May 8, 2020

Episode 160. Worry 2.0 [VIDEO]

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Sometimes I just catch myself worrying about the biggest bunch of bullshit.

I go from worrying if my lunch salad will taste good to picturing life without Chris one day.

Trust me. If I’m not careful I can create a what-if-shit-sandwich of worry with the best of them.

In today’s podcast you’ll learn…

How to look evaluate your worries so you can decide what you can control and what you can’t.

What you can do WHILE you worry.

And, things you can think to give you a little calm in the midst of that shit sandwich.

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Podcast 160. Worry 2.0

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Corinne and Kathy did a previous podcast on worry. It was episode 65 (The Worry Bucket). Definitely check it out after listening to this one (linked below).

When Kathy was still working her government job, she would worry all the time and complain to Corinne about it. Corinne got tired of listening to her complain and told her that from now on if she wants to worry, she has to write the worry down and then move on. At 4pm, when she left work, she had her commute home to worry about everything she’d written down. When it came down to it, she couldn’t do it. She realized she didn’t want to feel bad her whole drive home. The Worry Bucket podcast came out of this.

Worry tends to be something that we don’t even realize we’re doing until we start feeling bad. People rarely ever just sit down and enjoy some worry time. There tends to be seasons in life where we can control the worry better than others.

Many people feel that because they are moms, then they are supposed to worry.

Worries are never “have to’s”, they are always optional.

Corinne’s mentor, Brooke Castillo, recently did a new Life Coach School podcast (linked below) where she discussed that she always does something productive (organizing) whenever she’s worrying. As you do productive things, the worrying will sort of fade into the background and be turned off.

Corinne likes to do a worry walk. She has days where she wakes up worrying about all sorts of things. On the days where her brain is running a little wild, she goes for a walk and allows herself to worry during the walk. When she lets herself really think about them, she naturally wants to solve them. Before she knows it, she feels some relief because she has allowed the worry to work itself out.

Worrying tends to focus on the worst possible scenario. Give yourself some space to see if it can be solved or if there are ways that it can work itself out.

Corinne has a member, Kate, that wrote in and talked about being a teacher who teaches her students a method or process to deal with their worries.

Kate has her kids write down a couple of worries, share them with the group, then has them figure out a percentage of how much of that worry is in their control. If it’s 0%, she asks them “why are you worried?” but they don’t answer, they just sit with it. If they land on 50%, she asks them “what percentage are you putting into your control of the situation?”

No one tells the kids how to fix their worries. They just help them to question if it’s in their control.

If you have zero control over something, this is when you should pull your journal out and do a thought download.  Ask yourself “why am I so worried?” Sometimes just the insight of what’s going on in your brain can bring you some relief.

If you have 50% control, why are you not focusing on what you can be doing instead of focusing on what you can’t?

Corinne has a lot of members that spend all week long worrying about the weekend. They should be spending time looking at how much is in their control. Every eating decision is in their control.

You’re not allowed to worry until you’ve looked at everything that is in your control first.

Worry is like the indictor light in your car. It is a signal of what you need to work on. It’s not wrong, it’s not bad, it’s a signal to take a look.

There’s nothing wrong with you because you have negative feelings or are worrying. That’s what makes you human.


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