Ep. 30: Your Period Is a Bitch But You Don’t Have to Be

As usual I am on my period at podcast time.

Today we talk about…

  • What to do for bloat.
  • How to stop pre-planning your misery.
  • How to deal with the cravings and mood swings.

Kathy talks about not having one anymore and I am in the midst of Mother Nature's Vengeance.

So, what do you do for bloat?

I recommend you understand there is going to be bloat, first. Eating crap on top of it isn't helpful. Some natural aides are asparagus, apples, watching your sodium (get out of the chip bag ladies unless you love that stuffed feeling in your pants), and doubling down on the water.

Your body needs to hold some water, though. It's what allows you to get what don't need to be in there the hell out this month.

The podcast goes way more in depth on pre-planning misery. Basically, we set our minds up that our time of the month (TOM) will be horrible. We excuse ourselves to rage and binge. A lot of our TOM is woman-ing up and realizing that it is coming. You decide how you show up.

Of course, I bitch a lot in this podcast but hopefully you will learn how to have a healthy amount of crab-ass and reality.

Click here to listen.

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  1. Heidi on March 30, 2019 at 1:23 PM


    What is the name of the period app you use? I need to start tracking my period and it’s patterns.


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