May 22, 2020

Episode 162: How to Make Yourself Actually DO Your Routine

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I have my routines.

Most days I love them. But just between us girls…

There are days I want to do NOTHING. I’d rather sit on the couch with my cats, my coffee, and veg out versus exercise.

There are days I look at my salad and think “WTF was I thinking when I planned this shit.”

I’m normal. Just like you. Sometimes I don’t want to do the things I know are good for me. <=== More often than you think.

Sometimes I just do them without a thought. <=== Most of the time.

Sometimes I’m all, “Yay! I get to do this!” <=== Not very often. LOL

I’m good at figuring out what routines work for me. I set myself up for success by not setting myself up to have to work f-ing hard.

In today’s podcast I talk openly about my routines, how I make myself do them, and the habits and routines I think you should start building.



Podcast 162. How I Actually Make Myself Do My Routine

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Corinne is always talking about the things you should do every day (drink your water, make a plan, etc.). She frequently has people asking her how she makes herself do them every single day.

She spends about half her life not wanting to do the things she needs to do, but she does them anyway.

Corinne was on a podcast recently with Brooke Castillo, her friend and mentor, and she mentioned that she grew up being someone really reactive. When she lost her weight, she had to learn the skill of doing things that she didn’t always want to do.

She knew she wanted to be someone who was an exerciser and who ate healthy and she realized she may not want to do them all the time.

You have to be able to have a new conversation with yourself when the old conversations or excuses come in.

From day one, Corinne has had a minimum baseline concept. Anything she did had to be simple and doable and easy. She was not going to deal with extremes or hard stuff anymore. When she thought that something wasn’t good enough, she had to remind herself that it was.

Once you figure out that you want to lose weight, you need to then figure out what the easiest way to do it will be that won’t require a lot of fight and effort from you. You’ll probably judge that it’s not enough, that’s when you know you’re going in the right direction.

Corinne got so good at doing things that she didn’t want to do because she kept everything so simple.

Lately, Corinne has been going for a walk first thing in the morning because she has a goal of getting her 10,000 steps in.  She knows that if she doesn’t do it first thing in the morning, it’s not going to happen.  She isn’t the type to take strategic walk breaks throughout the day once she starts working. If she bangs it out first thing in the morning, then she only has to want to do it one time instead of wanting to do it multiple times during the day with walking breaks.

Don’t ask how you can get motivated. You’re actually waiting to be excited to do it, not motivated to do it. When you’re motivated, you’ve decided that you don’t need excitement or for it to be easy.

Corinne makes her walks as enticing as possible. That’s when she calls her mom or a friend or listens to podcasts she looking forward to. If she feels like she’s going to get some stuff done, it’s so much easier for her to do it. Hack your routine in a way that makes it easier for you to override not wanting to do it.

People also ask Corinne how she eats the same salad every week. She doesn’t eat the same salad every week, she mixes them up. She has about five different ones that she really likes and rotates them each week. She likes salad though, if you don’t like salad, then you need to find something that you do like.

If you want to start exercising for 30 minutes a day, maybe start with journaling about why you want to be an exerciser during the 30 minutes you would be exercising. Get your brain right first and get used to the habit of doing something during that same 30 minute time block each day.

If you’re someone who is more of a night person and wakes up grumpy, then do you food plan for the next day the night before instead of the morning of. Schedule it in at the time you will have the best attitude.

During Corinne’s upcoming workshop, she’s going to have a great section on finding your why. It’s so important to find your why if you want to lose weight. Corinne’s why is to make a positive impact on her son and the people around her. This why helps her to push through the difficult projects and the computer issues and proofing documents.

If Corinne asks you why you’re losing weight, you should be able to give her 20 sentences and one of them should really touch your soul. It should be very well defined, not abstract.

Motivation is earned. Wanting to do it is earned. They are earned by you showing up over and over again in a variety of ways for yourself.

We lose weight by redefining who we are, not by being how we’ve always been.

Corinne is so good about giving herself props when she finishes her walks or finishes that big project. She basically high fives herself with her words. You have got to get used to congratulating yourself for the steps you’re taking.

Corinne now identifies herself as someone who moves her body every day, who takes care of herself, who is a healthy person.

Corinne is so determined to be healthy that when she overeats, she reminds herself that’s not who she is and starts to look at what might be going on with her that caused her to use food to “take care of herself.”

Drinking water is something else that is super important to Corinne to do every day. Your body needs it. It can go without food, but not without water.

Sleep is another thing that is very important to Corinne. She prioritizes it. Go to her store to find her favorite books on it.

Corinne plans her day every day. She gets the most out of her day every day because she plans it. She journals and writes down her food plan and her goals. She also asks herself, “what is in my control today?”

She moves every day. She rarely takes a day off. Somedays it’s just walking a mile, but she makes an effort to move her body every day because she wants to keep her body flexible and movable so she can keep going till the day she dies.

Kathy has similar routines to Corinne, but she also showers every morning and exercises in the afternoon.

Membership will open again on June 17th. Are you ready to become a No B.S. Woman?!?!




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