Episode 267: The Keep Start Stop Method

Years ago, I went through Yoga Teacher Training. Yes, me. The F-Bomb Queen was getting her woo on for 9 months.

My teacher taught me a simple method to improving how I taught a class. It was so good that I taught it to my No BS Women.

In today's podcast, I'm teaching you the Keep Start Stop Method for weightloss.

It's a quick hack you can use to do a weekly review of how you ate and treated yourself.

In the podcast, I teach you…

• How I use the Keep Start Stop Method to this day (including when I do it and what I think before I even write one thing down in my planner).

• A simple trick anyone can do to tame the shitty voice in their head that often makes you feel bad and do asshole things to lose weight.

• Why assessing is more important than planning shit to do.

Listen to Episode 267: The Keep Start Stop Method.

FYI – I also reference Episode 42: How to Do A Monthly Assessment.


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