Episode 190: FB Live: Public Special on Holiday Gain, Maintain, or Lose Weight

Losing weight during the holidays? Say what?

It's really simple.

  1. If you ain't hungry don't put your hand to your mouth. Wait 15 minutes until you get hungry. Then eat.
  2. When you do eat you shouldn't feel like the Thanksgiving turkey when you stop. Stop when you've had enough; not stuffed.

This is not brain science. You do not need to cut carbs. You don't even need an app to do this.

You need to cut the bullshit eating and bullshit thinking that's it's too hard.



Topics Discussed in this Episode:

Topic 1: The questions to ask yourself when there’s food you want to eat during the holiday season.


Topic 2: The exact steps to decide if you’re going to lose, gain, or maintain weight during the holidays.


Topic 3: How cooking, douchey relatives, and Covid aren’t excuses to overreact and stuff yourself like the turkey.


Topic 4: What’s the difference between restrictive diet mentality and healthy mindset when it comes to weightloss.



Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Losing For Life Free Course www.noBSfreecourse.com/signupnow


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