Ep. 14: How To Stop Hating Your Legs

On this podcast we talk about the drama we each have about our legs!

Legs have always been a source of pain me.

I remember in elementary school thinking about how I hated how big they were next to the other girls. I would cry if I had to wear shorts. Heck, I remember hating volleyball because my shorts would ride so high that the girls would ask me if there was something wrong my legs.

Kathy and I share our journey through weight loss and what we had to change mentally so we could start wearing shorts for the first time in years.

We aren't asking you to love them but we do teach you how to start accepting your legs just the way they are.

If you can identify with struggles with body image, you'll get some great tips today on learning to accept your body and finding a some peace.

So much of the anguish that we suffer in life is when we're on the fence about something important. You just have to decide which path to take, in this case getting to work on giving yourself a break about your legs.

We share with you how to quit shaming yourself and just make the decision to just be nice.

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  1. Sharyn Creek on June 7, 2018 at 5:47 PM

    Kathy, did your surgery help with your circulation? I hope you’re feeling lots better and more confident!


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