3, 2022

Episode 270: What’s a Weightloss Coach (And Avoiding Imposters)

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Noom. Weight Watchers. Shake and Workout companies.

They *say* you get a weightloss coach, but they are BLOWING SMOKE UP YOUR ASS from the cash you just burned by giving it to them.

Haters come at me, but I stand by what I’m saying. I got 1000’s of women inside my No BS Weightloss Membership that had NO CLUE what having a weightloss coach was until they saw me in action.

A *diet* or *trainer* will give you meal plans, shakes, workouts, and such. That’s great until you’re faced with stress, a bad day, a night out with the girls for drinks, or a vacation.

You see, when things don’t go perfectly, a diet or basic bitch of a weightloss coach won’t help you figure out the real problem and help you solve it.

They’ll ask tired-ass questions like…

What went wrong? You knew you were supposed to drink the shake. What happened? I gave you a plan. Why didn’t you “just” stick to it?

Here are a few things a REAL weightloss coach helps with:

  1. Ending the fear of getting too hungry (so you can quit overeating ahead of time and start to feel relaxed in your body).
  2. Helping you with strategies to relax at night without food (because diets keep you stuck in will-powering all week, leaving you with weekend sabotaging to take a break from life).
  3. Obsessing over the scale instead of focusing on your habits (so you can quit eating when the scale is up or down).

Today’s podcast helps you avoid weightloss coach imposters. I’ll show you all the ways having a real coach will help you (and how the imposters keep you stuck in hopeless dieting tactics and programs).

No more assholes or AI bots responding in your moment of need. You deserve better. And you deserve to quit wasting your money and time.

Click here to listen to Episode 270: What’s a Weightloss Coach (and avoiding imposters).


Corinne Crabtre…: Hi, I’m Corinne. After a lifetime of obesity, being bullied for being the fattest kid in the class, and losing and gaining weight like it was my job, I finally got my shit together and I lost 100 pounds. Each week I’ll teach you no weight loss advice you can use to overcome your battle with weight. I keep it simple. You’ll learn how to quit eating and thinking like an asshole. You stop that and weight loss becomes easy. My goal is to help you lose weight the way you want to live your life. If you are ready to figure out weight loss, then let’s go.

All right everybody, welcome back. Today we are going to talk about why you need a weight loss coach and not a diet. So I’m going to tell a funny story, this is actually a good story. This has happened a few times, but it was a while back. I had someone write in saying that they were a new coach and that they were referring the podcast to their people, because they were like, “Well, over here at Noom, we don’t really know what to tell them. So, we can just tell them tactical stuff. But we need…” And this may not be true now. I cannot testify for the Noom on everything, but it was just funny. She was like, “I just want to let you know, I love your podcast. And it helps my clients, because when I get assigned someone I give them your podcast.” I was like, “That’s amazing.”

Kathy: Wow.

Corinne Crabtre…: Well, we also have-

Kathy: Has Oprah given out your podcast too?

Corinne Crabtre…: … I don’t know. I’m sure there’s probably somebody in the WeightWatcher message boards, if they still have them. Probably still-

Kathy: It’s WW now.

Corinne Crabtre…: … Yeah. WW’s probably still passing Corinne round. So, we are getting ready to hire another No BS coach. We have a ton of members and they love coaching, and all the things. And, someone applied. So, when you work for me, I have a couple of requirements. Number one, I just really value the school that I went to. I’m not saying the other schools aren’t good. I love the school that I went to. And, so much of what we teach is based in their principles. And we study their material and stuff like bosses. So, everyone has to come through The Life Coach School. So, shout to The Life Coach School. It’s a great organization.

The second criteria is you have to be No BS woman. I hire from within. And until I can’t hire from within, I’ll be hiring from within. And that is on purpose, because what I want from my weight loss coaches is I want people that have walked a mile in your shoes. Not only have they dealt with their own weight, they are working on their own weight, they have a passion for helping people with their weight, but they’ve went through my program and they are a true believer in it. And so-

Kathy: They also understand the journey the member’s taking to lose their weight.

Corinne Crabtre…: … Yeah, that’s what I tell my team. I work with the community team. So, if you’re in the Facebook and you’re seeing the people in there giving out the resources and connecting people and whatnot, that’s my team. And I tell them all the time, “The reason you are so valuable to these members is because you understand them.”


