May 5, 2017

Episode 1: My Story

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In the kick off episode, Kathy and I share our stories of obesity and what you need to do to lose weight.

If you don’t know, at the age of nine I started writing and the very first sentence started with how I hated being fat. In the 8th grade I weighed 210lbs., throughout high school my weight hovered around 175lbs., and then in my 20’s I landed at 250lbs.

I share with you today the moment that changed my life. The moment where I decided I would never do ANYTHING to lose weight I couldn’t keep doing the rest of my life.

12 years later I’m podcasting about how YOU can do this, too.

One of the valuable lessons in this first podcast is HOW to keep COMMITMENTS to yourself.

Think about it, so many of us want to lose weight so bad we will do anything…except stick to it. I’ll give you straight talk about how you cannot afford to keep up the habit of breaking promises to yourself.

You’ll learn that the first step to losing weight is being willing to do what you say you will do. And no more. You’ll learn how to make real changes that drop the weight. Not just change everything HOPING to lose weight.

And, you will also learn how to create SMALL, DOABLE steps that lead to long term weight loss success.

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