Episode 232: Ways to Get Your Family’s Support for Weightloss

If you're starting to lose weight and worried about getting your family's support, please listen to this podcast.

I talk about what it really takes to get meaningful and truly helpful support that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

(I've kept my weight off for over a decade – even though my husband and son eat completely different than I do. So believe me, I get what you're going through).

There’s a lot of confusion about what people should and shouldn't say around us about weightloss.

Not to mention how massively overwhelming it can be to have people in your life who ARE doing their best to help you but you still feel bad, unsure, and doubtful that you can lose weight.

That’s why I recorded this podcast and coached people live. We need now, more than ever, to learn how to get support.

I talk about…

How to deal with an 82-year-old momma that always talks about dieting (making you go off the rails and eat in rebellion).

Three things you can say and do TODAY to start the conversation with your loved ones about weightloss (without getting everybody worked up that you're starting another diet).

How WRONG your doctor is when they tell you that in menopause you might as well give up on weightloss.

And, what to do if it feels “emotionally dangerous” to tell people in your life that you're trying to lose weight.

Click here to listen to Episode 232: Ways to Get Your Family's Support for Weightloss

Before you make any changes to how you eat…this is a must-listen.


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