Kathy: “Because you’ve walked their walk.” And that’s what’s so important about hiring from within.

Corinne Crabtre…: Yeah. So, there’s very few people… I can’t even say everybody anymore. There’s very few people on my team that weren’t a No BS woman. And the people that weren’t, my mother, who she birthed the ultimate No BS woman, but-

Kathy: She’s a No BS woman.

Corinne Crabtre…: … She is now. But when I hired her, she hadn’t even listened to our podcast, Kathy. Do you not know that, that Mammy-

Kathy: Yes.

Corinne Crabtre…: … My mother is so funny. Every time I talk about her, she just starts giggling and she covers her face, because I’m always outing her to everybody. But-

Kathy: … You know my favorite Mammy story, don’t you?

Corinne Crabtre…: … What is it?

Kathy: That time at camp, when you said, “Mammy, where are you?” And she was way in the back. And you said, “How many worksheets have you done? How much weight have you lost?” She said, “120 pounds.” And you said, “Well, how many of my worksheets have you done?” And she said, “Counting today, none.”

Corinne Crabtre…: Right.

Kathy: But she had done everything you told her to do to lose weight.

Corinne Crabtre…: Well, I didn’t tell her. This is what’s amazing about my mother, so when I hired her, I needed someone to help out in our customer service department. And, just part-time, because I couldn’t answer all the customer support questions that were coming in anymore. And my mom was retiring from being a nurse and she just couldn’t be on her feet. She couldn’t do the things that she needed to do anymore. It was just killing her body. And so, previously to being a nurse, she had been in customer service and had been a director of customer service for 20 something years. She left that job to get a nursing degree at 50, got a nursing degree, started nursing, and all the things. So anyway, I was like, “I’m going to hire my mama, because the one thing I know is my mom knows how to talk to the damn people. She can do that. She can handle customer service. And, she loves me. And she’ll be an easy hire.”

So, I hire my mother. But she gets to answering tickets and is like, “People keep asking about this podcast.” She’s like, “I probably should listen to this thing.” Because most of her tickets that were coming in were from listeners of the podcast. She had never listened to a word that had come out my mouth about the weight loss. So she starts listening to the podcast. She’s like, “Well, this shit makes sense. I’m not going to eat unless I’m hungry. Nobody’s ever told me that.” She ends up losing 120 pounds. And I promise all of you, number one, my mom still answers… There’s four people inside our customer support, my mother being one of them, she listens to our content now not because I tell her to, because she wants to help the women.

Kathy: Mm-hmm.

Corinne Crabtre…: She is so die hard, she wants to listen to everything so that she understands where stuff is. Verne her boss is the same way. Verne is like, “I want to listen to all the content.” Verne was a No BS woman. She was originally so great in the community. She was one of those people that was always posting about her journey and helping everyone. And so, she was my first full-time customer service person. So if you ever email us in public, I just want you to know you’re talking to Verne, you’re talking to my mother who was not a No BS woman, you’re talking to my beautiful niece who was not a No BS woman, but who now comes to all of my camps and cries and listens to all the content, or you’re talking to my baby brother who is now a No BS woman. And he takes care of all the technical things on the back-end, where if something’s not working in your account, he’s the one that takes care of it. I can’t tell you how many No BS women write in who don’t necessarily know how to use a computer.

And I’ve never been one to tell the customer service team this, but they will call people and be like, “Now let me just walk you through. Can we just hop on a call real quick? Let me help you set that up.” So, we’re very personal here at the No BS. And that’s why I want to talk to you about why you need a weight loss coach, versus needing a diet. First and foremost, when you’re choosing a program to help you with your weight loss, here’s what I want you to think about, your weight loss is personal. How long have you been struggling with it? How much fear and shame have you dealt with your entire life over it? Do you really want to join another program where someone who’s never lost weight is the one that’s going to help you.

So, first, let’s talk about gyms, and all the bros that typically work at the gyms. And, y’all, I am not throwing shade on people who have been fit and healthy their entire life. I think that is amazing. And I think that they are helping people and that they can be passionate, but very often they do not know how to talk to people who have struggled with weight all of their life. They say things like, “Well, what did you do wrong this week?” If the scale doesn’t move. I would never say that to a client, because we don’t know if this is homeostasis. I don’t know if maybe you had a week where your trauma responses were so high. I don’t want to accuse you personally of being wrong. I want to know like, “Tell me about your week. Tell me about your habits. Can you show me some food logs? Let me help you figure this out.”

