Ep. 52 Hunger Scale

In this episode we put a name to the concept of knowing when to start and stop eating – The Hunger Scale.

It's a tool I teach my Tribe that helps frame the concepts of eating when you are slightly hungry and stopping when you're satisfied.

I give lots of tips on how to identify your body's signals, and I tell how you messing it up is the only way to learn.

Draw a line from the left side to the right side of a piece of paper. On the left, write -10. In the middle is 0, and on the right is +10. This is the hunger scale!

If -10 is 30 days of starvation on Survivor Island, and +10 is after winning a hot dog eating contest, then you want to eat at -2 and stop at +2.

This is all our bodies need for fuel, especially if you have weight to lose.

In this podcast we give lots of tips about how to find your body's signals, how to listen to them, and how to be okay with eating within this range. We also talk about how making mistakes is part of the game – you have to push the boundaries in order to find them!

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