Ep. 25 Massive Action Fixes Massive Ass

Today's podcast if for anyone sitting around wanting to lose weight but has trouble following through consistently.

Most of us want to lose weight so bad that we spend a lot of time studying it. We read the books, listen to podcasts like this one, talk to our girlfriends endlessly how the “struggle is real,” and craft elaborate plans to eat better and hit the gym.

We feel excited in the short-term. Who doesn't right? I mean you got a new plan, some new yoga pants, and an awesome water bottle with your name on it.

If you are armed with all this, shit should work right? You shouldn't have a problem sticking to your guns.

Well, I get it and today we talk about what to do when the shit gets real. That's the problem. Most of us plan for what we will do and not for what we will do when it feels TERRIBLE!

Today you will learn that we are all passively trying to lose weight. We want it to work perfectly.

But we have to take massive action to lose our massive ass. And that means having plans for when you make mistakes, have urges, your boss has free doughnuts out when your yearly budget is due, you are tired, and the girls want to have drinks to celebrate you finishing that budget.

See, massive action is your ability to things WHEN IT SUCKS to do it. Passive action is planning, reading, studying, and trotting along while it's easy.

Enjoy the show. I am sure you will start seeing some holes in your planning that you can fill. That will help you get over the start and stop hump of dieting. Without massive action you'll be stuck in the starting a diet loop on Monday.

You'll go from hopeful to lose weight to certain this will happen.

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  1. Lisa Reynolds on December 23, 2017 at 3:10 PM

    Thank you so much for that information about massive action. It’s such a wonderful feeling that someone else had those same thoughts and how they overcome it. I have a folder to keep all my note taking pointers from you. Since I have started last Monday from seeing your video appear on my Facebook page for the very first time I am done 4 pounds. I have really been focusing on my emotions and thoughts and never before realized until now how food consumed I was. My day started and ended with food but still felt lonely and not good enough. Well that is all changing. I also discovered my 20 yr old son has been ease dropping on your podcasts and he is down 5 pounds. I have made my action plan calendar, and my non calorie counting food journal. I have never felt so free over the holidays. Just because the sweets are there doesn’t mean I have to eat. It’s ok to say no and when to say yes. It’s all in the mind set. Keep sending those emails. I greatly appreciate.


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