April 27, 2018

Ep. 55: A Weight Loss Plateau Doesn’t Mean Failure

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I can’t believe we haven’t talked about weight loss stalls and plateaus yet!

They happen. Everybody has them.

Let’s be real now – the world isn’t ending because you’ve hit a plateau. It doesn’t mean failure or that you’re going backwards.

One week of not losing weight is not a catastrophe! Your body is an amazing creation – it could be just adjusting to your new life or getting ready to do a big fat dump!

When your body doesn’t release weight for a week, it’s not stalled, It’s doing things on the inside. It’s all about the chemistry that’s setting you up to release a good amount at one time. If you get frustrated and have a week when you eat your face off, you’ve just negated the work your body is doing.

A real weight loss plateau or stall is when you’ve gone three or four weeks of being solidly on plan and not lost weight. That means no overeating, no eating when you’re not hungry, and no ding dongs!

What’s really happening is that your body is waiting for you to make the next adjustment. It’s time to take a good look at what’s become your eating habit and see what tweaks it’s time to make.

And here’s the thought work part.

You need to be able to put into action the next steps you do after a weigh in. Create a weigh in game plan that includes visualizing how you’re going to respond to the scale and have a power thought ready for a gain, a stall, and a loss.

The scale can’t make your day or ruin your day. You get to decide how you’ll react to the number. Start training your brain how you want it to respond!

Remember, your body is really smart. It knows when and how to release weight in the most efficient way. Second guessing it isn’t helpful. Trust your body and feed it properly. And look for the big fat dump on the other side of the plateau.

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