Then you’ve got your Nooms and your WeightWatchers, where the vast majority of the time, I know with Noom in particular, if you get a coach, unless you pay a lot of money, your coach is a bot. It is a little robot somewhere that has been pre-programmed with answers based on keywords and phrases you’ve typed in. WeightWatchers, I don’t really know what they do over there, but I have just heard from my own members who have signed up from Noom and signed up for WeightWatcher to get coaching, when they come to our membership, they’re like, “This is what coaching is. What I had was someone who was told a script of what to ask me and try to tell me.” Now, I think all these people are well meaning. I think they really want to help and stuff, but I just think that our weight loss is so emotional, and it is so deep, and it goes beyond just needing to be told what to eat.

I was reading a Facebook post this morning where someone said, “I didn’t think I was an emotional eater.” She was coming into the program and she said, “I only had 10 pounds to lose. And I would’ve never considered myself an emotional eater until you said, ‘Anytime you clean your plate out of habit, that’s emotional eating. That’s you eating from this thought of, ‘I don’t want to waste food.’ That’s you avoiding the feeling of wasteful. Instead of saying, ‘What I want to do is quit wasting my life, cleaning my plate. I need to get used to serving myself less. I need to understand that putting extra food in my body is the ultimate waste.’”

She talked about all these little things. She was like, “Corinne, I was never someone that sat on my couch and ate out of sadness and different things that lots of people go through. But I can see now why you say if we are overeating, it is from our emotions. And very often, we don’t want to give those things up.” She was like, “There were things you told me. I ate a snack every day at 3:00 PM, not because I needed it, but because I’d been told to a long time ago by a trainer. And I always held on, I never even questioned it.” And she said, “Giving up that snack was so hard. I didn’t realize how attached I was to it. I didn’t realize how I used it as my break every day. I didn’t realize that I was putting a lot of pressure on a fucking protein bar to get me through my work day, until I didn’t have it.”

And so, when you are picking the next diet you’re going to do, I want you to think about the value of having coaches in a community and people that give a shit. It is a personal experience. I don’t assign you a personal babysitter. I don’t assign you a personal coach, but the one thing people talk about when they’re inside of No BS is they feel like they’re seen, they feel like they’re heard. If you email our support team, I get a human. If I ask a question in our ask coaches features inside of No BS, you get a human.

If you go into the Facebook group and you have a question, one of my community team members is probably going to answer you, or touch your post, or Kathy can attest, because she runs that community, they read every post that comes through, we have a system set up specifically so that someone’s looking at them all the time. Whether we respond every time, we’re watching them like hawks, because we want to know you, we want to understand you, we want to be there to support, we want to add advice that only we can. And we want to keep the integrity.

I’ve never seen a group of women… I was joking about it this morning on our community Q&A call. I do a weekly call with all of the membership on Wednesday. And I do another one on Sunday for coaching. And I said, “Tell me a place on the internet, where you can put 12,000 women together, who, some are pregnant. Some are not getting any sleep because of newborns. Some are nursing. Some are in the dating world and single getting ghosted by jackasses. Some are in menopause. Some are perimenopause. Some are past menopause. Some are divorcing. Some are getting married. Some are on the period every month.”

Kathy: They live everywhere around the world.

Corinne Crabtre…: Yeah. You tell me where you can put a group of women going through all of that together, and them not argue. Show me that community other than mine, I would love to see it. But, that’s because we care. That’s because we are there to change lives every single day. So, you have to know that there are three key things that a weight loss coach does for you that a diet could never do for you. Number one, is a coach will always be there to help remind you of where you’re going and what your next step is. This is important because a lot of times in diets, they’re not talking to you about your next best step. They don’t notice when you’re worried about what went wrong. They’ll like, “Yeah, let’s dig in. What’s going wrong?” They don’t know how to help you break out of your shitty ass mindset about things. They don’t notice when you’re obsessing over where you aren’t yet.

