Episode 183: Five Characteristics of Weightloss GRIT

Today we cover the five characteristics of weightloss grit.

Grit is defined as a combination of courage and resolve. You have to have both in order to work through times that feel hard or doubt that you'll accomplish your goals.

There very few free rides in life. You pay with self-accountability, overwhelm, bootstrapping (figuring out what works for you) and GRIT.

There are 5 characteristics you must possess to lose weight.

Without these 5 things, nothing will work. No app, no meal plan, not even my amazeballs 4 Basics that I teach, you will work without them.

If you ever quit after the first overeat…

Start off like a firecracker and then go down in a blaze of glory after a few weeks…

Do good until the scale stalls out…

Then listen up. This podcast is for you.

These 5 things make all the difference in weightloss because they get past these common roadblocks.




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