September 6, 2019

Episode 126: What I’d have done differently losing 100lbs.

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Making Weightloss Easier For You

Today I’m doing something I rarely do. I’m looking back and thinking about what I would’ve done different while losing 100lbs.

I was inspired by one of my favorite podcasters, Amy Porterfield of Online Marketing Made Easy, to help YOU.

She did a similar podcast for business. What I loved was that she wanted her students to have it easier.

If there is ANYTHING in this world I want it’s to do one simple thing…

Make weight loss easier for YOU.

You deserve to feel this good.

So today I’m helping you out. You’ll hear the five things I would’ve done differently. My favorite is dropping my own judgment of others and myself.

What I Would Have Done Different Losing 100 lbs

*I want to thank Amy Porterfield for her inspiration for this podcast (Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast).

*I took a course with Amy Porterfield and developed the No B.S. Program out of that course.

*Amy recently did a podcast on what she would have done differently in her business and I came up with 5 things of my own I would have done differently.

Bonus Item: There is no better time than right now to lose weight – We have so many options now that we used to not have.  There are online programs, podcasts, life coaching, Facebook, and better food options.

#1 Trying new food: I was afraid to try new food because I was holding on to the foods I thought I couldn’t break away from.  I wish I would have kept the food I was eating while slowly adding new foods.  I was afraid to try new foods, but the worst that could have happened is that I may not have liked it.  Just get the food, try it, and see what you think. I recommend sweet potato with peanut butter.

#2 Dropped judgement at the gym: I would go to the gym full of judgement of myself and others.  That made for a miserable experience. I wish I would have enjoyed it sooner. I worried what everyone thought of me.  Kathy said that she was busy comparing herself to others when she started at the gym.  When I was done judging myself as the “fat girl,” I started judging others “oh she must be obsessed if she looks that good” or “those guys are just here to hit on chicks.”  My brain never went to “I’m so glad that you’re doing this for yourself and surrounding yourself with people who care about taking care of themselves.”  I wish I started sooner not judging myself or other people.

#3 I didn’t drink all the water and use lotion in the beginning: I think it might have helped some with the loose skin and elasticity.  Most people will have loose skin. As much as I thought about and dealt with my loose skin over the years, I never regretted losing 100 pounds. I felt like shit at 250 lbs, some loose skin was an okay trade.  Exfoliation, water, and using lotion will help some.

#4 I wish I would have started getting comfortable with my body from the first day: I beat myself up a lot about my body. I would notice things changing and be excited, but that was always followed up with a “but.” I would have started from day one saying something nice to myself “you deserve to work on this body.”  Before you get on the scale, remind yourself that “this is an opportunity to love myself.” I started doing that in the mirror when I’m naked as well.  I still works on my internal dialog even now.  I want to reprogram my brain to like myself all of the time. I had the thought “I really like dresses” and realized I rarely wear them because I do not like my legs. I asked myself  “Self, why don’t you like your legs?”  I realized that I do not like my legs and that takes away from something I love (dresses). I decided to do the things I love, instead of accommodating what I do not love.  Kathy did the same thing with her legs and shorts for years.  This is an opportunity to love myself…to buy some dresses and wear them.

#5 Quit thinking I’m alone: I was determined that no one else understood what it was like to be overweight.  It was not helpful and made me feel like I had to do it all by myself. I should have told myself “I am supported.”  Chris was supportive and demonstrated that I wasn’t alone, but I kept thinking I was.  We don’t have to be alone these days.  Online communities are changing the game.  The members have created amazing friendships with each other. Marco Polo is an incredible app for this.

I do not have any regrets over any of these because now I can speak to the ladies who are struggling with these things.

If you’re in the middle of your journey and doing some of these things, you can decide right now to stop doing them.  At some point I did stop doing these things.

Kathy wishes she would have stopped the crappy thinking sooner.  She also wishes that she would have stopped blaming her past.  Your past is only as relevant in the present as you decide to make it.


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