Ep. 58: I Ate Off Plan – Should I Skip My Joy Food?

I had a client ask “I ate chocolate today, should I skip my joy food this weekend?”


Here's why.

You need to figure out why you ate off plan to start.

You likely ate because you felt bad or you wanted to feel good.

Looking at why you overate or ate off plan is always the BEST FIRST STEP.

But an off plan eat should not be PUNISHED.

Eating off plan doesn't mean you give up something you PROPERLY planned for. You'll end up teaching yourself that the foods you enjoy are only ate when you are “being bad.”

It's fine to skip joy because you don't want it. But telling yourself you can't have it because you screwed up today is, well, a recipe for weight gain and giving up on yourself.

Joy food is all about planning for, anticipating, and enjoying the foods we love intentionally, rather than scarfing them down when we're angry, frustrated or sad. There's no joy in eating ice cream while your pissed at your husband!

Incorporating joy food in your weight loss plans is essential to learning that you can eat the food you love and still lose weight. That's how you will feel CONFIDENT in maintenance, too.

So don't punish yourself for overeating by eliminating your joy food. Remember, the goal is to lose weight the way you will live it.

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  1. Sarah Gupton on May 19, 2018 at 3:30 PM

    Corinne I just found your podcasts and started listening to them. I also just finished back to basics and found it amazing. I wanted to join your tribe but at the moment it is not financially feasible. I have been Large nearly my entire life and I too played the blame game. I hit 240 lbs and then stopped weighing. I hated how I looked in mirrors or pictures. I would cry and instead of doing something about it I would stuff my face more. Now over the past week I slowly added water every day and started taking sodas and Starbucks coffees (4 or 6 a day) and this morning I weighed 235.2🎉🎉🎉🎉. I was amazed at how much energy I have gained just with that small change. This weekend I plan to clean up the kitchen and try a meal prep. Thank you for your help even though I am not a part of your tribe yet. That was the message I sent you by email on 5/18/2018. This morning on 5/19/18 I decided to start journaling and wanted a correct weight. I am now down to 232. Thank-you so much. You are an amazing kick ass woman. 🥇🏆


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