Ep. 17: Why Meal Plans Suck

Today we talk about why meal plans never work! And I'm talking about meal plans that you find on Pinterest, get from trainers or out of books. We know those never work and we tell you why!

We teach you that the best meal plan for you is the one YOU create based on the foods that best fuel your body.

You can't blame the meal plan, trainer, or exercise plan if you don't lose weight because your weight loss is based on the plan you've figured out that's best for you!

You'll learn…

  • How to own your decisions.
  • How to own your choices.
  • How to own the way you think about both of those.

Once you take ownership, change happens.

The real answer is not in the meal plan.

The answer is how you show up for the meal plan. And if it's one you've created that fits your life instead of your ideas of “perfection” then you'll execute like a boss.

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