Ep. 28 Feeling Guilty for Feeding Your Kids Crap?

In this episode we help you let go of the guilt for teaching your kids to eat crap.

So many of us get caught up in worry about our kids nutrition and what they eat that we totally forget that change must start with us.

In this episode you leave feeling ready to make your changes and have some practical strategies of what to do for your kids, too.

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  1. Samantha on July 15, 2019 at 8:03 PM

    Thank you for your pod casts. I’m a new follower and listening to them a lot of the day, desk job perk. Got to this one. Just in time. I am thankful that before the kids were born we knew we didn’t want them to have the same weight issues we did, and introduced veggies early on. We have two boys, one is a meatasaurous (4yo) and the other is a veggie head (5yo). Could be worse. But they both will eat most veggies without hesitation.

    We do still go to McDonalds some times, and hot dogs are a favorite. Last night we went to Ikea for some storage ideas, kids in tow. I was feeling guilty that we let them have hot dogs for dinner at their request. (My wife and I held off and went home for left overs because of the Plan). This was where the guilt set in. We held off for the healthy and fed the kids hot dogs…so thank you for this post. Guilt can derail so easily.


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