One of the things that we do really well is when we are talking to our community when they’re posting, when they’re asking questions in ask coaches, when they’re on live calls with us and talking to us is we highlight when they’re very focused on, “This has never worked for me. This is what’s wrong with me. I have failed this many times Corinne, and that’s why I’m not going to be able to be successful this time.” A weight loss coach is very adept at helping you see possibility. They’re very good at being able to help you think about, “All right, I get all of that happened, but let’s focus on today. If you could do something today, what would it be, if you weren’t worried about that?” We know how to ask really good questions that get you thinking about where you want to go, instead of being afraid of what cannot happen for you.

And that is a skill. That is not something a trainer does. And that is not something a bot could ever do for you. We also are really good at helping you catch when you’re worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. So, a classic example of what we coach on a lot is, I’m always talking to people about, “Why are you fucking eating at nine o’clock at night? Are you actually hungry?” They’ll be like, “No, not hungry Corinne.” Because okay, if at nine o’clock at night, you’re legit hungry, then I’m like, “All right, go ahead and eat. And then, tomorrow let’s make sure you eat enough dinner to where you can go to bed.” And I just want to say this for somebody who’s like, “Oh my God, do I just gain weight, because I eat after seven?” No. But here’s what I do know. Most of us that eat dinner at 6 should be able to go to bed at 10 without needing a meal. You ain’t doing nothing but sleeping. It ain’t like you’re some bear storing up for hibernation. We should be able to go to bed.

Number two, most of us are eating at nine o’clock at night, not because we’re actually hungry, but because we’ve had a bad day and we don’t know any other way to disconnect from the world to be able to go to sleep. So we eat to take our mind off our struggles. We numb out a little bit with the food, and then we go onto bed. So our job is to teach you how to relax at night and get over like, “What’s going on? What’s your story you’re telling yourself about the day? Instead of like, “Well, let’s just not eat and you keep your shitty ass thoughts about your life.” No one’s going to do that. You got to have somebody helping you deal with your life, so you don’t have to deal with it with food anymore.

The other thing that happens is, at night, I’m just going to tell you, science says that if you eat before bed, your body has to work at digesting it, unless you want heartburn and some bullshit health problems. So, when your body does that, it has to elevate your heart rate and stuff. You don’t get the quality of rest you deserve. And I know this, because I have an Oura ring everyone.

Kathy: I was going to say the same thing. My Oura ring tells me every time I eat too late.

Corinne Crabtre…: Me too.

Kathy: But for me, I can’t eat much past about seven o’clock without it jacking my sleep.

Corinne Crabtre…: Yeah. My Oura ring doesn’t say… O-U-R-A, if anybody’s wondering what is, Kathy [Nas 00:18:44] magic ring. It tracks a lot of stuff for you. Every time I eat at seven or eight o’clock… And I’m not even eating for snacking, we’ll have dinner late, I’ll have a night call. Something will happen where I have to eat late at night. That thing the next morning be like, “Whoa, tiger. You better take it easy today. Looks like something kept you up last night.”

Kathy: Your usual 85 score is now a 62.

Corinne Crabtre…: Yes. It tanks a son of a bitch. Drinking does the same, they’re just going to tell everybody.

Kathy: Yes.

Corinne Crabtre…: The drinks do the same thing. I can always tell if I’ve had one glass of wine, versus three.

Kathy: Well, and I can tell the timing too.

Corinne Crabtre…: Three, the next day it’s just like, “Slow down.”

Kathy: Yeah. I can tell the timing. If I really don’t want to sleep at night, I can have a glass at seven o’clock. But if I want to sleep, that glass better be done by about five.

Corinne Crabtre…: Yeah. So, this is the thing that weight loss coaches pay attention to. We pay attention to you as a person, we pay attention to how you’re thinking and feeling about yourself. The one thing weight loss coaches know, that we have to change your self concept. We have to work on things of… A weight loss coach is going to help you get over the fear of getting too hungry, because this is one of the things that happens, when I was talking about this nighttime meeting is, we worry about bullshit. I can’t tell you how many clients I have coached and said, “Let’s just do this. Instead of thinking you’re going to be starving at nine o’clock and unable to sleep. What if we just try and see what happens? Let’s just prove to ourself that that might happen. Worst case scenario, you get to eat. You just do what you’ve always been doing. But let’s not, not try something that might work for fear that it won’t.” And some people are like, “What? What is this magic voodoo you just said?”

