Ep. 62: Food Prep Evolution

Ahhhh food prep.

You've seen my beautiful pics, matching black containers, glass Mason Jars.

Your brain is like THAT'S what food prep is all about.

If Corinne does it so shall I!

Off to the store you go where the perimeter is your new home.

You start cooking and 10 hours later with your feet hurting, new recipes tasting like ass, and a dirty kitchen you think, “This sucks! If it takes this to lose weight I am hopeless.”


And, you unsubscribe from the podcast vowing you'll never listen to my wicked ways again.

Well, guess what? I didn't even know how to cook chicken in my early days. So I NEVER cooked at first to lose weight.

Food prep was frozen dinners, soy crisps in pre-portioned bags, and a banana because no cutting involved.

I finally graduated to BOILING chicken for fear of killing myself with food poison.

Today is all about food prep but REAL DEAL prep. Not perfect ones but the kind of prep most of us need to start with.


Get ready to hear just how EASY it can be in Ep. 62.

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