Ep. 76: When You Overeat Does It Mean Your Diet Isn’t Working?

Ep. 76: When You Overeat Does It Mean Your Diet Isn't Working?

It's dinner. The new Healthy Nachos were DA BOMB. Second helpings plus plate cleaning for the idiots who didn't appreciate your latest Pinterest find, were thrown down.

Uh oh. I ate too much.

What do you say to yourself?

Do you think, “Well, here's my lesson on overeating that shall carry me forward to weightloss success?”

Probably not, but girl, wouldn't that be awesome? I wish that was my first thought.

Most of us go straight to, “WTF asshat…you'll never get this. You might as well eat real nachos next time.”

So many times my Tribe members think that making diet mistakes means they are failures. They are thrown in reverse and months of effort is gone with the wind.

That's crazy talk! Making mistakes while you're dieting means you're DOING something. If you didn't follow your plan, that could simply mean you had a plan!

The key to moving forward is to just remember that you can change the discussion whenever you want.


Step one. Hear verbal beat down.

Step two. Stop verbal beat down.

Step three. Open palm bitch slap the fat girl thinking.

Step four. Learn from mistake.

Step five. Move on with day.

Today's podcast is part two of our series “Finding Your Groove in Weightloss.” You'll learn how mistakes mean you are moving forward, not backward, toward your goal.

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