We help break down walls in your thinking that are keeping you from doing things that keep you on and off dieting, black and white dieting, restriction cycles, binge cycles, and stuff. The second big thing, so the first one is we help remind you of where you’re going and where the next step is. We keep you out of thinking about the past, thinking about what’s not working, thinking about what you believe your failures mean about you. The next thing that we do is we challenge bullshit worries and fears that come up. So, one of the things is that people typically never challenge their worries and fears. They just believe them. They just think they’re true.

Just like someone will tell me, “I’m so worried that if I lose weight, my partner won’t love me anymore.” And they’ll be very certain that this is going to happen. And I’m like, “All right. Well, let’s just talk about it. Tell me right now how your partner feels about you. And let’s just imagine you did lose weight. How would that change the relationship?” And then, we just keep questioning it and questioning it. We know how to ask you questions that you don’t know how to ask yourself, because you just believe so much that’s going on inside of you. And when you’re asked the right questions, you have to stop and think like, “Well, wait a minute. Let me think about that.” And very often what happens is a really good coach can get you to realize things that your brain couldn’t do without some guidance. And that’s why a weight loss coach is different than just getting a diet plan.

So often, let’s say, somebody gives you a meal plan and you do it for a couple days, but you start fearing and worrying that it won’t work on the weekends. And you don’t ask yourself any questions. So you spend your entire week worrying about it. You can spend your entire week envisioning worst case scenario, “I’m probably going to be left out of plans. I’m not going to be able to eat anywhere with my friends. I’m not going to be able to do all these things.” Without really good questions, you won’t even try it on the weekend. By the time the weekend comes, you’re fully amped and loaded to pull the trigger on fuck it eating.

And then you go into the weekend, you only see problems. You end up just eating because you’ve worked yourself up in such a tizzy all week. Suddenly, you’re like, “I’m just going to go out with my friends, because I need a break.” You don’t need a break from the meal plan. You need a break from yourself, and the fear, and the worry that you never questioned, that you never interrupted, that you never stopped. And then, guess what else happens? A diet coach on Monday, like a typical diet program, “What went wrong? What’d you do? Why didn’t you just stick to the plan? It’s so simple. It’s so easy.” In your mind it’s not simple and easy. You’ve created such a story about it. It’s like, “No, this is front fucking Freddy Kruger’s nightmare.”

This is why you need a weight loss coach. Someone who can understand what your fears and worries are, calmly talk to you about them, give you good solid questions to take the temperature down, so that you could try different strategies on the weekend, so that you can understand that stuff. So you don’t end up Monday starting over one more time, trying again with the same fears, the same anxieties, the same worries. That’s what we do in diet cycles. And, if you don’t have a weight loss coach, you don’t have anybody there to witness your cycles, notice them, and help you break them. Did you want to add anything to that? You look so serious.

Kathy: I know. I’m listening. I’m listening. So, a couple of things, the first is, I have a coach, you have a coach. Are you astounded by the things your coach pulls out of you that you didn’t even realize were there, the thoughts? I mean, I think, to make that just a really simple concept, we believe everything we think. And, a coach helps you really question what you’re thinking, “Is it true? Is it not true? Is it substantiated? Why are you eating because of that?” And I think that’s the big thing that the coach does with these fears and worries is that they’re able to look at it without the fear and worry and help you figure out why you’re fearful and worried so that you won’t eat. Does that make sense?

Corinne Crabtre…: Yeah. So, one of the things that we teach our members when they join No BS is we teach them lightly how to coach each other. They’re not certified coaches, but we do so much work on teaching people how to think, how to ask good questions, how to be their own weight loss coach, that when they are paired up in accountability partners and groups inside of our membership, we do all that for you. They do that with each other. And, you have to think about, what feels so bad and real to you, to someone looking at it, they’re not feeling your emotions, they’re just seeing the situation.

So, this is for everyone who’s a parent, this will be easy. Have you ever had a child who is so upset about something? To them it’s the end of the world. You just don’t understand. And you’re looking at it and you’re like, “But you could think this? But don’t you see how special you are? Don’t you see that this could be better?” Your brain is coaching them. Your brain is looking at their situation and seeing it through a completely different lens. And you’re trying to help them see, “It might not be as bad as you’re imagining it.” We’ve all had a child, or a best friend, a sibling, think about somebody at work, think about the drama bitch at work. Everybody got somebody at work that no matter what happens is like, “Ah, fate and couch, worst job ever. Do you know what they did to me today? So and so looked at me side eyes at the water cooler and it’s fucked my day over.”

