Ep 69: How To Make Weightloss Easier

One thing I know is how to help women lose weight. Take a look at this.

Weightloss is easier when someone tells you not just how to do it. But when you are told how to make it WORK in your life.

In today's podcast I wanted to focus on things I know my listeners NEED. And, no. This podcast is not about calories or BS, you have to quit eating if you want to lose weight.

It's filled with these nuggests…

Where your ENERGY drains are hiding in life making it hard to lose weight. We'll help you see them so you plug the hole!

Tips on how to reduce your “decision fatigue.”

What is that?

Decision fatigue is when you come home after a day of making about 1 million decisions because the whole world can't operate without your opinion.

Then it's time for dinner. You pick pizza because it's easy. Your shit tolerance for making the right choice is done.

We teach you how to avoid this pitfall.

And there's more. But you gotta listen for the goods.

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