Episode 186: Do I REALLY look like that? (Pictures)

Have you ever looked at a picture and thought…

WTF? I look like that?

Let me just tell you. There's no better way to know what you think about your body than to see photos of yourself. And I mean random photos you didn't have to time to pose for or someone took without you knowing.

My clients often tell me one of the reasons they hate the holidays is because they know they'll be asked to be in pictures. And that sends up DREAD, SHAME, and WORRY.

Talk about sucking the wind out of your holiday experience.

Good news. I want to help you.

Today's podcast is all about not be an asshole to yourself when you see yourself in photos.

I'm also going to help you get over your shit so you can stop…

Making excuses as to why you can't be in the photo.

Being the photographer when you should be standing WITH YOUR KIDS.

Hiding behind other people because you don't like your body.

I've got tricks and straight talk you need to hear.

For years I've taught these simple lessons to my No BS Private Clients and today I'm sharing a few with you.

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