We always have some situation in life where it’s very clear like, “I definitely didn’t think that.” Or, “I don’t see it that way.” That’s coaching, because when you’re in it feels fucking real to you.

Kathy: Yeah.

Corinne Crabtre…: And what you need is someone who’s not in it to show you what’s not real. What is your brain, and give you authority to be like, “Hmm, I never thought of it that way.” That is my favorite moment when I’m coaching people is I will say something like, “Oh yeah, that was a wonderful decision you made.” And they just knew that was a shit show decision. “Tell me more about why that was a good decision.” And I’ll say like… Other day someone said they were out to dinner and I forget what was going on. It was a big ass birthday party. Everybody was eating and drinking. They hadn’t planned to do all the eats and the drinks. And, she said, “Well, when it just got really hard for me, Corinne, it was so difficult. You wouldn’t believe what I did. I had to get up from the table. I had to go to the bathroom and I had to sit there and collect myself. I shouldn’t have to do that around food.” And I was like, “Well, that’s one way to look at it.”

I said, “Could we just imagine for a second that you’ve really grown and evolved. The old version of you used to actually sit there and just be like, ‘Well, fuck me. I don’t have a choice. I’m just going to have to eat because everybody else is. I don’t want them to think poorly of me.’ In that moment, you knew your emotional bandwidth. You also knew what you wanted most for yourself. You also knew that you needed a break and that you went to the bathroom and you collected yourself. You reaffirmed who you wanted to be. You went back in knowing you were going to be uncomfortable, but you did it anyway. And you sat there and you made it through the meal.” I said, “I think the only thing that’s gone wrong here is your fucking interpretation of what happened.” Seriously? She looked like somebody in an old school Loony Tune had stepped on the two by four and it just smacked her in the face.

That’s the power of coaching. She left that session not thinking she was broken and that something was going wrong because she wasn’t strong yet. And I was like, “No, you know what’s happened? You’re getting stronger. And this is evidence of it.” That’s what a coach does. A coach highlights the moments you’re missing. So many of you are doing so good in your life and you’re missing it and it’s right in front of your face. And, weight loss in weight loss coaches, we won’t let you miss it. We will even remind you of it when it’s painful and scary to even admit that you’re improving. And the last thing that’s so good about having a weight loss coach, what our coaches do inside of No BS, Kathy’s team does inside of No BS, we help you brainstorm solutions to problems you don’t think have answers.

I can’t tell you how many times I have helped people swear on a stack of Bibles… I coached someone this last weekend who was going on a cruise. She swore to me she’d never been on one… This is what happened. This is the funniest story ever. God love you. I don’t remember if your name was Sunshine. I can’t remember what your name was. But, if you’re listening to the podcast, you’re going to know exactly who I’m talking about.

She was going on this cruise. She called the tourism place that was setting all this up. And the lady, she was wanting to know, was there a way that she could do something where she was going to move more? Because she was like, “I’ve been losing weight and I really want to keep my momentum. And one of the things I know that can help me on the cruise is if I could go for some walks and stuff. I’m going to want to get in some extra steps and I don’t get to do that at home.” And I know I’m going to be around a lot more food. And lady’s like, “Oh, you’re going to gain weight.” She’s like, “Everybody does.”

Kathy: Wow.

Corinne Crabtre…: Yeah. She said, “Just bring stretchy pants.” This woman just said all this stuff. So she gets on the couch, she was crying. She was like, “I’ve just worked so hard. And this lady told me that it was just a given, I was going to lose weight.” And she’s like, “Corinne, what am I going to do? Should I cancel the trip?” She was ready to cancel her cruise. And I said, “First of all, that bitch is wrong. Who you going to believe? Corrine who’s coached thousands of women how to lose weight on vacation and enjoy themselves. Or are you going to listen to Brenda over here on the customer service line, who says, ‘Bring your stretchy pants.’ Who ain’t a weight loss coach. Her job is to get you to buy the all you can eat buffet pass. Come on now.”

