Ep. 54 Weightloss Can Feel Lonely

Are you lonely in your weight loss?

Today we talk about how finding a community to support you while you lose weight is essential to your success.

Most of us who decide it’s time to lose weight start out on our own. Our husbands aren’t always on board and really just don’t want to get in our way. Our friends are either not interested or don’t need to lose weight. We feel like we’re the only ones making food sacrifices and the only ones trying to get off the couch to exercise.

I discovered this when I started Phit-N-Phat. So many of the women I worked with felt so segmented and so alone in their efforts. They were yearning for someone to talk to who understood them and the challenges they faced every single day.

And when we feel lonely we isolate ourselves, which takes us away from those who do lend support.

Your thin friends or your husband don’t understand what it’s like to only have Lane Bryant as an option for clothes. They don’t know the embarrassment of a seat belt extender or an uncomfortable movie theater seat. But a community of like-minded people with the same goals you have certainly do.

A weight loss community helps you connect to others who are walking the same path. You share ideas, you share successes and heartaches.

A community helps you find connection to those who hear the same message and learn the same things every day. The value of having support is being willing to reach out or to receive support and love from other people.

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