June 12, 2020

Episode 165: How I Do Maintenance

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If you are like me, you can lose weight but KEEPING it off? Welllll…

I can’t count how many times I lost and gained 75lbs.

But, in 2005 I decided I was losing my weight the way I would live my life.

I’ve not regretted that decision because I’ve never worried about gaining weight again.

Today’s podcast is all about how I keep weight off.

Do I …

Have to restrict?

Still overeat?

Do anything different now than I did while losing?

I answer this, plus things like how to know when you are DONE losing weight. Click here to listen.



Podcast 165. How I Do Maintenance

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Corinne lost 100 pounds. She’s been maintaining the loss since 2005 and started helping other women lose weight in 2007.

The first thing she did was set-up a maintenance range. She knew that if she got to the top of the range, it was time to dial it back a little. Her range is from 150-160 pounds.

She tends to be towards the lower end of the range in the spring or at the end of winter. She’s home more and not eating out a lot or drinking very often.

She travels more and drinks a little more during the summer and early fall and tends to be closer to the higher end of the range then.

She created her weight range around the lifestyle she wanted to live. While Corinne was losing weight, she thought about who she wanted to be at the end of the day. She lost weight thinking about a lifestyle she wanted and the confidence she wanted to have.

She never would have thought that after losing weight that she’d find happiness within herself, instead of in desserts or treats. She had to work to become happy and confident. Every week when she weighed in, she would be proud of how she was showing up for herself. That helped to build her confidence.

Kathy lost 80 pounds and didn’t work on building her confidence as she lost weight and started maintenance in fear mode. She’s had to work at it.

Corinne watches her weigh-ins and if she’s trending up, she tweaks things a little bit, instead of freaking out.

The only big thing that has changed for her in maintenance is that she can eat a little bit more than “to satisfied” and still stay within her range.

Since Covid, Corinne has barely had any alcohol because she’d rather sit in a bar or restaurant and have a drink with her husband and talk about their dreams. She doesn’t want to drink at home.

If Corinne wanted to drink a couple of nights a week, she can in maintenance. If she was trying to lose weight, she could only get away with drinking once a week.

When you’re losing weight, make sure you like what you’re doing. When you’re maintaining, you’ll still basically be doing the same thing, but with a little wiggle room.

You are still going to have fluctuations with maintenance. When Corinne has her period, she has a period protocol. She has certain foods she prefers, so she plans realistically. She’ll also gain about 4-5 pounds when she has her period.

Corinne had to experiment a lot to figure out what worked best for her and for her lifestyle.

She also never sat around in maintenance thinking, “I hope I stay here,” instead she says, “I’m determined to stay here, I’ll figure it out.”

In maintenance you have to be looking for the things you might be thinking that are helpful. Corinne loves being in maintenance and she’s never going to go back. She spends a lot of time reminding herself of that.

If Corinne were to get on the scale after Vegas and it read 162, the old thoughts will come screaming in and then she tells herself that this is doable and she should make her plan.

At the end of the summer, the first thing Corinne does is make an easy plan. She still plans date night. She doesn’t create a lifestyle that sucks.

Whatever habit you’ve established, good or bad, it’s there. You can build up good habits.

Corinne’s members are always wondering how you know it’s time for maintenance. She usually tells them to just pick something. Go for 5 more pounds or try to maintain. Ask yourself what it will do for you to weigh 5 pounds less. If you don’t like yourself 5 pounds down, then you can healthfully put a couple of pounds back on.

How do you feel in your body? How do you like your lifestyle? Those are much bigger than what the scale says.

Corinne doesn’t rely on her food to help her feel happy or complete or that all is right in the world.

She loves the food she eats in maintenance, but sometimes she’ll pick bland food when she goes out because she knows that she’d rather have a drink. The food can be boring because her life is interesting.

When Kathy lost her weight she went to Corinne because she wasn’t sure what to do now. Corinne told her that she keeps doing what she’s been doing, it’s not hard. It took her a couple of weeks to practice that and then it became easy.

When you’re losing weight, do it in a way that you can keep doing. Think about who you want to be at the end of the day. Corinne wants to be someone that can move easily, that wakes up each day confident that she’s going to workout. She is someone who values taking a walk each day. It’s her me talk, she’s caring for herself. She is someone that loves exercising.

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