And so, we’re talking and we keep going through. And, she was convinced that because she didn’t know what food was being served on this boat, that she was destined to gain five pounds. I was like, “Well, let’s just think about a few things we could do.” And so, I just kept asking her questions. I got real granular about when you’re at the buffet, when you get there… By the end of it, you could see, 10 pounds have come off of her of stress and worry. She’s like, “All right. I’ve got a game plan. This all makes sense. I feel like, I’m going to be able to go. And, I’m going to have a good time, but I also know what to do.” And so, that is what a weight loss coach does. They don’t believe your bullshit.

Kathy: That’s the big thing.

Corinne Crabtre…: Yeah. Number one rule, we don’t believe your bullshit, right? We believe in you, not your bullshit. You believe in your bullshit and you don’t believe in you. Whereas, we believe in you and not your bullshit. And it ain’t because we’re unicorns over here. It’s because we know your potential, especially at No BS. We’ve been you. We know what it’s like to not believe in yourself at all. You do not weigh 250 pounds several times in your lifetime and start your last weight loss journey thinking, “I’ve got this.” I know exactly what it’s like to wake up every day and need to do just a little bit better than the day before and still think it’s not good enough and have to override my…

I tell our clients all the time, “I don’t give a damn if you think it’s not good enough, you need to tell your brain it’s wrong. What’s not good enough is sitting around doing nothing because you think it’s not good enough.” We just going to be in the, “I’m going to do it club and feel like while I do it because I think it’s not good enough. I want to prove my brain wrong every day.” And that is what weight loss coaches do for you, we’re human. And I don’t care if you work with me, or if you find… I certify people. I just want you to find a real coach. I want every woman to get the help that she deserves. Every single one of you.

Some of you are using the podcast as your weight loss coach. And I am very honored to have you here. Some of you need more focused in attention. Some of you need a community. You need structure. You need everything laid out for you, so that you can stop having to think about it. We’d love to have you. But I want you to stop hiring jackasses who aren’t addressing what’s really going on underneath, that stuff has to stop in the diet industry. And I’m a big believer in that.

So, with that said, I want to invite all of you, we have a workshop, it’s called the Summer Reset. Now, we ain’t doing no detox, and we ain’t doing all that. I am getting you truly prepared to be able to lose weight this summer in a way where you can enjoy your life, you can do things you love, and you can lose weight. When I said, I’m going to ask good questions. I’m going to help you separate out worries from fears, the bullshit. And when I said that I’m going to help you brainstorm solutions to problems that you think you can’t do, like lose weight over the summer when your kids are out of school, when you got 400 vacations planned, uncle Bosifas is going be at the family picnic, saying shit about your body, all that crap. Shout out to uncle Bosifas, who if you’re a member of No BS, you know that uncle Bosifas represents that asshole family member that always says something rude at every family holiday event.

I want you to know that at the Summer Reset, we’re going to work on all of this. And this is the first workshop that I have offered to the public that my members are coming to in over two years. It’s $47 to get in. You can go to losing100workshop.com, get registered. Even if you can’t be with us tomorrow, it’s June 4th, 9:00 AM central to 2:00 PM central time. If you can’t be with us, I will be sending out the replays and you will be able to have them. There won’t be no time limit on them, you just get to keep it. But I want you there, because I definitely am going to be your weight loss coach all fucking day, bringing you everything you need to know to make sure that this summer is different than any other summer that you’ve had. Anything you want to add, Kathy, before we piece out?

Kathy: I do. I do. I can’t wait for the workshop. And, I’ve lost my weight. Many of us on the team have lost their weight already, but we still want the coaching. We still want the awareness. We still want that next big “Aha” that helps us keep our weight off, that helps us up level our lives. I’m super excited to hear what you’ve got to say about going into the summer, creating different types of plans, creating situations where I’m not going to stress about the picnic, or the cruise, or the vacation, or the bus tour.

Corinne Crabtre…: Kathy does the bus tours. Corinne’s always in Vegas.

Kathy: You know my bus tour got canceled. I’m just ill, anyway.

Corinne Crabtre…: Again?

Kathy: Yes.

Corinne Crabtre…: That sucks.

Kathy: Well, it’s a long story. But yeah, it’s canceled. But the point is, even those of us who coach for you now, who work with the members, we still want to hear all the things, we still want to learn, we still want to grow, because that’s the beauty of this membership. That’s the beauty of where we are and who we’re connected to in No BS. It’s just having access to all those amazing brains that help us every single day.

