Ep. 13: What Is Fat Girl Thinking?

Today we talk about a topic I’ve been blogging about for years, Fat Girl Thinking or FGT.

That’s the inner tantrum, that chick inside your head that bitches and moans about everything you’re trying to change or improve.

It’s also that voice that tells you how bad you look, how terrible you feel, and why you should stop trying to lose weight.

This podcast will show you how to start practicing thoughts that counter balance your FGT. You’ll stop the chatter and learn to create new thoughts to shut down your inner bully.

I tell you how to recognize the destructive thoughts that you’ve told yourself over and over again.

If you don’t stop believing the old thoughts you’ll never make room for the new ones!

You can’t wait and work on it after you’ve lost your weight – you have to work on changing how you think as you lose the weight. So many women don't do this and WONDER WHY THEY GAIN THEIR WEIGHT BACK!

On day one, you must start working on the mental side of the journey as hard or harder as you work on what you put in your mouth.

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  1. Kristi on February 28, 2019 at 11:15 AM

    Even though I am 257 pounds as I write this and have lost 19 pounds already – yay! When I look in the mirror most of the time I actually think I’m pretty cute! Yes there are parts of me that are bigger than I would like but to be honest they’re stacked up brick-house style as well as 257 pounds could be (in my not-so-humble opinion!). My fgt shows up in totally different areas. Mine is more in the category of denial. I have a crazy strong sense that “this particular overeat” doesn’t matter that much—Even though I’ve been overweight as long as I can remember! I consider this thought category fgt and believe it is a huge piece of my weight problem. Since I’ve been using a 24 hour plan it’s almost magically easy. It’s been two months now so I’m pretty sure that removing the option to tell myself that this little bite (bag of chips at the gas station) or that little bite (eating the leftovers of my child’s plate) won’t matter has done wonders for me. Honestly even better than the weight loss is the wonderful sense of control and dignity I feel about how I manage what I eat. I wondered if you could do a podcast on other areas where fgt shows up? I’m aware of this one but I’m sure you could break it down and some insightful ways that I have not and would love to hear that. I would also love to hear ideas of other fat girl thoughts I might have that I’m not aware of. The body shaming is honestly not really my issue (at least I’m not aware of it right now and don’t recognize how it drives my eating). I realize that my body doesn’t look as photo-shoot good as others but I really don’t see that as an important value judgment. My body works (thank God!) and contributes to the good of the world and to the care of myself and lots of people around me. I don’t owe anybody “pretty” and feel really good about how I use my body to serve myself, others and God. The better care I take of it, the better I know I will feel about that because my body will be a stronger tool (with or without cellulite, flappy arms, or saggy boobs)! 😁

  2. MJ on January 20, 2019 at 9:27 PM

    This was the best one so far for me! I have been making a concerted effort to not talk negatively about my body. Instead I am a “work in progress”!! I used to always sabotage myself! ENOUGH of that crazy talk! And now I have the tools to not only recognize it, but talk back to it!!

  3. Lesley Harris on July 7, 2017 at 9:51 AM

    This is a great topic. I can totally relate to the leg issue. I am currently losing weight and my legs are changing. I find myself making negative comments about my weight and other body parts. I am going to journal my thoughts and become more aware of how I am speaking and what I am thinking about myself. I recently started working with a trainer who’s gym is literally down the street from my local donut shop. Several times a week I drive by and it stresses me out. I turn my head or wish I did not have the urge for a donut. Today I learned from this podcast to acknowledge the urge, embrace it and use positive self talk to make a healthier choice. I am down 3 pounds this week because I changed my thinking about food and kept promises to myself. Thank you!

    • Leann Brown on August 29, 2017 at 8:08 AM

      That is awesome Lesley Harris!!! I have difficulty passing up the bread aisle at the grocery store, and when I am cooking for my husband, I am finding I eat what I’m cooking for him and he can eat ANYTHING, and I have to pay attention to every thing that goes in my mouth. I can gain weight just looking at food I feel. Yikes!


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