June 5, 2020

Episode 164: Making the Scale Your Bitch [VIDEO]

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Do you hate weighing in?

Do you often say the “scale controls me?”

Stop letting the scale RUN your life and RUIN your days.

Listen to today’s podcast if you are sick and tired of the scale making you feel bad.

I’ll teach you what to do on days you gain, lose, or maintain.

Click here to listen.

Ep. 164: How to Make the Scale Your Bitch.




Podcast 164. How To Make The Scale Your B!tch

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Corinne gets a lot of questions about weighing in. Today talking about what to do when you gain weight, when you lose weight, and when you maintain weight.

People have a lot of unrealistic expectations about how the scale is supposed to go. They think if they’ve eaten good for a couple days, the scale should go down a whole lot.

We’re such a society of expecting things to happen fast. The desire for immediate payoff on the scale is getting more rich. Patience is a huge skill of weightloss.

The scale won’t go down every day. That’s not the way it works.

What moves the scale is your long-term vision of where you want to go. It’s going to require patience and consistency.

When you weigh in it gives you a number. It’s either going in the way you want it to or not and that number is the trigger for examination. It is not the trigger for your morality or your worth as a human being.

Remove you from the equation and look at your actions. What did you do or not do the previous week? Was there anything you noticed that could slow weightloss down for you and is it something you want to work on or not?

When most people think about the future, they think mistakes are bad, but you have to start training your brain to realize there are going to be obstacles. If you try to lose weight thinking that everything should always go right, you’ll train your brain to think mistakes are a problem that you’ll never recover from.

When you’re losing weight, you’ll examine the last week and take ownership over the behaviors you want to keep doing. It’s not because you were good, it’s because of the decisions that you made. There is not a good you and a bad you, just decisions that you made.

If there are things that could become a problem in the future, you can start challenging yourself to see if you want to slowly making adjustments to them. 

You do not reward yourself with food if you lost weight. This signals that you’re losing weight in a way that isn’t enjoyable. You’re not a dog. You don’t get a treat for good behavior. Your treat is the luscious thoughts that you get to think about yourself.

If you weighed in and didn’t lose weight or maintained, even though you ate well that week, it doesn’t mean you had a bad week. It means your body might be holding water or have hormone things going on. If you’re doing the basics and not eating emotionally, then over time you will lose weight. Stick with it!

Just because you want the scale to move, doesn’t mean it will. You need to be proud of how you’re showing up and what the scale says won’t take that away from you.

Every time you get on the scale, talk to yourself about all the things you should keep doing and figure out what things you might want to change up.

When you step on the scale and maintain, ask yourself “if you’re going to be someone that loses weight, what do you need to think right now?” You can choose to think like someone who is never going to lose weight and like someone who loses all of their weight.

If you expect your brain to throw you some shade when you step on the scale, you need to be prepared for how you want to think about it. Don’t beat yourself up.

If you’re in pain over the number on the scale, that pain is only going to last as long as your next best decision.

You can get to a point where you can get on the scale and define yourself by your actions and not by the number.

If you get on the scale and gain weight, you need to get on there and realize that the number is only a product of actions and you can either approve of your actions that week or you can choose to level them up.

Spend some time looking at your week and see which days you followed your plan and figure out what you enjoyed and want to include again the next week. If you’re struggling right now, pick one thing you want to get good at right now and then add to it later on.

You might also find it helpful to find an accountability partner or group to check in with daily or weekly. Pick something each week that you’ll be working on for the next week or each of you pick something and report in daily on your progress.

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