Podcast Episode 074: Clean Out Those Fat Skinny Clothes with Shira Gill

Do you hang onto clothes that don't flatter your body?

Here's what I see often.

  • You keep the “fat clothes” as you lose weight just in case you gain weight.
  • You keep the skinny clothes or “just a few more pounds” clothes because getting rid of them means you've given up.

OMG both of these reasons STINK! Here's why.

When you keep clothes that don't feel good, you are forced each day to think about what you are most afraid of…FAILING! You open your closet and your brain immediately goes to all the ways you aren't good enough or good enough to keep the weight off.

No wonder the day starts like shit, right?

Well, I decided to bring Shira Gill on the podcast today. She's a life coach who helps you understand how to create a closet and style that helps you look and feel your best REGARDLESS of your size.

Just starting to lose weight? She gives you easy and cheap tips to look amazing with the clothes you have now.

Lost a lot of weight? She helps you make the break from hanging onto your old clothes

Losing weight and looking at a lot of “I used to wear clothes?” She offers you a way to keep some pieces and toss the rest.

I LOVED talking to her and I know you will love listening to her.

If you want to visit her website (it's gorgeous) go to www.shiragill.com. She's got a free 15 min. makeover that will kickstart some organizing and purging!

Go to phit.click/podcast to listen to this week's episode. Android users use Castbox to listen.


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