Corinne Crabtre…: Yeah. One of the things I promise you is, even me, I’m always still working on myself, trying to figure out, “What’s the next version of me? What are the things that I need to solve that will help…” We do have for all of you who are in maintenance, or… So, this is what we call a quality problem everyone. We have a lot of people in maintenance inside No BS now. And, one of the biggest exiting groups that we ever have inside of No BS is the people are like, “Well, I lost all my weight.” But you’re just like, “Bye.” And, I’m proud of them. I love it. There’s nothing better to me when somebody is graduating from the No BS program, when they leave a message saying, “Hey, I’ve been here a while. I love all of you. You have meant so much to me. But I’ve lost my weight, and I just know I can do it on my own now.” To me, that’s probably the best praise that I ever get.

My goal is really to teach people how to lose their weight for good. And when somebody is like, “I feel like for the first time ever, I’m not regaining it.” I just love it. And so, we’re coming out with our very own maintenance program starting in July, because we just have so many members who lose all of their weight. And, I’ve always said, there really doesn’t need to be a maintenance program. And then, I got to really thinking about it, and thought, “You know what? It really does.” Because, maintenance is a whole other mindset.

Kathy: Yeah.

Corinne Crabtre…: It’s very different. You have to transition from losing weight to maintaining weight. And it’s a little depressing. I know this sounds crazy. People who are like, “That is not depressing. I’m going to tell you right now, I will be fucking blowing sparkles out my butt every day of my life if I lose my weight.” You do for a little bit, but the way the brain works, this is another reason why you need a weight loss coach, is your brain is designed… I think, it’s called hedonic adaptation, it’s designed to adapt to the new normal. So, what is exciting when you lose weight, after a couple of months, you’re not getting hits off the scale like you were. So, if you were relying on the scale to feel good about yourself, you don’t have that anymore, because it’s just the same every day. So, if you don’t manage your mind, it goes back to what it used to do, which is like, “Well, I hope I can keep this off.” You have to learn how to talk to yourself about maintenance to stay there. And there are lots of mindset shifts.

What doesn’t change much in maintenance is your lifestyle. The way that I teach you to lose weight is I’m teaching you to lose weight in a way that, you can keep your weight off because you can do this for the rest of your life and you’ll like it, and you’ll love it. But, there are little bitty changes, like how much you can eat, and different things like that. But, it’s an experiment, and you have to be able to experiment again. And so, you go from being so good at losing weight to all of a sudden, you’re a newbie at keeping it off. And that’s scary for a lot of people. And so, they keep trying to diet. And now they’re dieting, they’re scared they’ll put it back on.

And so, my maintenance program is all about confidence, stepping into that next version of you figuring out, “All right, I’ve lost my weight. Now what?” For a lot of people, it is very upsetting to go from being a dieter all your life, and that’s been your major focus, it’s what you always talk to your friends about. Every article you read was about dining. We don’t even realize how much that takes up our time, until it’s not our problem anymore. Then we’re left with the voice who’s like, “What do I talk to my friends about? They’re all talking about dining. I’m just sitting here in happy maintenance land.” We have to be able to transition all that stuff. And so, we’re sitting here thinking, “You need a fucking maintenance program, so that when my women lose their weight, they will lock in this new identity.”

So, we are starting that in July and it will always be inside the membership, but it’s called a quality problem. I was sitting there, joking around with somebody, they’re just like, “You know what? Most diets never have a maintenance program.” This is their maintenance food maintenance plan, “Let us teach you how to reintroduce foods now that you’ve lost weight.” The problem is you’ve lost weight without changing your relationship with food. And then when you start reintroducing food, you have only your old relationship with food sitting there. That’s why so many people spiral out of control so fast. That’s why I teach you how to lose weight the way you’re going to live it. So, it’s exciting. Summer Reset, June 4th, be there, 47 bucks, smoking deal, losing100workshop.com. I would love to spend the day with you. You’ll get the replays. And then, for my members, the rest of the summer, we’re going to kick some serious ass. All summer long, we got all the fun things, all the great things planned for you. So, we will talk to y’all next week. Bye y’all.

Thank you so much for listening today. Make sure you head on over to nobsfreecourse.com and sign up for my free weight loss training on what you need to know to start losing your weight right now. You’ll also find lots of notes and resources from our past podcast to help you lose your weight without all the bullshit diet advice. I’ll see you next week.


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