Ep. 11: If My Husband Supported Me I Would Lose Weight…Get Off the Blame Train!

Today we talk about the blame game.

It's so easy to think if our husbands would quit keeping junk in the house, our boss wouldn't make us work late, or our kids ate better that we could “lose weight.”

If you need the world to be perfect to lose weight then you have a problem.

This podcast is going to teach you how to go from blaming lack of weightloss on “the world” to knowing how to own your weightloss no matter what.

We also talk a lot about PEOPLE PLEASING. I want you to learn how to please yourself. It starts with telling yourself the things you want others to see and say in you. Until you can do it yourself you will NEVER see love around you.

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What You Can Do!!!

Make a list of the top 10 things you BLAME for your inability to lose weight.

Then write down something that proves it WRONG!

Click here for the Releasing the Blame Worksheet.


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