Ep. 50 What We Learned the Last 50 Episodes

HOLY CRAP it's episode 50!

As we were thinking about this episode, we decided to look at the evolution of the podcast and the evolution we've seen in ourselves.

One of us is a talker and the other is a planner. Can you guess which is which? But here's the funny thing – the one who talks actually plans more and the one who plans actually gets in front of the mike and talks!

I've watched the coaches on my team think outside the box and question what they believed about themselves.

I've watched the four of us as team members grow and change and refocus our lives in a way that serves women who want to lose their physical and mental weight.

It's been a tremendous year of growth…growth in knowledge and even more in self-confidence and self-awareness.

And the podcast has allowed me to connect to people in a way I've never been able to imagine. I've brought you problems and solutions, coaching moments and applause, and laughter and tears.

It's taught me to quit trying to please everyone and to try to change the person's life who needs me right now. It's shown me how to show up for the person who identifies with me and all my sass and vinegar, and a few tears now and then too.

My purpose is to change people's lives. I've studied more so I can teach more. I've worker harder so I can be present for my Tribe. And I've loved every stinking minute of it.

So what will we create in the next 50? Where will we be and where will the Tribe be? We are creating goals, plans and actions so that every woman feels as good physically and mentally as I do. Dream big, baby. I am – lunch with Oprah is at the top of the list.

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