Ep. 59: Getting Ready For The Weekend

Are you struggling to stay on plan most weekends?

All week you stick to your plan but  Friday rolls in. Time to kick the 9-5!

Next thing you know you are drooling over a margarita and chips because you deserve it.

Or maybe you spend your Friday thinking you can finally have something you want!

I got you!

I have a three part series ALL ABOUT WEEKENDS. My PNPTribe has taught me a LOT on how to help women.

Imagine having a little joy without it turning into an EAT THE FOOD experience.

No more waking up in a food coma Monday!

This week we start with the importance of creating a weekend plan. Your plan must be doable and realistic. It needs to be something you know you will successfully complete.

Part of creating this plan is visualizing! We teach you exactly what to think about. Most people just think, “I'll try to be good and make healthy choices.”

That's a wish. Not a plan.

You must think about things like,

What you'll eat, Where you'll eat it, and Who you are eating it with.

It doesn't stop there.

Think about what you'll say and do when someone calls to ask you to go out.

Episode 59 is filled with great tips for planning a weekend that gives you a LOSS on Monday morning.

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