Ep. 26 It’s Me or You: The Death Knell Thought to Dieting

Have you ever thought, “If I go to the gym then I am choosing me over spending time with my child”?

Or, “If I have to work late then I'm choosing my job over my health”?

Losing weight is not a you or me thing. It's a series of choices.

It's important to make your choices empowering so that the next day you are willing to make a great decision.

Often we make choices and create a lose-lose situation. If I go to the gym I am cheating my child. And, if I go home I am lazy.

This is just not true. You have a choice. Gym or home. The way you think about it is critical.

You know it's fine to choose your child. Just make sure you like your reasons. If you do you are likely to also think the gym and your kid can co-exist in this world.

For example, I used to go to the gym and Logan (my son) would cry his eyes out. I didn't allow myself to think that meant I could never go. I knew that I would have to figure it out because the old me would use this as a reason to quit.

I decided his crying only meant I would have to find another way to move every day.

Guess what?

Sometimes I would go to the gym to walk at 8pm when I didn't want to, I found a video a could do at home when Chris had to work late. That also meant Logan would interrupt me 100 times. That was OK.

The most important thing was for me to feel like a win-win was happening. I allowed myself to think and feel like a good mom and someone who prioritized exercise even if it wasn't perfect or like I thought was “perfect.”

You CAN have it all and you CAN feel balanced but that begins with seeing how you are the only one in your way.

In today's podcast, you will learn why you have to quit making these small choices in life turn into an inner war.

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