January 17, 2020

Episode 145. Can Losing Weight Actually Save You Money?

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Saving Money While Losing Weight

How much money have you wasted NOT losing weight? Good question right? Most of the time you are worried about wasting your money on “another diet.” Girl, you are worrying about the WRONG THING. The real waste? All that BS eating going down each week that you aren’t afraid at all to spend money on. Try this, stop eating candy at 3pm because you don’t like your job, stop buying BS binge food on Sunday because you need a “last supper” before your Monday diet restriction ritual, stop blowing through McDonald’s and eating like an asshole because your “kids” wanted to go. Give up that double mocha extra whip latte you drink in the morning “for energy” so you can put up with your a-hole boss.

How to save money and avoid waisting time:

This week’s podcast not only teaches you how to save money through giving up some basic bullshit eating… But we also talk about how to avoid wasting time and money on crappy quick-fix diets. I’m no genius, but if you quit throwing money into useless diets and stop wasting money on bullshit emotional eating, you might just lose weight and have bonus cash. I recently polled my clients about this. I asked them to count up how much money they’ve already saved just from working with me.

I was floored by what we learned:

  • One member, just off the top of her head, realized that by skipping her morning and afternoon stop at McDonald’s was saving her $116 a month. Not to mention all that wasted time sitting in her car at the drive through.
  • Another member realized that going to the grocery store with a plan instead of cruising for binge-food saved her $50 per week. Meanwhile, her self-esteem was increasing by the minute.
  • And, because I make my plan and stick to it, I skipped a latte, skipped a glass of wine and skipped a bag of pop chips. Cha-ching. That was $16 in just a few days.

We’re talking all about this on the podcast this week.

What do you think you’d save just by changing up some of the habits that don’t support the life you want?

I can report that after losing over 100 lbs and keeping it off for over a decade, I have not only saved thousands of dollars, but I’ve also gained a life that I love. I know for a fact you can too.



Can Losing Weight Actually Save You Money?

You should think about weightloss and how it will save you money instead of whether or not you’ll waste it, it’s such a difference in thinking. Where are you wasting money right now on food? Why are we so worried about spending money to lose weight? People worry about spending the money on a PNP membership. You shouldn’t be asking yourself if you should spend money on this, you should be asking yourself what you’re going to do with it. Are you going to show up?

Saving Money Poll:

I did a poll in the tribe about whether people have saved money since losing weight. The No BS Weightloss Program members talked about all the ways they’ve saved money since joining PNP and losing weight. Get your grocery bill this week and see if there’s anything on there that you wouldn’t be buying if you were planning ahead and eating healthy. If you eat out a lot, grab those receipts and add them up and ask yourself if it’s worth it and do you really love eating out that much.

  • I came up with $16 i saved in one week from things that i didn’t eat (that i wanted) because they weren’t on my plan.
  • I have also saved money on doctor bills because i rarely ever gets sick anymore.
  • I saved a lot of money on eating out since i eat most of my meals at home now.
  • One lady is saving $116 a month because she’s not stopping for fast food all the time.
  • Another lady said that the fact that she goes into the store with a plan, instead of just grabbing what looks good, she’s saving both money and time. 

Kathy coached a member that was going to the vending machine at work multiple times every single day. The lady was complaining about not having enough time to get all of her work done. Kathy had her look at how much time she was walking to the vending machine and back each day, time she could have used working. By backing down on the vending machine trips, she started saving time and close to $20 a week. What is the real cost of not addressing your weight? What is the real cost of having binge food at your house? Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want food so bad in the middle of the night? Most of the time, people don’t know how to be bored, so they eat. They feel like they need to be constantly entertained and are turning to food as their means of entertainment. You’ll never learn to think positive thoughts about yourself if you’re always distracting yourself from the negative thoughts with food.

For many women, when things get quiet in the evenings, that’s when they worry about how they showed up for the day or how they’re not good enough or their kids or various other worries and concerns. They were busy all day and didn’t have time to think about it. When they are on their own, to avoid these thoughts, they eat to continue to keep themselves busy instead of stopping to hear the thoughts and correct them with new thoughts. You’ll never get to a point where you can deal with your thoughts if you’re always eating. When your brain starts with the self-judgement, write it down and the next day read it back. Most likely you’ll be like “I don’t believe I was thinking those things,” but make sure and don’t judge your self-judgement.

I meet with a coach because it helps me grow. I was recently talking to my coach about being good enough. My coach said that i  need to tell herself that i am amazing, that i am capable of more than i could ever dream and can do anything i want. I’ve been practicing that and it’s working. Being extremely self-confident is extremely uncomfortable, but it is helping me to grow and be a better version of myself. Saying no to food is uncomfortable. Spending time with the thoughts in your head is uncomfortable. Both types of uncomfortable will help you to grow and be a better version of yourself. Kathy will occasionally read my thought downloads and start laughing because she can’t believe that i told myself those things.  Who cares why you had some of the horrible thoughts you had about yourself, instead focus on where you want to be going and what thoughts you would prefer to have about yourself. Just because you thought something doesn’t mean it’s the truth. We don’t realize how many subtle things that we’re thinking that erode our self-worth. It’s important to get to the point where we can say “these are thoughts I was thinking about me, what could I think instead?” or “these are thoughts that I was thinking about me and they’re junk and I choose not to think them anymore.”

What is the real cost of weightloss?

Is it the monetary value or what you’ll gain emotionally?

How much money are you wasting a week on extra food? How much time are you wasting each week thinking about wanting to lose weight or looking for weightloss programs? Where are you wasting your emotional expense eating when you should be thinking or learning the skill to be nice to yourself and appreciating yourself? A lot of PNP women want their husbands to carry the emotional load in the relationship. They want him to acknowledge what they do and buy them gifts, but they are talking to themselves like crap. You can’t depend on someone else to fill your love tank when you aren’t filling it up yourself. You don’t need someone to make you feel good about yourself if you take the time to feel good about yourself all on your own. That’s your responsibility, not your husband’s.

Reminder to go to www.pnp411.com and sign up for the free course.






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