Ep. 71 How to Start Running with Jill Angie

Ep. 71 How to Start Running with Jill Angie

I started with walking when I wanted to lose weight.

Why? I had to come up with something I was willing to do.

All my life I wanted to be an exerciser but weighing 250lbs allowed me to use my weight as an excuse to stay on the side lines.

I eventually got over my excuses and got started. It wasn't easy but it was SO worth it.

That's why I wanted to bring Jill on the podcast today. Jill Angie helps women of all sizes learn how to run.

We both share our stories and get real about what you need to know if you have ever dreamed of becoming a runner.

We tell you what most people won't tell you about starting to run when you are losing weight.

Why you shouldn't wait, why people will tell you not to run, how to quit thinking you aren't good enough yet, and more.

We both know what it's like to run at all sizes and don't hold anything back. If you want to quit waiting on your weightloss to start living the active life you DESERVE, this is the episode for you.

Visit www.notyouraveragerunner.com to find out more information about Jill, her podcast, and more.

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