June 1, 2018

Ep 60: When Your Weekend Plans Change

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Girl! This is the worst.

You are on like Donkey Kong all week with your food. You even stay on plan Friday night when the chips were flowing but you decided NOT TODAY SATAN!

You sat there enjoying your evening, looking at chips, and thinking “I don’t need any of that on this hips.”

Saturday rolls up with you feeling like a damn champ.

Cue Eye of the Tiger.

Then the couple you are going with calls and says, “Hey! We aren’t going where we planned. We are going to this new joint that just opened with amazing burgers and milkshakes!”

Great. You didn’t plan that! See? Just when you are on a roll someone is determined to undermine all your weightloss.

Well, that’s not really true but you’ve thought it right?

Today’s episode is the second of our three part series on weekends: How to handle quick changes in the plan.

As a bonus we give you tips on what to do if you catch yourself halfway through the milk shake!

We all have F-it moments. And today we  teach you how to make the next best decision. No more starting over Monday!


Enjoy Ep. 60 !

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